Criminal Cancer.

Well today was the day of the revisit to Dr. G the Oncologist. Today I was determined to keep my own counsel since my views of what I’d like to see are in opposition to others. I was interested however in what he’d have to say. No mention was made of the need for a new scan in order to ascertain the growth of the monster inside Julia. I’m surprised since I really wanted to know the truth and see that it’s not eating away at her. Since we’ve had the morphine increased since we last saw him I thought that might have triggered a response.

I must explain that my reason for wanting to know the growth rate of the tumour is to see if we can find whether it’s approaching a point beyond where the nerves were cut in the operation. If so, I’d hoped maybe for some chemo tablets to set it in retreat again. Others understandably think it better not to know but to carry on as we are now while she’s doing well. It looks like Dr. G may agree since as I say the subject wasn’t raised. What was raised however was the weight loss. 5 kilo’s over 6 weeks may not sound much ( especially to someone on a diet) but this loss takes Julia below the 8 stone mark which worries me- especially since I bought her suit for the wedding and it’s not going to fit now. I’m doing all I can to encourage her to eat which includes eating out as often as possible and suggesting puddings which might entice her. Lunchtime seems to be the only real attempt at a meal. She admitted this to him today rather than saying she’s trying. Today she said she just can’t face food most of the time and it holds no interest. He’s prescribed an appetite inducer which should help me in my battles with her, and her in her battles with food. Our daughter and niece made various suggestions as to what to do including trying breakfast, milkshakes and a biscuit with each cup of tea or coffee. It’s a big shopping day tomorrow so I’ll increase the list and add some bananas.

That was about it except for some blood tests which proved to be clear so her vital organs are still working OK. Now it’s up to Ju to try and keep to an eating regime and fill out a bit again. Even her skin tight jeans now hang like she no longer has a bottom and her legs are stick thin- no change there then. Tomorrow we’re due to have a family photograph taken so dressing for that may give her a boost after a breakfast and a light lunch. Perhaps being conscious of the difference in her size now compared to when she last wore the outfit will reinforce the message about food too.

So currently there’s no real news and unless things change for the worse we don’t see Dr.G for another 6 weeks. I just hope things continue to be relatively pain free and Julia can carry on riding which she enjoys so much. It looks like we’re on target for our daughter’s wedding in September which is Julia’s main goal now. Onward and upward I hope to the next target, a grandchild !


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37 responses to “Criminal Cancer.

  1. And will keep her in my prayers for the targets and a relatively pain free journey! Hugs to both of you!

  2. You and Julia are wonderful, brave and I hold you both in my heart.

  3. I think your description of that dark malignant C is so apt, David. Cussed criminal … ! Best wishes to you both.

  4. Cynthia Smith

    So sorry to hear of all Julia’s cancer troubles. Cancer is not merely a criminal–it is a murderer of the worst kind and most horrendous crimes. I have a close and old girl friend who is also suffering as Julia is. And I have a cousin who has beaten back cancer 3 times in her life, and has come out the victor 19 years later!! I keep telling my friend that miracles DO happen, and if they can happen to others, why not to her? And why not to Julia? My best to you both. May you both enjoy your daughter’s wedding immensely and may she also enjoy a grandbaby!!

    Love and best wishes for her good health,

    • Thanks Cindy. If willpower alone is enough to beat it then it doesn’t stand a chance.I refuse to let it win as long as I have breath.The wedding, children and then maybe great grandchildren as the next target?

  5. I struggle to eat breakfast I am just not a person to get up and eat but as I am on a diet/new healthy eating regime more but I have found those Belvita breakfast biscuits quite good as they are quite thin and easy to get down by dunking in morning coffee maybe worth a try

    • Thanks Paula. I’ve put them on my list as they sound ideal. I’m going to try a type of yoghurt that has bits of muesli (sawdust) to sprinkle on too. I wish you better luck with the healthy eating than I had today when I had two kitkats for tea.

  6. Catherine Johnson

    Best wishes in this difficult time. It is reassuring that she is stable. And try wholewheat chocolate chip muffins ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve just had one.

