Resiliance and Fakery

There comes  a time when the wind blows strongly enough and long enough that the bent tree will break. I think I’m all but at that point this morning. Julia has been suffering a little over the last few days but has been determined that she’ll carry on without the chemotherapy tablets so that hteir side effects won’t prevent her reaching and enjoying the wedding standing on her own two feet.  She’s an amazing woman my wife.

I’d been thinking (maudlin fool) about the list of casualties I’ve suffered to this evil disease. My mother died after a  mole on her leg became cancerous. my father had cancer of the larynx. My sister died of a rare blood cancer. Now Julia with this terrible pancreatic cancer. When it couldn’t get any worse it did. A message from my  nephew’s wife tells me he has pre-cancerous cells in his throat and a suspicious mass in his chest. He will be going for MRI scans early this month. Life is notoriously unfair as David has a young family.

I have a friend of many years who is suffering from breast cancer which has also resulted in heart problems . Since she already has MS I would have thought life had loaded as much as it could onto her but no, recently I’m told another nasty side effect manifested itself. And this is a woman who’s chosen to work all through everything thrown at her.

If ever there was a time to curl up, this is it. But I found I’m quite resiliant and couldn’t offer help to any of them if I did curl up. What a temptation it is though.

While there is no comparison in the way I feel about this news and the next incident, it still leaves me depressed. A friend whom I worked closely with on exposing frauds in our midst emailed me some links to the worst of the ones we exposed who seem to be doing quite well thanks to youtube self-promotion videos. We had the pleasure in the past of putting some bad frauds out of business in the ‘Fake Title selling’ game and warning people not to buy from them. There’s always a degree of satisfaction in that. But two have always stood out for me. One who was involved in the selling of fake titles but who was careful not to be named herself, and the other just a parasite who lies to gain the confidence of people so as to be invited to events.

Number 1 is called ‘Princess’ Karen Cantrell. I add the Princess in inverted commas because she has now changed her name by deed poll to include that. Most people will think it a title but it isn’t. And that’s despite the fact that she used to call herself Princess before the name change. She has gone from calling herself a Princess of Aquitaine and being involved in selling titles to there and also to Livonia and another obscure country. From there she joined forces with a man who decided to declare himself the King of Man ( The Isle of Man) by creating a foolish pedigree for himself. She was awarded the Title Countess of Man and called herself that for a while. Quite a demotion for a Princess. She also created a fake order ‘The Well of St. Maughold’ in order to sell more titles to the unsuspecting.

Now on the latest self promoting link she calls herself Her Highness and is supposedly a member of the elite of the so called Ghassanid Kingdom which hasn’t existed for centuries. She has so many fake titles and fake orders it’s a surprise she can stand. Worse still, she has at least one membership to an order which is real but which I’m sure would be rescinded if they knew her history.

Number 2 is perhaps for me the worst. She calls herself Lady Grania Mountbatten and has  various fan sites on Facebook ans well as her own sites in which she exclaims her parentage and her historical line as well as links to the current Royal Family with links back to Charlemagne. This woman is a parasite who likes to be invited to your functions which she graces with her presence.

Grania is supposedly the daughter of Lady Iris Mountbatten and her first husband Captain Hamilton O’Malley. Now the only problem with this scenario is that they didn’t have children together. And, if they had, there would have been no titles since their father was a commoner. The children would have been called O’Malley.

Both partners married again and Hamilton O’Malley and his wife had children, one of whom was called Grania.  It seems at least she gets half her parentage right but chooses to insult her real mother by ignoring her. Grania also claims to be Queen of Germany  and Baroness Burrishole, the latter entitling her to a seat in the House of Lords. Since Irish Baronies aren’t entitled to sit in the British House she’s still not getting her facts right. There are other things she gets wrong too but for me the biggest insult is her claim to be related to the late Lord Mountbatten murdered by the IRA some years ago. She dishonours a good name and a proud family as well as duping all those who believe her wild claims.

I hope you don’t get drawn into the web of deceit woven by  this poisonous pair.


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47 responses to “Resiliance and Fakery

  1. Good on you for doing a bit of ‘outing’ David! I just hope bad fortune finally finds these charlatans. Most of all though I pray that good fortune finds your family because they deserve a break :/


    • Linda Bouldnor

      You better get going on “LORD” David PROSSER first!

