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Shock and disaster

For some time I have been telling you about the cancer within the family. My wife has pancreatic cancer and the prognosis is poor though she seems to be holding things at bay at the moment. My nephew was recently diagnosed with cancer of the larynx and had a worrying lump in his chest. The chest lump turns out to be thickened tissue which is a relief  but the throat is more of a problem. He’s lost his voice almost totally but the hospital say that the cancer is currently not aggressive. Because of that they want to hold treatment until it starts being aggressive and becomes a problem as they can only treat the area once with radiation. If they do it now and it fails with the cancer then becoming aggressive, they’ll have no treatment to use. I don’t understand how there can only be one treatment.

My ‘brother’ is a friend I’ve known for 35 years. We have always been close and the news some time ago that his daughter in law had a form of leukemia was devastating. I haven’t mentioned her because she was finally given the all clear this year after a bone marrow transplant. She was doing well apart from a few minor blips when her temperature soared and she had to be admitted to hospital to bring them down. She was i hospital just over a week ago but released next day and my brother was able to come home for a long weekend. We saw him on Saturday and he was his usual cheerful self. On Monday he travelled to Manchester to visit his elderly (but sprightly) father before finally going back to his son’s yesterday. Today she was again readmitted with a high temperature.  We had a shock call from Michael a short while ago to say she’d passed away. Kirsty leaves behind many people who love her and will miss her for the beautiful natured person she was. Hardest hit of all will be her husband and two young children who will find this hard to come to terms with. My heart goes out to them all.


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