What a mixed month this is proving to be. Our niece gave birth to  little baby boy on 5th, I celebrated my Hrumph  birthday on 18th and then a young friend gave birth to a beautiful little girl on 19th. She wasn’t actually due then but no doubt I scare he into it by telling her what would happen if it wasn’t born before 20th and the start of Aquaries.We need all the Capricorns we can get. ( My daughter, amongst other things calls me the Crapicorn).

Today was the important day though 26th. This was the day we returned to see the dishy (not my description-but true nontheless) Oncologist Dr. Garcia to find out if Julia can restart her chemotherapy treatments which you may remember were suspended early December because of the toxicity in her lungs as a rare side effect of the chemo drug.

As her breathing has much improved, I was fully expecting to hear a new start date on a reduced dosage of the drug (Gemcitobine) but that didn’t happen. Ju’s weight has increased to eight and a half stone, she’s as cheerful as usual and breathing well. Dr Garcia told her ‘You’ll live longer without the chemo than with it’ meaning the lung problem will prove fatal faster than the cancer if we carry on. So he’s not starting a treatment at a reduced dose and not going for an alternative. At the moment he’s happy with her as she is and will review it again in another 6 weeks with perhaps a new scan in 2 months.

I suppose this news hits you dependent upon whether you’re a Cup Half Full Man or a Cup Half Empty Man. With Julia it’s left her more positive. With me I’m not sure as I have no idea what the tumor itself can do in 3 months of no treatment and can it be corrected if that’s bad. I’m writing to the US when a Doctor at the University of Pennsylvania has been getting great results with this particular cancer with a new treatment involving something called CD40 which can be used to fight the cancer cells. They have trials in America and also Ireland now. I want to see if they intend any in the UK. I don’t want to sit back and do nothing. Someone has even offered to raise funds to send Julia to the US by way of an auction if a suitable venue can be found…so if you have a Stately Pile anywhere in Europe or America do please let me know.


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9 responses to “January.

  1. Dearest David and Ju,
    Thank you for the current news. As always, prayers and good wishes, plus tons of white light are sent to you both via the universal waves. Now, if Ju’s coffee bucket is as large as you had indicated, then we all can add our monetary contributions to it to create that great pile of money. You know I will help.
    Hugs and kisses,

    • Thank you Dear Victoria. Believe me Julia’s mug needs a stepladder to climb down to be cleaned. The only thing is , these days she rarely touches coffee ! Since her illness after the splanchnicectomy she came round and for the first time in 25 years asked for a cup of tea, something I’ve never seen her drink and which she claimed to be awful. Trouble is, she’s had me drinking coffee so long now that I rarely have tea which I prefer.

      • Well and good then, that she no longer drinks coffee from the bucket. Now the bucket can be used for filling up with money to send her to the best medical care. Ching – ching! That’s the sound of golden coins being tossed into the bucket, or is that “boo-kay”?
        Chocolate hugs and kisses to you both, and tea for two and three and more,

  2. Patricia Carrigan

    Dear David (GL),

    I’m glad Ju’s spirits are up.. I’m sure she is looking at things abit differently than you. She has such a wonderful heart and I am praying hard for her. You are also always in my thoughts and prayers as you know. Of course I will pray that something amazing can be found and it is within reach! You are both so special to me.

    I’m sending extra hugs and love,
    Patti (Spidey)

    • Thanks so much Patti. It’s just as well she has a different viewpoint than me. I’m glass half empty and looking for a refill. She does haave a great heart and will be really pleased you wrote and glad of your best wishes. We send ours back to you of course. xx

  3. Congratulations on the new arrivals.

    I think in your position I’d want to do everything possible. Hopefully you get positive news from the US and they are planning trials here in the UK. All the best to you both.

  4. Glad to hear things are looking up in some sort of a direction. It is all so difficult – but it’s great to see so much support for you both! You are both very deserving and worth it! Sending you the usual…tons of ❤ (((hugs))) chocolate and flowers! xx

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