Yay. Yesterday we heard that the scan showed Julia is suitable for the stent operation. My daughter has had the job of harassing the Oncologist for his information as promised phone calls haven’t materialised. The only problem is that we have no date yet and the wedding is just over two weeks away. I shall be reminding the team that as Mother of Bridezilla LOL, Julia wants to look her best on the day.

In all fairness I must point out that Yvonne is the most relaxed bride I’ve seen. I have to find out what she’s on and get some !!

We started the fund off last weekend for Pennant Park Wishes and already have over £300 in donations. I haven’t seen Carl at the stables yet to see if any of the big Supermarkets have had the manners to respond to my letters but the Paralympic opening ceremony was last night so maybe it will kick start a few. I’ve made requests to Asda, Sainsbury’s  and Morrison’s. When Julia goes to the stables again tomorrow I want to suggest a charity auction and a raffle. We have two collecting tins to go in local shops as well. Since we just heard that British Aerospace at Broughton have just won a new contract and jobs are safe it may be a good time for an approach there, especially as they sponsored the electric hoist in the RDA School Julia uses near Wrexham.

You can imagine I’m delighted that the stent is to go ahead. I’ll keep everyone informed as to when it happens and how it goes. Thank you all for caring.


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17 responses to “Update.

  1. Great to hear that the stent operation is a go.Will be praying!

  2. Lots of love to you, David and Julia…I hope Yvonne’s day will be really special

  3. I know it would take a little time to pull it off but considering you are a writer and there are a few others of us on wordpress have you considered compiling some sort of short story anthology to self publish via amazon to raise funds, also maybe your local footie team start of new season is approaching publicity is always good

    • I’ve been toying with the idea of turning Oscar’s Blog into a book since I’ve had people saying ( nagging more like) it should be one and cats are popular (why?). Hadn’t considered the footie team here as they only have about one fan but it’s worth considering. I thought a charity auction would be good and a gymkhana ( I spelt that right first time) and I’m hoping that others have ideas as good as yours too.
      Thanks for thinking of us. Hugs

  4. Two weeks to go? Crikey, that has come up quickly! You do realize that is plenty of time for Yvonne to go totally Bridezilla on you, don’t you? I know she is calm now, but maybe she is saving it up for a huge performance closer to the day… No, I am sure that won’t happen… really. (Are you scared now? 😉 )

    Glad to hear that Lady J is ready for the stent operation too 🙂

    • Hi Metan. Yvonne was here today her usual cucumber like self. I waited for her to get home before I sent her this link.

      At least it gave her a good laugh.
      I’m terrified of the day itself in case I don’t perform my duties to a tee or if I’m not out of range during the speech. I’ll make sure Julia’s in between us.
      I’m over the moon that they’ve agreed to the minor op for the stent and just hope they get a move on so it doesn’t look like I’m sitting with Marj Simpson at the wedding.

      • That clip is great! I love the mutterings from the crowd too 🙂

        I am sure you will be fine on the day, if not, I can just imagine both Lady J and Yvonne doing the Marge Simpson “grrrrrrr” under their breath and giving you an ‘encouraging’ kick under the table 🙂

  5. Great news on Ju! And my shock-face hit when I read only 2 weeks to go! Can’t believe it’s here already. Wishing all of you the best EVER!!! ❤ (((huggers))) and chocolate ~Janet, Don, and Wise Guy~

    • Thanks so much Janet.Yes, the wedding has rolled around very quickly and Julia will be there with us as she should be and under her own steam too. I hope your Mom is on the mend and that you , Don and Wiseguy are well and happy.
      Chocs, flowers and Hugs as always

  6. Sounds like things are moving along. I am trying to play catch up today I will be on the correct date shortly and hopefully see more of this story! I so hate when I fall behind on reading! My wife had surgery this week and it made fall behind….sigh


    P.S. On a unrelated note I purchased your first book through Amazon the other day and my plan is to read it (hopefully in the next week but no guarantees with a crazy 3-year-old in the house)

    • I think you’re up to date now Aaron. I hope your wife’s surgery was successful and wasn’t anything major. I’m so sorry I wasn’t aware she’s ill.It looks like I may have missed news on your blog.
      Thank you for taking a chance on my book. All I can say is I hope you enjoy it.I’ll keep an eye open for your comments. I have to say it was fun to write once I’d started but the second one was my favourite since I got to play a James Bond character and it was totally fiction.
      Best of luck with the reading. I hope Xander is feeling generous.Maybe you can try reading a bit to him as I’m sure you’ll be good at the characters.

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