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April Opens.

The first of April dawned as an unexpectedly nice day proving once again that the April fools were the forecasters. Instead of raincoats or possibly skis for the snow we were met with sunshine. No glorious heat except in direct sunlight but enough to bring smiles to the faces of people we saw.

We were expected at Yvonne’s in Chester for lunch. Until yesterday none of us were sure it would go ahead because of the possibility of strikes by the petrol tanker drivers. But just like the unexpected sun, the news that no date had been set gave us cause to smile. Yvonne was going to cook dinner for us after which we might get to look around some shops but yesterday had seen Julia with my arm up my back forcing me to get her a new camera. Because of the sun I suggested we took our camera’s with us this morning and on arriving at Yvonne’s I suggested we eat out and save her having to cook. I’m pretty sure I heard a faint cheer in the background.

Lucky for us Yvonne lives in a very pretty village close to the centre of Chester and it’s a very short walk with plenty of stops on the way. So, every 6 feet I got a breather and a rest while Julia took pictures on the new camera, or being all singing , all dancing, it probably did it on  it’s own. Yvonne took pics on my camera (I love you Fujifilm) some of which I display here in case anyone believes it only ever rains in the UK.

The five minute walk was over in about an hour and a half and we managed to reach a Primark store where I’d promised to help Ju find a warm jacket to wear. I’m sure she has some but since she can’t reach into the full depths of the Narnian wardrobe she can’t immediately lay hands on any, “And anyway” she said, “you always make me buy the suit jacket type and I want a change” as though I’d be listened to if I actually suggested anything. We found a nice jacket, quite suit jacket like, that she loved but I didn’t dare say was impractical in white. The jacket also became a new pair of jeans and some Palazzo pants (?)(don’t ask) a pair of flat shoes and a handbag, because we have to colour co-ordinate.

That five minutes shop lasted long enough for it to be nearly Monday but we managed to leave the store having purchased strong bags for the goodies. Outside the sun was still shining strangely enough and people were still smiling rather than rushing to start a new week’s work. Yep, still Sunday. Now comes the major decision of the day. A pub meal, a shop restaurant/cafe or a pizza parlour.  Well, the ‘No you pick’ argument lasted forever and though a Pizza Parlour doesn’t make a good old traditional Sunday roast that’s where we ended up.

Yvonne chose something that came with a great big hole in the centre badly camouflaged by a bit of rocket. I was stuck with the cheese and tomato ( no way am I goint to try and spell Marguerita because I’m sure there’s an H in there somewhere) and Ju had the same. I took my meds with a large latte while the girls had pop and hiccuped their way through the Hallelujah Chorus. We should have charged for cabaret. Then Yvonne had some kind of dough balls with a chocolate dip as we watched Ju’s face trying to hide an orgasm as she had coffee ice cream ( sorry, Gelato). It was all  I could do to stop her ordering again.

After dropping Yvonne at home we left and came home to Oscar, Penny , Amy and the joys of bedmaking. Following which Ju promptly fell asleep on the couch.

It’s been a grand old day.

On Tuesday evening we have the new scan to see what the state of play currently is. In two weeks we’re having our first weekend away in years. I’ll keep you all posted as to progress as usual.


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