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Well the month has started slowly. Julia has been forced to sell her horse Tango which has hurt her terribly, but she is no longer able to groom her. Personally I’m glad though it may sound cruel but Tango is now away from the stables I didn’t like, where there were threats of what would happen to Tango if Julia could no longer continue to care for her, and she’s safe on a new farm. As it happens the new farm already had Tango’s best friend so they’re reunited happily.

Two nice things have happened so far this month. One is that after a long period of appeal the section that deals with Disability benefits has finally reinstated my allowance from last August. Second is that Julia was up on a horse again this week for the first time in a long time for a proper ride. It was so nice to see that I sat freezing to death at a picnic table in the rain to watch her. After counting my toes at the end to check none had fallen off with frostbite, I decided it was worth it to see Ju so happy again. Tango couldn’t be ridden since a previous owner had over-raced her and the damage to her tendons was immense. She was a rescue horse and just to be cared for when Ju had her.

Julia has bought two rats. Grey and white they are very pretty. They’ve been christened Penny and Amy after two of the characters on Big Bang Theory which is the funniest comedy on TV today. Penny is the more dominant one who leads Amy astray much as in the show. Penny was also the first to draw blood after Julia’s hand invaded Penny’s space. Amy tried it on me ( shhh, don’t tell Ju as I just told her I have the magic touch) without success as my skin is like the rhino’s. We now have a cage with various levels decorating the lounge but so far they don’t seem too adventurous. We also have to get them used to hands because they’ll be handled quite a lot. If anyone has any metal gauntlets going spare please contact…….


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