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Book 1 My Barsetshire Diary

    The first book in the Barsetshire Diaries series gives us chance to meet Lord David, his wife, the formidable Lady J, his daughter Ysabel and   Oscar, his sadistic early morning alarm cat.

   Take a drink at the Fursty Ferret and meet some of the villagers at the village fete as Lord David has to judge the jam making competition  and Edna is determined to win by fair means or foul. Meet Grizelda the housekeeper and Mellors the gardener with a past as you take a walk in the footsteps of a member of the Gentry.

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And now on KINDLE.

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Book 2 of the series The Queen’s Envoy

   The Queen’s Envoy though the second book in the series is a prequel designed to give more information as to how Lord David got his Title and why he uses crutches on occasions. When he inherited the Title he was surprised to find he’s inherited a job as well. A job his cousin before him had done.  After giving up his existing job he was prepared……or was he?

  The job is as an unofficial Envoy to HMG. With no experience, a naivete with women and nothing more than a stiff upper lip Lord David embarks on a series of adventures that bring him into contact with the best and worst of people…and women ! Can he solve the problems he’s faced with, can he avoid falling into the clutches of another woman and will he survive the return to Lady J afterwards?

Available on Lulu.com and Amazon sites. from Barnes and Noble

And now on KINDLE.

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The title really explains what this book is about. Lord David received his title when a relative passes away. He finds out that he also inherited his job. Lord David’s life and job are described in this book in the form of journal entries. 


The book was labeled as humor when sent to me and I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. Just because the author thinks something is funny, doesn’t mean the rest of us will. But this book lives up to the title (of humorous) and goes beyond. I laughed all the way through this book. I enjoy British humor and that was part of it, but I think this author could tell about taking out the garbage and make us laugh. 


This is Lord David’s second book and I will certainly be purchasing the first one. This book is one of the books being given away on my blog. Make sure you enter to win. This book is certainly a keeper.


I received this book free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.


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Book 3 of the series. More Barsetshire Diary

   Book 3, More Barsetshire Diary returns to the present day and to where the first book left off.  Lord David has to honour the promise made on his behalf by Lady J, to help the dreaded Edna become a Local Councillor. As if that wasn’t enough she adds insult to injury when she volunteers his services to raise funds to save Diana the Dowager Duchess’s childhood home.

  Can David make headway with the help of the still mysterious Eileen Dover and the tuneful Toastie Tenors? How will he ever cope with Edna’s horrendous dress sense and can she learn to be nice to people?

Currently available from Lulu.com but will be on Amazon soon….


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Hello world!

Welcome to Barsetshire Diaries.

This is the site to keep up to date with what”s happening in the series and also to read interviews with other authors bringing their latest books to you.

So far in the series we have. My Barsetshire Diary, The Queen’s Envoy and More Barsetshire Diary.




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