Joys of the Day.

Some things can make a day and some break them. Sometimes one can lead to the other. For instance, four days ago I was experiencing the most frustrating happenings with my mobile phone, everything was appearing as a mirror image. Now this may be no bad thing if you’re a cold war spy, a fan of Agatha Christie books or want to spend the day sitting in the bathroom holding the phone up to a mirror. I wasn’t completely sure either whether anyone who texted me would receive my response as mirror images thus having a large part of the population out of circulation for the day. With the news of my daughter’s impending marriage to brag  inform people of there were likely to be quite a few texts crossing the ether. Just when I thought nothing more could frustrate me ( at my age I’m as frustrated as you can get) the damned phone began to flicker. Knowing anything could break it except possibly throwing it at a wall I desisted nonetheless for the sake of the walls. Not wishing to invoke the possible wrath of bridezilla at this juncture by telling her I hadn’t been able to contact Uncle Kurt from the slopes of his base camp at Kilimanjaro I decided there and then to get a new phone.

I was racked with the agonies of indecision. What do I want? The same phone again would be nice but it’s let me down. What if the new one does the same. Anyway, I’ve moved on since then, grown as a phone user, surely I’m ready for something more sophisticated now. Yes, that’s the ticket, onward and upward ! I found a site selling phones directly from the manufacturer in China. Hellfire, a new phone for less than the price of last nights Chinese takeaway, how appropriate. Until that is I started reading about quad bands, dual and triple sim and even worse ‘5.0 inch A9220 Android 4.0 3G Smartphone GSM+WCDMA WiFi Analog TV GPS Dual SIM Capacitive Touch Screen.’ There are phones on which to watch TV and phones built into wrist watches. These are a level of sophistication too far for me since it’s only recently I found out how to send a picture by phone. There, that’s the answer, I need a camera phone, that’s all. Yes, I know I have more than one camera already but I don’t carry them round in case I meet a bank robbery in progress and since Julia stopped me sitting outside the bank all day just in case, I’ve lost that excuse. But definitely a camera phone.

Decision made I couldn’t make up my mind what would be the best one to get. Everything I looked at had a great write up from one or more satisfied customers. Being quite bright on occasion the answer came in a flash. If I bought one from ebay I could combine the camera, some more upmarket things that I wouldn’t understand but could tell people I have. ‘What, oh yes, I have blue face and tooth recognition old chap’. See, I’m a technophile at heart. I made bids on a few and lost them so I decided to start bidding in pounds next. After two days I won a new (to me) mobile called a Samsung Tocca lite.  It even has a name that says this owner knows what he’s doing, ‘Huh, nothing too heavy man, I went for the lite version.’ So yesterday afternoon I paid for the phone and sat back to await receipt. I’ve been in a funk ever since. What if I can’t work it with it’s MMS, MP3 and internet browsing. What do I do about video calling and maybe my fingers will be too fat for touch screen. I was just reverting to panic mode this morning when I had a message on ebay from the seller to say it was in the post. What could I do except message back and say thank you and might it be possible for me to come back on for instruction ? Panicked but polite that’s me.

The message I received back blew my socks off. It’s made my day, so much so that I brought Julia through to see it in case she thought my imagination was playing up. then my brother in law, sister in law and finally Oscar the cat. At that point there was no-one left as the rats were asleep. Here below is the message, and if you like me are an author, I hope your turn comes.







I promise this is just as received and though my books have received kind reviews in the past it’s never been in such an unexpected way.


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6 responses to “Joys of the Day.

  1. Just got back from a ding dong dandy of a day! Mom’s out patient surgery itself went well, mom is confused about what went on, but is doing very well despite the circumstances. This was the first email I clicked on to read once I finally returned home and sat down at the ol’ computer…thanks for the smiles. ❤ (((huggers))) and chocolate and very special flowers for you, Ju, and the pets!!!

  2. Ah Daud – get it printed and have it FRAMED! This is fate telling you to get your noble rear into motion with book 4!!!

    Actually I’d be tempted to send ‘Jay’ a bottle of champagne and maybe chocolates too, although that might be a bit much 😀

    I am so envious! I just hope something even half as good as this happens to me one day. You do deserve it though 🙂

    -huge hugs-

    • It did make me think of book 4 for all of 5 minutes Andrea then I realised how lazy I am again.
      I was very tempted to send him the two books he’s missing but it would sort of defeat the object of writing them to earn if I gave more away that I get. So all I can do is offer to sign the books for him which he’s agreed to and return them at my expense to say thanks.
      Your time is still to come so get a move on and publish. No doubt you’ll have many minutes like this and get very blase about it. Thank you for your very kind comment.
      Huge Hugs down under ( could have been worded better)

      • lmao – it could indeed but I’m sure you’re still slightly dazed with euphoria so I’ll let it pass :p

        I’m up to 90K words on the prequel so getting close to the first draft at least -hugs-

  3. I want a phone with blue face and tooth recognition too! That would have to be the best ebay reply ever. Your reputation preceeds you sir!

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