Lord Daud has entered the building!

Lord Daud has entered the building!. A new and Fun interview.



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6 responses to “Lord Daud has entered the building!

  1. I think the world of Lord Daud… is that what you call him? To me, he’s “GL”..it’s a very long story involving comic book characters, green shoes and oddly a moustache mug. I have found him to be a gentle soul and a kind heart, not to mention a wonderful friend and gifted author. The world is a better place for having he and Lady J in it. I’ve read the first 2 of his books and my sides still hurt from laughter! I must get my hands on the 3rd. Thank you for the terrific interview.

    I’m sending hugs,
    Patti (aka Spidey)

    Patricia Carrigan
    author Antiserum

  2. It seems I’m the most fortunate of people in my choice of friends. Very few are as loyal as my dear Spidey. Thank you.

  3. ah, *blush* … extra hugs for you, Ju, Yvonne, Oscar, Penny and Amy!


  4. While the news was not what one would hope, I still see in your post that things are going pretty well overall. On the positive side, Julia’s still active and happy – major kudos to her on that – and while it’s in her lymph nodes, these past few months without treatment has not seen her grow more uncomfortable. I’m staying optimistic, my dear friend! ❤ ❤

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