Well the month has started slowly. Julia has been forced to sell her horse Tango which has hurt her terribly, but she is no longer able to groom her. Personally I’m glad though it may sound cruel but Tango is now away from the stables I didn’t like, where there were threats of what would happen to Tango if Julia could no longer continue to care for her, and she’s safe on a new farm. As it happens the new farm already had Tango’s best friend so they’re reunited happily.

Two nice things have happened so far this month. One is that after a long period of appeal the section that deals with Disability benefits has finally reinstated my allowance from last August. Second is that Julia was up on a horse again this week for the first time in a long time for a proper ride. It was so nice to see that I sat freezing to death at a picnic table in the rain to watch her. After counting my toes at the end to check none had fallen off with frostbite, I decided it was worth it to see Ju so happy again. Tango couldn’t be ridden since a previous owner had over-raced her and the damage to her tendons was immense. She was a rescue horse and just to be cared for when Ju had her.

Julia has bought two rats. Grey and white they are very pretty. They’ve been christened Penny and Amy after two of the characters on Big Bang Theory which is the funniest comedy on TV today. Penny is the more dominant one who leads Amy astray much as in the show. Penny was also the first to draw blood after Julia’s hand invaded Penny’s space. Amy tried it on me ( shhh, don’t tell Ju as I just told her I have the magic touch) without success as my skin is like the rhino’s. We now have a cage with various levels decorating the lounge but so far they don’t seem too adventurous. We also have to get them used to hands because they’ll be handled quite a lot. If anyone has any metal gauntlets going spare please contact…….


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17 responses to “February

  1. Jen

    Ooooer what does Oscar think of the new arrivals?!

  2. Pauline

    I think Oscar is just biding his time, and plotting something ! xxx

  3. What wonderful news to get. Fully understand hating to have to give Tango away, but knowing she’s at a caring farm is extremely comforting. And rats? Really? I’m so proud of you guys!!! I had Grand Champion rats when I was a teen – I raised them from baby up, and was in 4-H. They took the prize! They really are sweet once they get used to you. I so miss my little guys. Thanks so much for sharing – I just love your stories and the way you write. Wise Guy sends his love for Tango, Penny,Amy, and of course the most going to Oscar πŸ˜‰ Love ya ta bits – sending tons of huggers, love, chocolates, and flowers for you and Ju! xoxo ~Janet~

  4. Oscar gives me permission to send hugs on his behalf back to Wiseguy Janet.
    The rats aren’t very old but not babies so it may take them a little longer to get used to us. At the moment they’re hiding and sleeping as much as possible. I want to see them exploring as I know they’re very intelligent.
    Sending you chocolates, flowers and Huge Hugs.

  5. Great post. Big Bang Theory is a great programme and calling the rats after Penny and Amy seems a great idea. It’s a shame about the horse but sounds as though everyone is better off with the new arrangements.

  6. Thanks a lot Pete. Penny is out there while Amy still seems a bit puzzled with her new world. I’m sure Penny will shape the new reality for her though.
    It was a shame about Tango but this way Ju can conserve her strength and Tango will be well looked after. Having said that, If I have to endure another shopping day like today I may call for Tango to come back and occupy her time again.
    Hope things are still going well with you.

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    • It seems you have appropriately named each of them, they do sound like their characters from BBT.

      To an outsider it does seem to be the best what you’ve done with Tango. Shopping aside πŸ™‚

      Things are well, thank you. Still writing my 2nd draft, though over a third of the way through now so making progress.

  7. Sorry to hear Julia had to give up her horse, but glad to hear of your sacrificial sitting in the cold and rain to have the joy of watching Julia riding again. It probably would have been worth the frostbite—but glad to hear you didn’t suffer that badly! πŸ™‚

    • Nah, no suffering, what’s a nose and a couple of fingers between family Rosie? It was sheer joy on her face on Thursday as she didn’t know if she be able to manage riding again.
      I hope things are well with you at the moment. I have access to a wonderful site showing trials worldwide and which are recruiting if you’d like it. I wish you well and send you hugs always.

