The Story to Date.

This week Julia has contracted yellow jaundice and we find it’s another of the little treats pancreatic cancer comes with. On top of that she’s suffered some distress with her digestion that’s had her going to the toilet as a matter of urgency. It really gets her down and at times like this she can’t travel far in case she needs the loo. Seeing herself in the mirror she says it’s like she lost a battle with a bad fake tan bottle.

We saw the oncologist on Thursday and I’m sure he was disappointed that there were just three of us there. His fan club weren’t able to make it because of work. He explained that the tummy problem was exacerbated by the jaundice and was to be expected, but to Julia’s dismay he also pointed out her weight hasn’t increased and she needs to start trying to eat FOUR times a day and taking the tablets with the digestive enzyme. During this next week he’ll arrange for her to be admitted for minor surgery to place a stent in her bile duct to relieve the jaundice.
      All of this concentrated my mind on the problem of Pennant Park. We really do need to try and get the arena enclosed and a hoist fitted. Once done they can apply for RDA (Riding for the Disabed Association) accreditation and Julia will only have a small distance to travel while she still can, but the place can bring pleasure to untold numbers of disabled people as well.Maybe they’ll be able to train riders for the next Paralympics in 2016. Since there are so few RDA stables in North Wales it will be ideal for riders to get here. It’s going to cost around £20,000.00 but a start has been mad with the first £60.00 given on Friday. I’ve now written to some of the local Supermarkets looking for sponsorship and designed a few small posters to go up at the stables and in a few factories and shops locally.It was lucky that a piece I wrote for the local paper was taken up and Julia was photographed last week. She found it quite a shock to walk into a store and see her picture plastered all round a news stand. From that came a request for a radio interview which she did last Wednesday though we don’t know when it will be aired yet.
      I don’t know how long I have Julia for but I’m determined to make every moment count for her in bringing her ‘bucket list’ to fruition. Any bright ideas welcomed. Her Number 1 was to see our daughter married which takes place in September, and her 2nd was to take part in a dressage competition which she has…and Won! A new RDA closer to home is her third and the hardest. I don’t want to be defeated.
Most annoyed today as we had to go to hospital for an ultrasound scan to see if Ju is suitable for the stent. Why make us believe it was the next step if there may be obstacles in the way. And what happens IF she isn’t suitable? She becomes Marj Simpson? Monday is a Bank holiday so the earliest we can hear anything is Tuesday. Another long weekend.


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36 responses to “The Story to Date.

  1. Oh my dear friend. After the ordeal I just went through in the hospital with my own surgery my heart aches for you and your wife. My pains are healing and I pray that the Lord would give her grace and peace as well as healing. Please keep giving these updates. Sending lots of love to you and yours.


    • Daniel, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t aware of any problems you’d had with surgery. I’d be grateful to be enlightened on I’m sorry to hear you’ve had problems of any kind since I know you to be a genuine friend whom I hold in high regard despite the differences in our beliefs. The updates will continue since they are cathartic as well as useful in keeping friends informed. I send love and Huge Hugs to you.

  2. This came to my attention through Victoria’s page. I would like to donate, of course, but I don’t see a link.

  3. David,
    Can you set up a Paypal account or some other way for folk to make donations? I know that in situations like this, every little bit helps, and I know that riding programs such as the one you’re working toward can do a great deal of good. Let us know.

  4. David I agree with Ilil and Normandie! You MUST come up with some way for your supporters to donate to this very worthy cause. We can get the message out but that’s just half of the equation. Maybe once a way to donate has been set up you could do a weekly update to show how close the goal is getting?
    -huge hugs-

  5. Of course I don’t know you, but it’s obvious from your post that you are blessed with a strong and courageous wife and she with a husband who offers her the love and support she, in her condition, needs. I don’t know the differences you speak of between yours and Daniel’s beliefs, but my belief is that both you and Julia are sustained by a higher power whose love for you is unequivocal and immense. You are both blessed on many levels.

  6. How blessed she is in you, amid the cancer voyage. All the best to you on this difficult journey.

  7. Thank you for keeping us updated as to what is going on in your household. I am sorry to hear about Lady J’s jaundice but it is good to hear that the minor surgery will alleviate it.

    Congrats to her on winning the dressage competition too, that is a real achievement under any circumstances! Hopefully the radio interview will bring in more donations to this worthy cause from its audience once it is aired.

  8. Your response to my first inquiry does not show up on my computer for some strange reason, can’t imagine where it went. Anyway, I have my answer now, which is what matters. I will sending it tonight through your e-mail (can’t do it from here now since I don’t have my paypal information here).

  9. You are amazing GL and Ju is so lucky to have you there to champion her bucket list. Speaking of lists, her concert T-shirt will be on the way tomorrow 🙂 I only wish I could package up and send the whole band! I think they might complain a bit, though! Please tell her Mom is very impressed with her 1st place in dressage as she never was able to achieve that herself. Give everyone an extra ration of hugs from the Carrigan clan! rodents and cat included!

    Much love and hugs,

    • I’m lucky to have Ju and so many good friends who care. She’ll love the tee shirt though if you can manage the band she’ll love them too but postage may be high. Tell Mom she was the only competitor and she’ll feel better.LOL. Hugs appreciated and returned with interest to include your zoo. xxxx

  10. You are such an inspiration! Your love, dedication, and determination are to be admired. As always you remain dear to our hearts…sending tons of ❤ (((huggers))) chocolate and flowers for everyone (Oscar, Amy, and Penny included!) ~Janet, Don, and Wise Guy~ xx

    • Thanks so much Janet. It’s hard to imagine anyone luckier than me these days with all these wonderful friends around.I’d say you’re pretty much the inspiration when it comes to caring and dedication so I’m no better than you. Thanks for the kind words as always. Hugs, flowers and choccies to you. xx

  11. Okay, I finally found that Paypal email address tucked in among the responses. Perhaps you could add a button on the right that links folk directly there, David. Just a thought, because it would probably bring in more donations. (People are lazy, you know? I’ve had people complain because they had to click on two links to move from a webpage to a blog or to hunt up a place to comment. Sigh.)

    Hugs to you and Julia, my friend. You’re in our prayers daily.

    Be blessed,

  12. David,

    I am so sorry that Julia has contracted jaundice. I am brain storming for you and wondered if i could email you….I believe i have your email….


  13. David,

    I am so sorry with each new awful thing Julia has to experience with this cancer . I am praying she can be fit for the stint, so at least she won’t have to worry about this part. I am praying a lot and hoping everything on her bucket list is fulfilled while she has time. My heart breaks for her struggle and the toll I know it is taking on you. Sending hugs and blessings from the southeastern United States.

  14. You are truly blessed, David, to be the kind of husband that you are. The way you care for your wife, and wish to give her all her heart desires makes you a very special man. You don’t know how much this means to a wife. My prayers go out to you and your family.

  15. Will keep praying for you and Ju.

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