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Enter the Cat.

Normally I prefer to keep my two blogs separate because apart from the updates on Julia’s condition they are not alike. However, someone who subscribes to both blogs suggested that people who saw the serious side of me may not actually realise there is a lighter but more downtrodden side of me as servant to my unelected alarm cat Oscar.  Oscar, who is convinced that any books I sell are because he has a starring role, is certain that he should therefore be introduced to my Barsetshire Diaries friends.

I am therefore taking the path of least resistance and asking anyone who may be a fan of Superiors ( as Oscar maintains all cats are) to visit him on the other site rather than put an example of his blog on here. Mainly it’s the fear of him dictating a whole new episode and then constantly criticising me that makes me suggest the alternative. So, for any of you who may we willing to read the egotistical ramblings of my ‘Superior’, this Longlegs would invite you to visit Oscar’s Blog on  http://lorddavidspage.weebly.com                        and do try not to encourage him too much  like his Aussie friends.

David. 22.05.2012


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