      • Love your humor, David! Yet glad you still have all your fingers, toes, and yes, even your nose. πŸ™‚

        We’re doing pretty good. Working through some side effects of the newest chemo. My hubby went off it for a week until the vertigo went away. He’s back on again, and we’re waiting to see if it comes back in force or not. For the most part, he’s looking pretty good.

        Sure, David, I’d like to know what site you were talking about. Have a great day!

  8. Hello Rosie,
    Just done a quick count and all grown back. Geppetto says even the nose looks good.
    Glad things are starting to hopefully turn round for you, it’s been such a long hard slog and neither of you deserve it. Maybe this chemo is the one to do it.
    Here is the site Rosie http://clinicaltrials.gov and I hope it’s of interest if you don’t already have it.
    My very best wishes and Hugs

  9. Dear GL, oops that’s David to everyone else!

    While I’m sad for Ju that she had to let Tango go, I know it was for the best and so does she; plus Tango will be so happy where she went, right? I was so happy to hear Ju finally got the ride she’d been waiting on!! What a good sport you are to sit in the rain and watch… I know you were completely excited to see the look on her face while she rode, but we’ll let you pretend to be a bit grumpy about the rain. πŸ˜›

    Hmm, pet rats.. how wonderful! They are very smart! It may help to make sure you don’t smell like Oscar before you try to handle them.. they don’t like that. Just a thought. Oh, great choice on names! We love the Big Bang Theory too! Such a fantastic show and now I know we all watch it. How funny πŸ˜€ See, great minds do think alike!

    I’m sending tremendous HUGS! xo
    Patricia Carrigan aka Spidey

  10. Dear Spidey,
    Tango is happy where she is because her best friend is there, a lovely little pony that used to share her field. For her sake it’s good she’s gone. Also I’m happy Ju will still be able to ride sometimes without the responsibility of having to try and groom. That tires her out. I won’t make a habit of sitting grumbling in the rain to watch her though as there’s a nice dry little office I can sit in with a cat lapwarmer.
    The girls are quite bright. Penny is adventurous and within minutes of us adding a cargo net had figured the route from the lower cage to the upper one. Amy is quiet and shy but they’re both well mannered at taking treats from fingers. We really need to work on getting them used to handling next but I’m sure they’re not really scared of us.
    Big Bang Theory is the best Comedy I’ve watched and certainly the most cleverly written and acted. Don’t we have good taste?
    Sending Big Hugs
    GL aka David

  11. Good Afternoon Lord David,

    Great Updte – Thank you. How is Morris accepting of Penny and Amy?
    I am happy to hear you are again being compensated for your hard-earned disabilities. The fact that Ju was able to ride must have been exciting for you and, as you say – worth enduring the cold and rain.

    Best regards,

    Mike Phelps

    • Hello Michael,
      it’s funny but Oscar is ignoring the girls as though they don’t exist.I think he’s decided if he can’t get at them they can’t be food, either that or tinned food is too hard for him to get at. Penny,the bossy leader….(obviously Ju’s choice) is running around most of the time making little leaps and bounds, you’d swear she’s half kangaroo. Plus she doesn’t mind helping herself to any finger that gets in the way. Amy, the quiet, shy, respectful one ( guess whose choice) is a delight and neither bites nor snatches her food. She’s also a self trained user of her toilet.They’ve just been moved today into a new three storey cage to give them lots of room so they’re both exploring. One carefully and the other one as though she’s only got five minutes to do it in.
      Yes, I think I have my head above water with the correct awards back in place thanks. It makes a big difference as to whether the pets eat or not. I’m obviously OK as I’m always first in the food queue.
      It was wonderful that Ju’s been given permission to ride as it makes a big difference to her attitude. She’s happier and much more positive now. We went this morning for an hour and she smiled all the way home.
      Many thanks for your concern. I hope you’re well.
      Fond regards

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