I would like to nominate Meeka’s Mind ( ) for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. Not only is A.C.Flory a talented and diverse blogger but she has also highlighted bullying as the reason a young man lost his life. Given that it takes some guts these days to go against a group of determined ( and in this case evil) women she should be commended. Then again we get the humour and wit of her blogging too. A growing talent.

Now Andrea, as expected lets hear 7 things about you that’ll interest your readers.







I’d also like to nominate the following for a Blogger  award.

Ilil Arbel for her Book in Progress Blog.  for providing some titillating fun and some real scholarship and research.

Metan for the hours spent scouring the morgue of newspaper offices in order to find the most entertaining pieces from over the years.

Please feel free to copy the logo to your site and also entertain us with the top five items from your bucket list if you had to make one.


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21 responses to “Awards

  1. Too gobsmacked to speak… lovely man you!

    Um… 7 things?
    1. I’m opinionated but I think everyone knows that already :/
    2. I’m a pollyanna who always sees the silverlining in every cloud except for hatred, that just makes me mad. [see 3.]
    3. I’m fiercely protective of children and animals because they can’t fight back for themselves.
    4. I love wild emotional music be it Deep Purple, Puccini’s Turandot or Archangel/Two Steps From Hell, which is what I’m listening to now.
    5. I read until my eyes cross over because, well just because there are millions of books and millions of ideas out there and I can’t stand the thought that I may miss some of them 🙂
    6. I play mmo’s because they give me the freedom to play in the worlds I normally just read about.
    7. And I’m a passionate aussie although I’ve only lived in Australia since I was 4. This country is both very old and very young and nothing is impossible.

    -hugs to the Bishop of Buthidars-

  2. I just realised that I have more power than I thought! I can nominate my own blogger and that blogger is….expectant hush followed by drum roll –

    METAN! Check out her blog ‘Buried Words and Bushwa’ at

    mwahahahaha! And that means Metan has to think up 7 things to say next 😀

  3. I expect to see the nominations and the certificates feature prominently on your blogs girls. Don’t forget you can nominate someone yourselves ( up to 5 blogs I think) and feature links to them on your site. Make sure they write 7 things about themselves and feature the award on their sites.
    Thanks for the Hugs ‘Archbishop’ ACFLORY.
    Buthidar Pope David LOL

    • Oh my lord…Pope David, how could I be so silly. -genuflects in the general direction of Wales-

      Hmm…5 bloggers? Metan is one. Can I nominate you or will that get me excommunicated?

  4. Just click and copy the award certificate off my site and add it to yours then add the 7 things that you want people to know about you on your site as well.

  5. I said you can nominate UP to five but it isn’t obligatory. If you nominate me I’ll think you’re after a promotion and there’s only my job above yours……

  6. I’ve just come back to re-read acflorys list and what do I see? A blogger award for me! (it rhymes, but it isn’t poetry…) Thank you, thank you, kind sir 😀

    I would like to take full credit for the scouring of the newspaper offices, but I suspect that there is some poor dust-covered person at the bottom of the office hierarchy supplying my on-line needs. I do have to be creative and persistent in my searching, and am quite good at digitized document correcting now, so I will pretend that I have earned this award through my hard labours instead of from the comfort of my couch… I will dedicate half of my award to the unnamed, dust-covered, office gnome though 🙂

    My five bucket list items…hmm..
    1. Get the children to school on time by my own efforts, not those of ultra organized son number 1.
    2. Learn to crochet.
    3. Drive across the Nullarbour.
    4. Build a proper vegie garden.
    5. Find that ever elusive article about the badly-behaved Margaret Shaw in the newspaper archives. (My GGG Grandmother and the whole reason I started blogging in the first place!)

    Now I have an embarassment of riches in blogging awards, and my head may have swollen to a large enough size to make it difficult to fit it into the car to pick up the kids!

  7. An award well I get a lot of pleasure from your site. The only thing we need to ‘correct’ is that you should put your 5 bucket list items on your blog for visitors to see. And if you nominate someone for the award just do a small post saying who and why, showing the award and asking for their 5 bucket list items.Hopefully everyone knows someone to nominate who could do with a boost. I love the way you have your awards displayed

    • I’m very glad you enjoy it, when I started blogging it was in the hopes others would enjoy the historical strangeness as much as I do. It took a while before anyone did though! People reading and commenting gives me more incentive to keep searching (and trying to sound intelligent). 🙂

      (I had copied my comment from here and put it on my stuff about me page, didn’t want it to look like I had awarded it to myself!)

  8. Ha, why didn’t I think of that. If you see me with a whole host of awards soon it’s because I’m a dedicated blogger and for no other reason. !!
    I do understand what you mean about the comments. It’s nice to know someone has visited and left a footprint otherwise at times it feels as though we’re writing for ourselves.

    • Of course those spam comments like ‘your site was very helping and I come to look more on this important subject please visit my site we steal your money’ DO NOT inspire!

  9. And I so wish I’d read it more closely before I visited those delightful sites that do just that and then for fun mess up your computer with viruses..Some lovely people out there..

  10. Hi LORD DAVID,

    CONGRATULATIONS for your VERSITILE BLOGGER AWARD . . . very well deserved!



  11. HJi David,

    Where do I vote for MEEK’S MIND? I love her Blogg!


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