      David Prosser bought his title from which is run by the charlatan and conman “Baron” Graham Fothergill. The scam is that he simply finds Manorial Lordships that used to exist but have since been lost over time. Once ownership of a Manorial Lordship dies out it would revert to the Crown. That is why valid Manorial Lordships require valid proof of title and the involvement of solicitors like any purchase of property.

      If you look at the following discussion thread started by David Prosser you will see that he does indeed know that he was conned. He was initially told that the Lordship of Bouldnor was in Leicestershire. It was also pointed out to him that those involved in the sale were frauds. And I quote…

      Unhappy Manor of Bouldnor

      Thanks to everyone who has taken the trouble to provide me with all the information and help. It appears I am an out of pocket chump who should have known better at my age. David.

      Lastly, even if he did own an actual authentic English feudal manorial lordship he still wouldn’t have the right to call himself “Lord David Prosser”. That title is in the form of a courtesy title for a younger son of an English Peer with the rank of Earl or better. He would only entitled to “Mr. David Prosser, Lord of the Manor of Bouldnor”. Or if being very loose “Mr. David Prosser, Lord of Bouldnor”. He knows that this is the case, because the Earl of Bradford has explicitly corrected him about his use of the title “Lord” in several emails.
      CAUGHT !

      • You’e quite right that Richard, Earl of Bradford and I did in face correspond and he pointed out that Lord Prosser would not be the correct form of address for my Title. I have absolutely no argument with that but someimes people infer that address from seeing Lord of the Manor of…… I do correct them.I have a preference for a more relaxed address anyway.
        While you are attacking me for my misogynistic ways, for my anti-Christian ways, and for my fraud, you have not been able to say where I have made an attempt to sell titles to the gullible or to have myself invited to a function because people think I have links to the Royal Family or even where I’ve nailed a Christian to the cross. These attacks seem to be a smokescreen for the people who are doing just that.
        If you’ve checked my blogs and posts you see that I nave in fact mentioned far more men than women. In fact you mention one man David Howe as though he was an innocent I just decided to mention with some others..If you were honest you’d be admitting those I expose including him are all guilty as charged and you wouldn’t be hiding behind a fake name to do so. Come out and make your claims as a real person and admit that the frauds I’ve exposed have warranted that.

        From the original message on British Genealogy you’ll note that someone suggests Bouldnor Hampshire as the place I was looking for, you’ll also note that I say I’m well aware of Hampshire’s Bouldnor and it’s the Leicester one I’m looking for, that was because Bouldnpr Leics was for sale and I bought it to save confusion. I also bought a Title in Bohemia to be better able to follow the claims of the Fake Duke and either verify them or debunk them completely. I received my money back for the Leicestershire claim though I didn’t for Bohemia and decided it was worth it.
        It’s well known there are two women whose claims I expose all the time. I’m afraid it doesn’t make me a misogynist it just means I have a low tolerance of anyone who either makes money from the unwary or gains invitations on spurious relationships. If you really want to cry Fraud, you should be at those.

  2. Thanks Sweetie, I’m with you 100% on both those wishes.
    Massive Hugs to you.

  3. Good luck with this this it is sad that so many people who may only think about these tings as a bit of a laugh get taken for a ride by greedy manipulative people as for me I have the only title i want and that is ‘mummy’

    • That’s probably the best title of all Paula except for Daddy.I feel sorry for all the people fooled by these con-artists, who are very often Americans. They’re untouchable over there since they don’t believe in titles and their main victims are their own countrymen. If people could only understand Titles can’t be bought and that titles in so called Orders can’t be used outside the Orders maybe we could halt more of the trade. They devalue real titles and the people who try to use them properly because they’re only concerned with making money.
      Good luck with the writing and I love the pictures of Huddersfield on your site. I’m glad to see people proud of their home town.

  4. Well done on your crusade. It is unbelievable that these people manage to get away with all of this.

    Best wishes to you and your family. I hope you have better fortune soon.

    • Many thanks Pete, the crusade has been going on a long time. The Earl of Bradford does most of the British frauds on his excellent website and we tend to deal with the foreign ones on our fraud site.

      We could do with a change of fortune for the better though there are probably many families with a situation just as bad. I wish we could conquer cancer totally.

  5. Catherine Johnson

    Well done for outing these lazy fraudsters David. And my heart goes out to you for all the illnesses in the family. That is so sad.

  6. Sometimes things do seem unfair in life, don’t they. We all know that behind every amazing woman is a supportive and loving husband though.
    Well done trying to put these unpleasant and self-important title selling parasites out of business too. Keep up the good job(s)!

