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I would like to nominate Meeka’s Mind ( http://acflory.wordpress.com ) for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. Not only is A.C.Flory a talented and diverse blogger but she has also highlighted bullying as the reason a young man lost his life. Given that it takes some guts these days to go against a group of determined ( and in this case evil) women she should be commended. Then again we get the humour and wit of her blogging too. A growing talent.

Now Andrea, as expected lets hear 7 things about you that’ll interest your readers.







I’d also like to nominate the following for a Blogger  award.

Ilil Arbel for her Book in Progress Blog.  http://ililarbel.wordpress.com  for providing some titillating fun and some real scholarship and research.

Metan http://picsandstuff.wordpress.com for the hours spent scouring the morgue of newspaper offices in order to find the most entertaining pieces from over the years.

Please feel free to copy the logo to your site and also entertain us with the top five items from your bucket list if you had to make one.


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