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Easter 2012

Most people will know me as quite shy and withdrawn. Others will just say I’m a crotchety and antisocial Git. Perhaps I’m somewhere in the middle of the two but I do find it difficult to meet new people. If I have to do this then I often arrange for ‘my peeps’ to be my back up and defence. It so happened that yesterday (Easter Sunday) was the day my daughter announced her boyfriends mother would like to meet Julia and myself. I have to be honest and say I was dreading this for two reasons.

1. I’m aware she’s quite religious and as a secular humanist ( or for those who know me, a Buthidar as I put on my last census form) I wasn’t really looking forward to that.

2. I don’t like meeting new people very much.

So, I arranged for my nieces to join Julia, Yvonne and myself at Yvonne’s in order to go for lunch. The hope was that Ugo’s mother and other members of his family would join us there and conversation would be deflected from me by the story telling skills of my brilliant nieces and my daughter. ( BTW. I tell them how funny they are and for some reason I get blamed for their exaggerations and the intricacies they use). Anyway, as usual I digress. Back to my story. They didn’t arrive for lunch and Yvonne told me that they work on African time which isn’t anything like ours. So we ate and had our coffees and repaired back to Yvonne’s home. (Strange lanuage English, repaired?).

Half an hour later, chocolate eggs exchanged, the girls are preparing to leave when the posse arrived. Ugo, his mother, one of his sisters and a nephew and niece. A quick introduction followed and the girls put on their coats only to be stopped as Ugo’s mother held an impromptu prayer meeting to bless the house and all who sailed in her. OK, I confess, I was part stunned and part amused that someone should take it for granted that everyone present shared her religion and wished to share the prayer but hey, people have their own customs and maybe this is a Nigerian one. Prayers finished, she hugged my nieces before I was able to go outside with them to say goodbye. One said “Well, I didn’t see that coming, good luck at the wedding” before she hugged me and they left. I couldn’t help but laugh as I went back inside.

Ugo’s Mum Christina proved to be a very nice, cheerful and friendly lady and it was a real pleasure to have met her even though I had to concentrate a bit on what she said since the Nigerian accent was quite strong. On the other hand, his sister Janet who was a delightfully beautiful lady had a Brummie accent broad enough to sit on.It was wonderful to listen to and made me realise that Ugo’s own accent wasn’t as broad as I’d first thought.

Julia and I both know that if Yvonne and Ugo ever get married and have children, they’ll be born into two cultures that will show them love and warmth and into two families that will have a great history to share with them as they grow.

Below is a picture of my’peeps’.Yvonne, Karen, Joanne and of course Julia.

¬†Today (Easter Monday) Julia is not very well with a lot of discomfort in her stomach but she’s not ready to call in the Doctor yet. We have the next appointment with the Oncologist on 26th and she wants to make that the next Doctor she sees. At that point we’ll be expecting the results of the last scan. Fingers Crossed !


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