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The Agony with no ecstacy

It has been a hard few weeks since Julia was formally diagnosed with cancer. My daughter and I, family and friends have all had to endure hearing that they can’t operate to remove the tumour because it has grown round some major blood vessels in the pancreas. We’ve seen Julia in pain and watched as her doses of morphine have increase every few days as her body has adjusted to the current dose. There have been slow release tablets, liquid morphine. tablets you place under the tongue and currently patches like those worn by smokers trying to quit. She still has to take the liquid morphine and the doses and frequency have increased.

But here we are on August 23 rd. The day the chemotherapy starts. Everyone hoping for a miracle, no-one knowing what’s going to happen.

On Sept 8th Julia will have a keyhole operation by a great surgeon who will cut the nerves to the part of the pancreas where the tumour lies….or lay at the last scans. That should help with the pain but is dependant on the cancer not having grown since the last scans or not growing any further now. If it does happen then there will be pain from the new growth area. This operation is irreversible and scares me. If there is no longer any feeling there, how will we know if anything happens there again assuming the chemo manages to shrink the tumour now?


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