    • Don’t tell my wife that or she’ll go looking for one.
      Thanks for the great support Metan. I’m trying my best to bring them down only Facebook doesn’t help by allowing fan pages even though they’ve been told that Grania is a fake.It takes ten minutes to confirm the truth and you’d think they want to protect their members. Ah well, onwards and upwards I suppose.

  7. David, you need to take care of yourself during this time. I know, people told me that all the time, and I nodded and said, Sure, I am, but in reality… Curl up even if it’s only for a moment. Sending prayers your way for you and your amazing wife and family.

  8. Pauline

    I wont waste any space mentioning the ` low lifes`. My thoughts as always are with you and Julia, you are such wonderful friends to so many people, and such dear pals in my life, You both have the excitement of the wedding to look forward to, and if there is any justice in this world many more good times to look forward to and enjoy. Always here for you both – just a phone call away – don`t forget :O) Big hugs and cwtchs to you both xxxx

  9. I could well echo those sentiments about you being a wonderful friend to so many but I’ll stick with us. You are a true star Pauline and you know how we think of you. Many more good times on their way after the wedding since she wants to be here for a grandchild. Targets are the answer.
    Hugs and Cwtches right back to you Sweetie.

  10. Food Stories

    David, I know that there is probably nothing I can say to assist but I feel compelled to do so anyway. In a very short period of time, I lost my sister, father and mother to devastating chronic illnesses. For a few years, I was in a spot that seems similar to where you are now. I was the strong one and kept it together for everyone while not caring for myself so I feel like I might know where you’re coming from . I hope you have an outlet or a friend that can allow for you to “break down” so to speak … You need to care for yourself or you’ll have nothing to give anyone else. Hope I didn’t overstep my bounds … You’re in my thoughts and prayers!

    • Thank you. That’s very kind. We heard last night thatthe cancer had been confirmed in situ in my nephew’s throat and that he sees the oncologist next Monday. He’ll be going into hospital on the Wednesday for another sample to be taken from his breast. What makes the time more difficult is the fact his wife is quite young and his daughter only 3.
      I think I’m lucky in that I have a good support network if neededd but as the ‘Patriarch’ of the family or ‘Old Fart’ as often described it doesn’t seem right to seek rather than offer support.
      I’m sorry you lost so many close family members to this awful scourge and am glad you seem to have come through it with courage and dignity.

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog, which allowed me to find yours. I, too, seem to have lost a lot of family members from one form or another of the disease. The loving support of family and friends is very important for those suffering from it, and Lady Julia appears to have plenty of that. I hope that both she and your nephew react well to their treatments and recover as quickly as possible. Hang in there! They both need your moral support.

    • You are very kind. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve also suffered the depredations of this evil disease. It seems very few of us these days isn’t aware of someone with it. The odds have I believe come down from the previous 1 in 4 people suffering.Maybe we need to look at our ecology again. We’re very lucky with family support and I hope you had that benefit too. Going through it without support must be awful. Julia is unlikely to recover because of the type which never seems to attract much in the way of research but she has such will power it amazes me. They predicted she’d be gone by now but we all know she loves annoying me too much. With David, I hope they’ve caught it early enough to do something and it’s lucky the survival rate is high for that.
      My moral support is always there since I want my family around as long as possible, I may need them to support me in old(er) age.

  12. I have to say you had me rolling in the aisles with this one.Though I have encountered the ‘Prince’ before and he has featured on my previous website I have left him quite alone since he doesn’t appear to have been selling titles which was where my attentions were concentrated most. However…the delightful Karen Cantrell and I have crossed paths a few times. She and her first husband sold titles under his name to Aquitaine.The selling eventually ceased but the titles were still ‘Awarded’ and I’ve always wondered at what cost. There is still a micronation under this banner.Then came titles being sold for Pomerania and Livonia which are still for sale. Under husband number 2’s name? Another Grand Duke if I remember rightly.
    The worst came for me of course when she offered insult to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by her written and verbal support of the fake Prince of Man and the selling of Titles- later denied- but the proof was there.She then of course started the fake order of The Well of St Maughold which I’ve no doubt was a money spinner.
    Of late, I’ve seen her appear in a senior role with the US branch of the Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem. Since I am a member of this Order ( not the U.S.) I’m disgusted that this order would accept someone like her. She has been honoured by another Order for bringing about an affiliation between them and OLJ. At one time she claimed membership of an Order and had the medal of Honour from them. I asked the Grandmaster about her and he denied it saying she wasn’t even a member so we have to be aware that one or other of them lied and I know where I place my money.

