February Continued

Julia hasn’t been well these last two days so we’ve been in a lot and watching the characters of Penny and Amy develop.Penny is larger and has a pale grey stripe running down the length of her back. Amy is a much darker grey and much less boisterous than her sister. On Monday they seemed to be fighting and because of the disparity in size I thought it best to separate them. So, when Ju was cleaning the cages we put then girls back differently. Penny was put in the bottom cage and Amy the top. Penny was given an igloo to sleep in though so far she has preferred to drag everything she can into a play tunnel and sleep there. Amy was given the little house they had both used previously and this was put on a higher shelf in the top cage. The only show of disgust we’ve seen from Amy happened then…she didn’t like the bedding material we placed on the floor of the house and promptly kicked it all outside the front door before dragging in some tissue and gong to sleep.

So as not to restrict the girls, access between the cages has been left open and there are ramps and ladders connecting the levels.

I hope the picture will give you an idea what I mean. On Tuesday morning Penny came out full of the joys of spring…I must turn the heating down a bit. She made a huge run up her ramp, through the roof door of the bottom cage, up the hole in the first level of the upper cage (light green), across the wooden footbridge, picked a piece of food from Amy’s food dish and scarpered back the way she’d come. Pretty good since she’d never tried it before unless of course she plotted the route out  during the night. Amy didn’t twitch a hair, but having decided Penny shouldn’t be able to pinch Amy’s food at will  I moved the dish up to the top layer where the house is.

Today I’m getting a much better idea of their nocturnal activity when I see that Amy has acquired some nice cotton wool bedding from somewhere . Since Penny had quite a bit and I haven’t seen the signs for a sale anywhere locally I have only been able to draw one conclusion. Small she might be but cowed she’s not. Both girls are a delight to watch and they’re definitely becoming less wary of hands since both are happy to accept treats from between our fingers. In fact both are very polite and ladylike in doing so. No snatching and no biting the hand that feeds them either. We’ve also found that when it’s time to clean cage, it’s easiest to put the girls in those big plastic balls that hamsters seem to love. I don’t think rats care for them in the same way since they both sit in their own balls looking puzzled and just rocking occasionally until it’s hometime again. Since spending all that time looking for Amy after ‘The Great Escape’ we’re not risking another runaway session.  Maybe when the girls are a bit tamer we can just let them sit on a shoulder till we’re done or if they want to play with Oscar we’ll put them in a pen together so he can’t get away. ha ha


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22 responses to “February Continued

  1. So sorry to hear about Ju not doing well the past couple of days. 😦 Sending as much love and flowers as possible. 😉 I’m loving your rat stories…they bring back such great memories, and make me smile 🙂 Here’s wishing you guys (Oscar included) all the best for a very well deserved, nice rest of the week and weekend. ❤ (((hugs))) and chocolate ~Janet, Don, & Wise Guy~

    • Thanks Janet, I’m sure the flowers and love will be much appreciated. I’ll try to get her riding tomorrow and no doubt that will brighten her. Maybe the antibiotics will have kicked in on the infection by then.
      Amy and Penny still entertaining me though perhaps Pnny should be re-christened Tigger as she seems to bound around everywhere. Thanks for the best wishes which we return to you with Love, hugs, chocs and flowers, plus a few biscuits for Wiseguy.

  2. Good Afternoon Lord Daid,

    Great photo and story! I have said a special prayer that Ju will be feeling herself and enjoy Penny and Amy.

    Best regards,

    Mike Phelps

  3. I had no idea you were such an animal lover, Lord David. Thank you for friending me on Goodreads, Twitter, etc. My mother’s name was Julia, and also my niece. I wish you many rainy afternoons which you can enjoy with your Julia, and I send my best wishes for her good health. God Bless, Mary Firmin

    • Hello Mary. An honest confession…..Julia is the animal lover. I just usually follow her choice…come to think of it maybe that’s why she picked me??? I like animals but the only one I ever bought was a budgie and that was before we were married…Julia and I, not me and the budgie. I too hope we have many more afternoons to enjoy together.
      It’s nice to have befriended you on Goodreads, Twitter etc and I’m delighted to find you here.

  4. Wow Lord Daud, that multi level cage looks amazing. I’ve never owned rats but since my kittens grew up we’ve gotten to know a great many mice. All of the cats are clever hunters but…they seem to prefer bringing their trophies home live. I’ve become very adept at catching mice in an empty salada biscuit box. -sigh- Maybe I should get a cage like that for my cats!

    • I wonder if your kittens were trained by Obi Wan Oscar in the ways of ‘Being awkward to the Humans’ he does so well. I’d keep him in the cage and the rats out if only it wouldn’t mean I had to stare at him more than I already do. He always wins the staring contests anyway. You’ve never met a cat less interested in the rats than Oscar. At first we thought we’d have to close the doors if the girls were out in case he caught them but I swear they could get on his back for a ride without him batting an eyelid. We must have a thing about screwy animals in this house unless of course they start out fine and we turn them that way.

      • -grins- I can’t comment on your furkids but somehow we always end up with typical ‘Flory’ animals – i.e. they all have attitude. The dogs all grow up thinking that they’re human and the cats, well the cats just know who’s boss and it sure ain’t me!

        Our family currently stands at 3.5 cats and one tiny chihuahua cross who thinks she’s a real dog and tries to herd the alpacas. The 0.5 cat is our prodigal son who only comes home when it rains.

  5. A proper little zoo then. The only 0.5 % cat round here is not Oscar as he knows he’s not Cat…He’s BOSS. Are the alpacas for the wool or the meat?

    • lol – I think Oscar must be related to my lot then! As for the alpacas, they are just mobile lawn mowers. We do have to get them shorn once a year but that is for their benefit rather than ours; their real purpose is to keep the grass down as a bushfire mitigation measure. Of course /they/ don’t know that. As far as the alpacas are concerned they are our guard dogs and they discharge that duty with attitude. Haven’t been spat on [yet] but apparently that is one of their less endearing tactics when annoyed.

  6. I can see the business opportunities now…A Charm School for Lawnmowers. Combined with ‘Knitting with Alpaca Wool’ for beginners.

    • Starting with etiquette – don’t chew with your mouth open! Re the wool – I was thinking of an alpaca laundromat first – eau d’alpaca is … heady 😀

  7. And after the chewing with mouth closed comes ‘No Spitting’. As for the laundromat, excellent idea, I doubt anyone will be ‘hankering'(sorry) for that wet wool smell . After the drying process you can set up a room to wind the wool into hanks, skeins and balls to work with and then start the teaching a la Mrs Beeton, First take your needles………

  8. Either that or make sure all your knitters are on chairs with castors. But actually because of animal welfare issues ( I have to be so careful since Oscar…) I suggest you have them shorn even before the washing and drying process. xx

  9. Hmm…point taken, besides it would cost the earth to put all four of them through the laundromat. I guess I’ll just have to settle for the old clothes peg solution.

  10. Is the clothes peg for your nose when the wool is smelling to high heaven or to peg them out?

  11. So I think we have this straight now. You have four lawnmowers that spit at you, can be shorn but in order to knit the fleeces first they have to be washed and dried and in order to survive doing that you have to wear a peg on your nose. Does anyone in the neighbourhood still talk to you?

  12. I hope your dear Julie is feeling better, David. God Bless, Mary Firmin

  13. Julia is much perkier since she has a new hairstyle , outfit and now glasses Mary. It’s like a new lease of life after a non too bright weekend. Thank you for the wishes and I send you Hugs.

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