Pennant Park Wishes

I know that I have previously made mention of Pennant Park Riding Centre where Julia visits. She being the one who loves horses and me being the bystander who goes along for her sake you wouldn’t expect me to wax lyrical on the subject. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t but circumstances are not normal these day are they ?


The owner of Pennant Park is Carl Crofts. He’s a nice person, a highly skilled riding instructor with a very pleasant manner and huge dreams. Pennant is a lovely property as you can see from the link . There are good grounds, and plenty of nice hacks in the area. For newcomers or for those who want to learn dressage there is a good arena. The problem is when the weather is bad ( and bear in mind this is the UK so more bad than good) the arena can’t be used. Because the arena is uncovered Carl is limited as to the people he can train there and of course the income goes down when the open arena is out of use.


Julia does her riding/training at an RDA ( Riding for the Disabled) stables about twenty five miles away. Carl and his wife Storm would love to be RDA approved so that he could help the disabled youngsters in the area learn to be comfortable around horses and help them, along with disabled adults to get pleasure from riding that often helps with other problems as well, like people with mental health problems and soldiers returning from action with stress have been shown to benefit from interaction with horses too.
I’d love to see this happen since obviously it would mean not having to travel so far for Julia to ride. In order to become approved for RDA there must be a covered arena with a lift to help get the disabled onto their horses. Herein lies the problem as Carl cannot raise such funding when he loses so much income due to the vagaries of our weather. What’s needed is an influx of goodwill from businesses, maybe corporate sponsorship. After all. it can’t do any harm to have a little board ‘Sponsored By….’ somewhere around an arena to be seen by visiting parents etc.


So, if you have a business or know of a business who’d be prepared to help by putting some sort of building around the arena, or providing a small lift that takes people up to the height of a horses back…… Don’t be shy. If you’re part of a group of businesses on a trading estate perhaps you could get everyone together to bring this dream to fruition not just for Carl but for generations of disabled and able bodied children who could use these facilities. You’ll find contact details on the link.

Telephone 01352 714986

Contact –



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14 responses to “Pennant Park Wishes

  1. Hi! I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award Best Wishes!

  2. I’ve sent this blog entry out as a Tweet. Don’t know if it’ll help but it couldn’t hurt.

  3. couple of ideas maybe he cannot get funding as such but possibly worth checking out small businesses to see if they could donate labour or building supplies to reduce cost in return for advertising at the stables, also as paraolympics are taking place may be worth checking out the companies which support that as they may be more likely to get involved and possibly one of his friends hehehe could think about tv shows that do make overs and see if they would be interested in something a little bit different I know that some make over shows in the states have done similar projects

    • Good ideas all Paula, especially the paralympic one this year.It’s bigger businesses I’m after as they have the funds to write off and can afford things like the lift. I’ve just tried writing a piece for the local rag but will have to see if they publish. I hope they’ll go direct to him for an interview since it is an Olympic year as you pointed out. Maybe someone’s conscience can be tweaked.

  4. I’m sharing this on all my social media platforms. I hope it helps!

  5. I’ve spread the word!! Your story is out there in Cyberland… hopefully some help flows to the wonderful center now. 🙂


  6. Food Stories

    Got my fingers crossed for you guys 🙂

  7. dadblunders

    Helping people is one of the greatest services a person can do. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you made someones life a little better. I don’t know the services as well in the U.K as I do in the U.S. but being a social worker this would be the type of project I would look towards grants or possible sponsorship from various organizations like Easter Seals or Disabled American Veterans. Have you thought about trying Handicap International in the U.K.?

    In the U.S. the process would begin by writing them a proposal of what I would like to see happen and who it would benefit. The worse they can do is say no. The goal is to try to get one-on-one time with the organization to be able to show your passion for the initiative. Also, another source to try locally is asking the local paper to take out a human interest piece to see if you could get support through the businesses. I don’t know if these ideas will help but I thought i would mention them.


    • I’ve recently written to two local newspapers to try and gain attention for this especially as the paralympics will be on soon. So far no show but I’ll persist. I haven’t heard of Handicap International so I appreciate the thought and will look them up.
      Many thanks for your interest and the excellent suggestions.I’d like to think I’ve been instrumental in helping others before it’s my time to go.

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