    Yours is it seems a well researched piece and though I cannot confirm or deny what you say I give others the opportunity to follow the links and decide for themselves. Maybe one day the FBI and the Police in America will do something about people like this. Sine the U.S doesn’t believe in titles it could possibly remove citizenship from those whose links would make them seem to support another Country or perhaps they could make it illegal to sell fake titles at all since it’s very often U.S. citizens who are caught in the scam.
    Thank you for the submission. You made my day.

  13. Linda Bouldnor

    If you agree that you bought 2 fake titles then why do you still use Lord David Prosser? You hyprocracy is evident. You should remove it from your name and stop using it but you try to be something that you are not.

    You are the fraud and fake! You remove what I wrote from here because you do not want others to read it and pretend to be holier than thou…My attorneys have papers coming from the UK all about you.

    You have no idea about Karen Cantrell and what you print are 100% lies about her and numerous others. Who made you God? If anyone needs to sued or arrested it is you for slander and defamation of character.

    You have been removed from so many blogs and sites for your hate and blatant lying.

    I used to respect you and follow your blogs until I had begin to see blatant lies written about people and I decided to have my own attorneys research you information you posted and they reported back to me that all you posted about not only her but others as well were 100% wrong.

    You and your hate mongering group were thrown off of Facebook and other sites for spreading lies and hate. Yet you are not ashamed of your lies.
    When educated people research your accusations they find they are completely untrue.

    I contacted The Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem and YOU are not a member nor have you ever been. I contacted the head office in Malta. You are a lair again! I also gave them your latest blog here to read. Yes, They know about you and your lies and I have be assured that they will be contacting you.
    On the other hand she has been award the highest medals of honor NOT YOU in this Order and also in numerous other Orders across the globe. Jealousy is a very bad trait in a human being and YOU are so jealous of her.

    Having said that … it is obvious that you are taking a passage fee for joining an Order as selling a title. This immediately tells me and others -because so many people laugh at you that you are completely unacquainted with the process of Noble Orders. I should realize this because YOU BOUGHT A TITLE !!!!!!!!!!

    If you had done your research correctly she was never married twice and what you print about selling titles on sites is untrue. You simply wish to try to hurt and defame an innocent person.

    In reality the only person you hurt is yourself.
    Your lack of character is very telling of your complete lack of nobility . Your purchasing more than one title…. well it tells everyone YOU have low self esteem. You are not a defender of good you are a gossiping trait little man – a no body who wants to be a some body!

    I can never understand why the most rabid and insulting of the people like you who try and attack people with real titles and accomplishments are almost always sad little individuals with no accomplishments and very obviously fake credentials and titles. You would think that they would know that their lies would be uncovered

    • I did not agree that I bought two fake titles. I said quite clearly that I bought one which was the Bouldnor in Leicester. I know this one to be fake as I was unable to find a Bouldnor inLeics at any time in the area’s history but needed to be sure. I was already in possession of the correct Bouldnor. There have since been other efforts to sell Bouldbnor on but I have successfully stopped it each time.

      If I remove what you write so no-one else can see it why is it here being responded to? I’m afraid what you say makes little sense. If your attorneys have papers coming to them from the UK I hope they will be suitably bored since I lead a very quiet life. However if they should want to have papers sent on Ms. Cantrell I’m sure they will be better entertained. If you are a friend of hers you are either covering for her or covering your eyes. Maybe you actually are her. I know I was entertained by the video shown recently of her stumbling out of a club in the company of the gentleman who claims the Ghassanid Kingdom ( he tells me he dropped her company after learning unsavoury things about her)and telling the world how she does good deeds for the rich.
      There is this self aggrandising video where she calls herself Princess and Her Highness
      I’m quite sure no-one made me God, I think I’d have noticed. But if I print 100% lies about her and her ilk then surely by now I would have been charged with slander? The reason I have not is because I check my facts.I have no objection to her playing silly games as long as she doesn’t try to con people out of money. If she stops that I lose interest. The same goes for others like her. The exception to that is Grania Mountbatten. Or perhaps you maintain I made up everything about her too?