    • Hello Catherine. she’s ‘Gone Off’ chocolate at the moment so I’ll look for an alternative….though I might buy some for me as I’m sure wholewheat is healthy and just what my diet needs.LOL

  7. Still praying for you both here, David.

  8. Hello my dearest “Uncle David” – I would have to say that “criminal” is such a kind word – cancer is far worse than criminal, and anyone who battles it is a true, outstanding, hero in my eyes. You guys are the biggest heroes I know right now. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wish Don and I could just catch a plane and zip across the pond to deliver (((hugs))) chocolate and flowers in person, and join you guys for some pudding and good laughs together…but as always, I can send only digital ones. Please know we love you guys to bits – and won’t ever stop. You’re always tucked away in our hearts and prayers. Know you’ve got a cheering section from Florida who’s “raising the roof” for all of you through this journey. Save a tad of our love for Oscar, Penny, and Amy ~ Sending our best: Your “niece and nephew” from across the pond…Janet & Don, and of course little Wise Guy.

    • Dear Janet, Don ans Wiseguy, what a delight to hear from you, especially with such kind thoughts. The tribe here Love you right back and appreciate the kindness.
      David, Julia, Oscar, Penny and Amy. ( Plus Bernie, Priya and the Degu called Saffy) and assorted fish. AKA The Menagerie.

      • Thanks for the smiles and warmth – I’ve made certain to spread the sunshine evenly among the family. ๐Ÿ™‚ Mommy can use all she can get as she fell and broke her wrist as well as displaced it a week ago. Took her to emergency and they put a splint on it and sent her home, but the pain meds made her very sick, so it was back into the hospital she went to stay for three days ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Needless to say, Alzheimer’s and hospital stays go together about as well as fish and ice cream! LOL! She’s finally back home, and settling back into her familiar surroundings. . .but what a traumatic event for her to have to deal with. Be sure and tell Ju to have 5 extra puddings just for us over here! ๐Ÿ˜‰ โค (((hugs))) and chocolate ~Janet~

  9. Little bits as often as you can get Julia to eat them. Make it a condition of sticking to your diet Daud. Much love to you both.

  10. Sadistic to the core. It’s just as well you can run quicker than me but beware, I was good at darts and the javelin.

  11. Pauline

    You and Julia as always amaze me with your wonderful and heroic approach to the most difficult of the worst that life can chuck at any of us. It is an absolute joy to follow Julias tales and pictures with the horses and going out riding, and this is coupled with your dear and heartfelt concern and love x The news about the engagement and speedily approaching wedding is wonderful, and I am sure that you will do everything possible to tempt Ju to eat just a little more each day to keep up her remarkable strength, and to be here to see that longed for baby one day :O) They say that true friends dont need to live in each others pockets, that there is an unspoken bond that remains through time .. and troubles – bearing that in mind you are both constantly in my thoughts and remember I am only a phone call away ..Hugs to very special people who are very special friends xx

    • Huge Hugs back to someone who is never forgotten and whom we treasure as a friend. Don’t worry Pauline, I’m cracking the whip now. She WILL eat and get that weight back cos I’m too mean to buy new clothes in a smaller size.

  12. Cancer is the most awful, insidious disease. I am sending prayers for healing your way. I hope she starts eating better quickly.

  13. That is a cruel and unusual kind of torture isn’t it? Trying to make her eat extra helpings while you are banned!
    September is just around the corner, I’m sure she will do her best to fit into the outfit you bought, otherwise she will have to take you shopping to get another one. Hmmm….no incentive there then ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thinking about you all ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh No, she must eat and get to fit the outfit. all the wedding’s been planned around those colours now. It was all her fault in the fist place joking that she had her outfit for the wedding before he’d even proposed.We can buy a new one, I’ve lost my wallet and forgotten my pin numbers.

  14. Food Stories

    September is so close …. I’m praying for you guys!

  15. dadblunders

    I can’t put words that will do justice to yours and Julia’s courage and strength during this horrific time. I had an uncle that lost the battle against this disease a few years ago and I know how hard it is on the family. The best I can offer is to just say I admire your courage and strength and will say a prayer for you and your wife to remain strong and together. Writing is therapeutic for the mind, body and soul so I will be here listening for you and her on your journey.


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