Daily Archives: June 26, 2011

The future.

Recently I had decided I wasn’t going to write any more books. Though all the people who’d bought them have been great in leaving positive feedback I knew the books weren’t selling well and I don’t have the marketing skills required to  bring them to prominence. It looks like I’ll be relegated to the lower numbers in the Amazon and Kindle popularity stakes.

This morning I was up early and had finished all my emails by 8.00am. Lady J was still in bed a little unwell and I found some time on my hands. For some reason I started writing again. By 10.ooam I was almost a chapter down on the next Envoy book. In this book many of my friends will appear as real people to help in the situation Lord David finds himself in. Now all I need to do is find more time to write more…..that and a little enthusiasm. I’m sure many of my author friends understand only too well, especially those with children who must struggle to find the time to write.

Oh well..Onward I suppose……


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