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Another child lost. Bullying Continues.

It’s not often I’d ask another blogger if I could use their segment rather than write one of my own. Today I’m going to do just that.

This is the post on Meeka’s Blog in full which you can see here.  http://acflory.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/bullying-another-child-lost/

Bullying – another child lost
By acflory
When I first stumbled on the tragic story of Kenneth James Weishuhn I was horrified and then I became angry and started blogging in the hope that words from my small corner of the universe might make some tiny difference, might help to stop this obscenity from happening again.

Since then my anger has turned to a kind of sick incomprehension because the suicide of Kenneth is not the first example of a child hounded to death; it is one of many. Another one may be happening even as I write these words and I feel powerless to stop another young life from slipping away. Yet when naive hope is gone a stubborn persistence can sometimes remain. So I’m not going to stop crying ‘why?’. I’m not going to stop demanding answers. And I’m not going to stop demanding change because these children deserve better from us than a five minute ‘tsk tsk how sad’.

The light has gone out for this boy but his message lives on. He wanted to believe that things would get better. For him they did not. Yet that dream deserves to be pursued for all the other children like him who are struggling with bullying right now.

I strongly suggest that all parents, teachers and anybody with a heart should go to :


to give Project ProteKT what help you can, even if it’s nothing more than moral support.

I can’t help but echo ACFLORY’s sentiment. Enough is enough ! Time now for everyone  across The World to acknowledge that these children deserve the right to life no matter what their  Sexual Orientation. At the end of the day these are children ! In case anyone thinks it’s OK to bully adults instead, IT ISN’T.                                                             I don’t mean to sound as though the U.S. is the only nation to blame for this but the issue seems prevalent in the news there at the moment. The biggest surprise being that the Land of the Free is also home to some of the worst bigots in the World. We expect every day to hear of an Imam sentencing someone to death by stoning for what they perceive to be a heinous crime but which we tolerate because we are not barbarous savages who know no better. But in America to hear of a Church Pastor telling parents to thump a child, crack his wrist if he appears to stand in a gay manner or  have a DJ condone and promote the raping of a girl until she’s straight should be unthinkable. Surely it’s time to show how civilised we are and get rid of those who openly promote this evil and to crack down on bullying in any form, against any person in any place. Maybe then we can turn round and say we are the most civilised and tolerant of people. PLEASE parents. make sure your schools have a good anti-bullying policy, one day your own child may need it. And the next time you hear of a shock jock or a minister talking the filth we’ve recently heard, DO SOMETHING ! Complain to someone and make sure it won’t happen again.


Enough is enough.




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