Home life and Hospitals.

It’s been a strange few weeks. My father in law fell and broke his hip on a Friday morning two weeks ago. He was 84 and very frail. On Saturday morning they operated and Saturday night he died with all his daughters around him. He was a nice man and the subject of a few bits of humour in my books. It was difficult at first to arrange a funeral as we could only get a temporary death certificate as the coroner has called for an inquest. There was a Post mortem which I understand as he died within 24hrs of surgery, a good safeguard, but an inquest has surprised me given his state of health. What makes it awful is that it can’t happen until September and that will just cause pain to the family again.

Anyway, we buried him a week ago Monday on 11.July 2011. It was a nice service with humour in his honour. The following day my wife Julia became ill and has been in hospital since then. For the last four days she’s been waiting for an MRI scan which is appalling. We’re told there is a two week waiting list at our hospital and that it’s the MRI team who decide on precedence. Fortunately she now has a slot on Friday and they can finally figure out why her bile duct is not working and her food is not being digested. This causes great pain and she’s on a morphine substitute. Like many hospitals there is limited visiting 3-4 pm and 7-8pm. Not a lot given the number of hours patients are awake. It leaves me wondering why our hospitals in the UK are no longer run by Matrons who ensured cleanliness and smartly dressed nurses instead of management teams sucking dry the cash reserves needed to operate the MRI machines and buy the correct drugs. Our Health Service has changed and is under great stress with so much immigration, much of it illegal. Is this another reason for us to pull out of Europe and take back Sovereignty and refuse the illegals coming here from France? And use the vast sums of money the EU is draining to repair the Health Service to the way it was so I can have my wife back sooner. I need someone to show me where the kitchen is !

Well the MRI scan, ultrasound scans and others finally happened and we were given the dreaded news. Cancer. Julia has pancreatic cancer and they can’t operate because it covers major blood vessels. So, we are going to go the chemotherapy route. Yet this was last Friday and here we are a week later with Ju at home for the weekend and due an endoscopy on Monday. As yet no word on where the treatment will take place or when it will start. It’s strange to be measuring out morphine at home to keep the pain in check without knowing how long this will go on for and with no McMillan nurse visiting to give infrmation.  If a husband is scared to death of losing his wife and a daughter her mother and the mother herself worried about the effect her illness is having on everyone else shouldn’t someone be trying to explain things to us?

I daresay the Government is trying to improve the health service in this country. Perhaps it’s time to start charging non-nationals for treatment as they do in other countries and trying to recoup some of the costs to use on our own. I was always proud of the service we offered and the dedication of thr staff but I think now it’s being abused because it’s free.


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14 responses to “Home life and Hospitals.

  1. Oh dear. I do hope things improve for your wife, you, and your family soon. Sending my best wishes for your wife’s speedy recovery. x

  2. Thank you for posting, we’ve been worried. A sad situation for health care and another reason why I will vote against the same kind of system in the US. Let Julia know our prayers are with her and hope she will get well soon.
    C & T

    • Thanks so much Connie. I’ll pass your prayers on to her, I know she’ll appreciate your thought. The shame of it is, the Health Care system could work if it wasn’t under so much pressure these days from the immigration levels foisted on us by Europe and if we were able to get rid of the illegals now kept here by the Human Rights Act.

  3. They want to run the health care system here in the US the same way it is run there. It brings fear to those of us that know what that actually entails. I am so sorry your wife has to wait so long for the MRI and hope that the committee approves the test. I wish and pray your wife gets every bit of care she needs and fast.

    • Now we have a date and time for the MRI Marie, I think things will improve fast. I’m sure if you had the same system in the US it would be better run and not abused by the flood of illegal immigrants that currently fill our shores, nor the legal ones that have arrioved since the EU decided upon an open door policy that means other Europeans can come to claim our state benefits without ever paying towards them.

  4. Hey there! We’re back from the few days off. I was shocked to get this post. It breaks our hearts to read such. We certainly have your wife and family in our thoughts and prayers. As far as finding the kitchen…I wish I could help, but we’ve eaten out ever since I tried to batter fry chicken on the grill just after we got married 30 years ago. 😉 Sending tons of digital flowers (your choice) ❤ (((hugs))) and chocolate.

  5. Ah Janet, you’re in the same situation as me. I never dared let Julia near a cooker and we now use it as another book case. I only needed the kitchen as I believe that’s where my coffee comes from. I’ll let Julia know of your prayers and I’m sure it will give her a boost. Thanks for the lovely Poppies, the Hugs which should be mandatory on the health service and the chocolate that owing to her health I’ll have to help her eat. Yum Yum. xx

    • You are most certainly welcome! Hope things are on the upswing – and if not yet…very very very soon!! 😉 Showering you guys with hugs, prayers, and digital chocolate 🙂

      • The Hugs are always welcome Janet but my doc isn’t too happy about my sugar levels at the moment and I’m pretty sure it’s all your fault. ( Keep sending it or I’ll tell on you)
        Huge Hugs

  6. Hello David,
    I was so sorry to her of your plight bad news usually comes in waves so hopefully you are on the crest of this lot .Please give Julia my best wishes .
    Regretfully you are too far away or I would invite you for a slap up meal cooking is one of my favorite things French home cooking and Indian being my specalities .

  7. I forgot to tell you the chocolate is all sugar free! 😉 HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. That’s OK then, I won’t get any fatter either.

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