Introducing Oscar and the Girls.

Many of you will have heard me mention Oscar, my unwelcome alarm cat who ( according to him) is the star of my books.  Recently Julia’s interest also turned to rats and quite a few of you must know about them too.  What you may not know is that Oscar has had his own blog for some time in order to share his adventures with his legion of fans. The girls have also managed a couple of short blogs when Oscar’s attention has been elsewhere. Some would say Oscar is scared of the girls but having already felt the damage his claws can do, you won’t find me saying it. ( At least not where it can ever be proved). Just at the moment there seems to be a very uneasy truce between them and since I don’t have to referee a truce I wondered if some of you might like to meet Oscar.

Therefore I’m going to post some of his last blog with a link so you can finish it off if you wish. I’ll do the same for the girls as I certainly don’t want to get on their bad side. If you enjoy it, it would be great if you left a comment to let me know since some say Oscar deserves his own book.

Night time Adventures.             

The heat from above has been shining down for a few days. It’s actually made me quite sleepy. ( I refuse to say a little dozy since I know the Longlegs sense of sarcasm works well on remarks like this). It was my feeling a little sleepy that got me into a mess, well that and the terrible mistake My ‘The Him’ made for which judgement will be rendered.

So, the heat made me sleepy and I curled up inside a flower bed to relax. Before My ‘The Him’ went to his sleeping place he closed and locked the clearway. He had not noticed me ( or so he said), had not called me ( as he thought I was in) and didn’t bother to check. You can understand my decision to play Solomon here can’t you.
It started to get darker and cooler causing me to think I should go back inside and settle down on My ‘The Hers’ sleeping place and spend the dark time guarding her as I usually did. But on rousing myself and moving over to the clearway I found it closed. I called out but to no avail. I walked round the building to see if a small clearway was open but I found none. There was light from My ‘The Hers’ room but it seems she could not hear me sing either. I’m reluctant to try at His clearway since he throws things at the slightest sound. You really wouldn’t believe he doesn’t recognise my voice after all these years.

The woods lie very close to home and some very inviting rustling sounds stirred memories of my great hunting days when I was wont to leave my Longlegs superb gifts every day. Surely I had lost none of my skills and I needed to occupy my time before returning home to find the clearway open again.

From Oscar’s Blog


Introducing the Family..   

Hello again every one. In case you’ve forgotten my name is Amy and I’m leader of the Rat Pack. After having been a little unhappy over the name the humans refer to groups of my kind, I’ve decided that Rat Pack sounds quite cool and compared to some sounds quite reasonable. After all I wouldn’t want to be part of a ‘Murder of Crows'( and believe me that’s quite fair because their sound can be murder on the ears). A ‘Dissimulation of Birds’ doesn’t sound all there does it? How about a ‘Chatter of Budgerigars’ that one’s true enough, a ‘Clowder of Cats’ that one means nothing unless Clowder means nasty, a ‘School of Dolphins’ makes them sound intelligent, a ‘Skulk of Foxes’ Hmmm, reasonable that one, a ‘Mischief of Mice’ and sometimes people refer to us that way as well. But in the end I think Rat Pack will suit me very well thank you.

Sometimes settling into a new home is difficult but there have been no major problems here after teaching the humans ( a Pack?) that my teeth are quite sharp if they try to handle me and sometimes just when they stick their fingers through the bars. After all, if you stick fingers in to offer treats we have to bite, you mustn’t be surprised to be bitten if you stick them in treatless and expect us to notice.
Anyway, I want to introduce the family. Obviously there’s me and like most of my kind I’m very intelligent and very underestimated. But there are exceptions to every rule I suppose so here’s Penny. She’s my sister and I love her dearly but she’s not the brightest jewel in the box. Fortunately she’s playful and very affectionate so the humans don’t notice.

From Oscar’s Blog 31.05.2012

I hope you enjoy the extracts enough to want to return to the blog on a regular basis. He has quite an archive if you want to go back to his previous work. Enjoy.xx


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13 responses to “Introducing Oscar and the Girls.

  1. Catherine Johnson

    Oscar sounds fun, thanks for introducing his blog posts!

    • You’re welcome Catherine, Oscar says so. Yes he can be fun just as he can be very wearing. When he decides I should get up ( at 4.30) and I don’t agree, he can really push his luck with me. But since I’ve worn bar codes from his claws before now I don’t argue too much.

  2. David, whenever my cat see’s Oscar doing his own blogging he wants to write one too.

    I’m currently half-way through My Barsetshire diary and loving it so far. Have a great weekend.

    • Whatever you do Pete don’t let your cat do it. You’ll never get the keyboard back. I’m delighted you’re enjoying the first book and hope you feel suitably sorry for me. The second one ‘The Queen’s Envoy’ is a prequel and quite different.
      Have a Great Weekend yourself and a couple of curlie-wurleys.

  3. Whenever I read about Oscar I have a mental picture of you at the keyboard with Oscar dictating. He is curled on your lap but his claws are gently resting on a leg, at the slightest hint of dissent from you the pressure rises and the typing gets faster 😉

    • Sometimes that’s spot on Metan. Sometimes he gets over anxious and leaves four spots on- my blood on my leg.Other times he just helps himself to the computer while I’m asleep. He takes forever though and his claws keep scraping the letters off the keys so I don’t know where I am. Spelling mistakes are courtesy of Oscar and the Guessing game.

  4. Priya! When did three become FOUR?

    • Oops didn’t I mention that.? No 3 Bernie was bought on a Friday I think. We happened to be there the following week to pick some treats up and Ju found Priya all alone in a cage and felt sorry for her. Totally disregarding the fact that she made her single by buying Bernie of course.
      Further purchases, especially males are banned.

  5. Food Stories

    I had no idea that your cat had a blog. If I gave my cats their own blogs they would be run over with legions of fans, just like Oscar … I don’t know if I could keep up with all the hullabaloo 🙂

    • Believe me, you’re better off not finding out. If Oscar’s demands were multiplied by however many cats you have you would never cope. Personal groomers, personal hand servants, personal secretaries ( all me of course) and a star above his bed too .Everybody else in the books is secondary to him just as the blog is, or so he thinks. I created a monster.

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