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Apart from my family and friends the one constant throughout all the Barsetshire Diary books so far is Oscar. He may be the most aggravating cat in the world as regards deciding when he wants my attention, day or night, but he does have a loving side. It’s  just that I haven’t found it yet. He’s a real Mummy’s Boy and I’m just the serf.

Having made the mistake of using his real name in the books I was made to pay for this when he took legal action against me and managed to gain compensation in the form of his own blog reflecting the world through the eyes of a cat. This blog is updated twice weekly on a Tuesday and Friday and has gained Oscar his own following.(of which I’m jealous).

You can find Oscar’s Blog on http://lorddavidspage.weebly.com  and he welcomes not only your comments but your cat stories too.


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