      Is it possible you can name all these sites I have been removed from for my hate and blatant lying? Perhaps it’s my age but I can’t recall one instance of this happening.
      You say you used to respect and follow me until you saw my lies. May I ask how you determined they were lies and whether you actually tried to follow the facts? But then again, that statement may well be a smokescreen if you are in fact part of this group.
      You repeat that I and my friends were thrown off facebook for our hate. That’s very strange because I’m still on facebook and again to my knowledge the only group that was ever closed down was not mine but I was on it was to do with David Howe. On appeal that could have been reinstated but there was little need as Mr. Howe’s claims were laughed right back to where they came from along with the small group of people that backed him which included, yes you’ve guessed, Karen Cantrell.
      When educated people follow my claims they find the proof is true and I’m quite happy for people to challenge it.Follow through the Grania Mountbatten one if you like and challenge it if you can.
      You say the Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus in Jerusalem knows me. That#s fascinating. I shall look forward to hearing from them.I can quite believe that Karen Cantrell has received an honour from the Order of St Lazarus though It’s more likely to be from the one she’s in in America. I know she claims honours from many other groups and Orders too some of which may even be legitimate but on one she claimed the Grandmaster denied she was a member at all. I on the other hand have never claimed to be a member of the Malta Order.And one thing I can say hand on heart id that I am not, have never been and shall never be envious of Ms. Cantrell. I retain some dignity.

      Since this post is becoming repetitious and may be boring some readers I will bring this to a halt by saying this….. the way in which you word this attack says you have a close connection to the subject and you obviously believe her word or their words since you seem to be claiming all my subjects are innocent as the day they were born. It then comes down to personal slights between us and since I don’t indulge in that too often I’d leave that to you. Bring on your proof, have your attorneys contact me. I’m ready. But you’ll get further with a reasoned argument rather than the character asassination you’re currently trying.

  14. Linda Bouldnor

    I have no connection to the subject other than I know you are attempting to character assassinate her and others just for EVIL- Never did she claim the grandmaster denied she was a member.. YOU CLAIMED that. Stumbling are you?

    I had reputable attorneys check on your rantings and they proved you were lying. I am an attorney and I dug further myself! I remember when your personal face book was hacked and you were crazy over it. I was a friend on your page until you began your lunatic rantings about David Howe and lost your mind and I unfriended you.

    You were so jealous and full of hate that you spewed your foul evil lies to try to hurt others. Are you forgetting your HATE page on Face book about him???? You and the goon squad…. You can remember that can’t you ??

    The cream rose to the top and she and the others you blasted right back where you belong.

    Facts! That is ridiculous just make you garbage up and print it.

    You are so trait that no one would spend the money to sue you and you have nothing monetary for them to gain…I checked it out myself- In my opinion.. You have nothing to lose because you are nothing and have nothing!

    You fowl reputation precedes you…. You have no dignity
    The only people that are laughing are laughing at you .

    • I’m tempted to wipe this message off because it’s so ridiculous but I decided to leave it so people can see your lack of education.and your continuous rambling. You claim to be an attorney yet don’t realise that someone has a foul reputation not a fowl one. I have no idea what ‘you are so trait’ means and you are proving that you don’t read well either since I clearly stated that Karen claimed to be in an order which the Grandmaster denied, he said she wasn’t a member.
      I well remember being on the facebook page regarding David Howe thank you. It was quite a success in bringing his campaign down.I can’t actually take the credit for that though.
      Fortunately people can follow my facts and see the truth or I would not be such a nuisance to you and your friends would I?
      I don’t mind people laughing at me, very often I’ll join them but since you say I’ve lost my mind I won’t notice anyway.
      Had you not been spewing vitriol and gone for a reasoned debate you may have got a lot more sympathy here as people would praise you for supporting friends.But since you’re repeating yourself, and appear to have lost your mind worse than I must have done I will say that unless you have anything new to say I won’t put anything more up on here from you. It just becomes tiresome. Continue with the idiocy and I’ll remove what’s already here to save you too much embarrassment.
      Go be a good Christian and tell your friends to stop sinning.

      • Hello Seth, thank you for writing. I’d hate to come between family like this but if you feel you want to write something yourself without prompting by me I’ll look at putting it up on the site. Because there are always detractors who will believe your Aunt it might be better if you were able to provide details to ensure it’s the same woman I talk of like where she lives and what her business is. I don’t expect you to know details about her selling fake titles but I’m sure you know enough to make some people pause for thought.
        If you decide you have been a little hasty and don’t want to upset her, I can easily take your posts off the site.

  15. Maryjane Mitford

    Rest assured that Karen’s current husband is NOT Austrian royalty.
    He is Peter Eckert, a common immigrant from Munich…who operated hostels in Venice, ca for several years.
    A nice fellow….but hardly royalty.

  16. Keep up the good work. ‘Princess’ Cantrell, a noble and royal wannabe, makes me just want to be sick! Yuk. There has naturally always been something obviously missing from her fairy tale life…

    • Anyone who goes to court to pay for a change of name by deed poll to make Princess a Christian name is missing something in their life. Shame she doesn’t tell people it’s a Christian name….

  17. Hanami

    Funny, I did some research on said “Princess” Karen Cantrell who very much seems to be a poser and craves attention any which way she can. I grew up in Europe but am not of European descent. I became suspicious of this whole “Order of Saint Lazarus’ Hospitallier “Order” after I received numerous FR on FB, including by said Karen Cantrell. Since I have been to Malta myself and am quite familiar with the more hidden aspects of the so-called Order of St. John, I was even more alarmed at her claims. I also lived in the US and the UK long enough to know that unless you’re genuine blue blood, you’re not in any position to refer to yourself as ‘Princess’.

    Knowing Americans fascination and obsession with titles and wanting to belong to aristocracy, I began to ask around discreetly but was fobbed off. As a result I unfriended these people (including Karen Cantrell) and began my own research which led to me to your page.

    Could you let me know if this is the Karen Cantrell you mention here? Also, your YT video is not working. I would appreciate if you could post another video that works.

    Best and thank you for shedding light on frauds that try to abuse other people’s gullibility and where “Schein ist mehr als Sein” (the appearance is more than of any solid substance worth mentioning).

  18. Bingo, I found a picture of Lady Iris Mountbatten dated June 1946 the year Grania O’Malley claims that Lady Iris was pregnant with her. The only problem is Lady Iris’s tummy is flat. There is no baby in there unless the
    baby was only the size of a peanut. I will be posting that picture soon along with several other documents to save the name of a very nice Lady. Her only son Robin is so fed up with this person, he deserves the truth to come out and let his mothers soul rest in peace.

    • Well done. I agree Lady Iris deserves the truth to be better known and if it helps her son then all the better. Having said that, Grania will be hard to pull down now as so many people believe her story.Few seem to understand that as Lady Iris married a commoner, no issue would have been titled. No-one checks to see if there was a pregnancy and birth during that marriage.

  19. Greg Green

    I asked “Princess” Karen Cantrell about this yesterday (July 17, 2018) on her personal page. She promptly deleted it and dropped me as a friend; evidently hit a raw nerve. I know I’d certainly step up and defend my character if someone asked me if I was indeed a fraud. Think you hit the nail squarely on the head with this woman. I’d like to research her further, would appreciate any additional information you could point out.

    • Sorry Greg, all my work from this period is archived now. I recall that she was married twice and had websites saying her ‘relative’ was the descendant of…………. and titles could be purchased. Though she later denied this. The websites wren’t in her name but her husbands. She changed her name by deed poll to add Princess to the beginning of her name. She joined some Templar Orders under this name and has used their awards after her name. I’m sure there’s more to find but unfortunately at the moment I won’t be able to.

  20. Katarina

    I detest people who try to impress us with titles. Usually these people are unable to contribute anything useful to the society, so they turn to fraud and scam. Remember, the real blue blooded nobility will never brag and usually they don’t use their titles. What counts in life is what you contributed for the wellbeing of people and people from modest simple backgrounds who through their hard work enabled mankind to prosper – these are the people to be admired, not the scam artists who try to outweight their deficiencies by blinding people with their fake titles. These are useless individuals.
    I come from an Austrian background from a famous family, but I never talk about it and in this modern world I would be ashamed to use my parent’s titles. They were the ones who taught me to be modest and to be proud of myself by my own achievements not some titles inherited from my ancestors. I married a simple hard working man who gave so much to the wellbeing of so many people. These kind of people deserve to be admired, those who came from nothing and worked themselves up and their hard work will leave a legacy for the next generations – not the title braggers.
    BE YOURSELF, don’t try to be someone that deep down you know – you are NOT. You lie to others, you are cheating yourself and at the end you will be figured out. Every cheater eventually will be caught.

    • I agree with much of what you say Katarina and I too don’t care for the con artists but I do think there are some unsung heroes among the nobility that contribute plenty to society and in fact work for the betterment of society. And you’re right, they don’t brag or boast. There are others who think that a title means they don’t have to do anything for society and have inherited rather than earned their wealth. They are a waste of space. If you are entitled to a title through your parents you shouldn’t be afraid to use it. You can bring a lot of attention to good causes with a title and could actually still be yourself and earn the respect of future generations.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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