A date for the op.

Huzzah. Today we’re told that they’ll perform the operation next Tuesday  4th September. They’ll keep Julia in overnight as she’ll be sedated during the operation. That was a job I offered to do ‘on the cheap’ but to my surprise both Julia and the hospital refused. We have to phone on Tuesday morning to ensure there’s still a bed. Perhaps any empty ones are taken away and sold by the porters during the night? I hope having this operation now leaves enough time for Julia to revert to a normal colour.

Last night was a poor night for me. I managed little sleep with my chest. It was quite difficult to breathe and I was having loud coughing fits- mainly with the intent of keeping the neighbourhood awake with me. I was getting no relief from the sprays I use. I got up at 3.30 anyway to start my emails but found it hard to concentrate. At 6.00am I went through to feed the creatures and put the kettle on. I woke Julia and told her tea wouldn’t be long. The rats and the degu(s) each had an appropriate treat then some loose cornflakes which they love until Julia came through to give them their morning exercise. Saffy into her ankle crunching ball and Bernie plus Priya to play on the settee. I fed Oscar after cleaning his dishes and then took my meds. For one I wasn’t able to let the girls climb through my dressing gown and kiss me. ( Bernie’s a devil for giving me tongue). I could’t face breakfast. After half an hour Julia put Bernie and Priya back in their cage and bribed Saffy to return to her noisy children. It was time for Amy and Penny to take centre stage. Penny loves to pull the rim of your cup down and delicately scoop tea/coffee into her waiting mouth.

By 7.30 the girls were away and we were getting ready to go out for our main weekly shopping  expedition. We have to go early before the shops get crowded.It’s a Jack Sprat thing, Ju can’t do the shopping on her own and I can’t face the people. It was hard today as my breathing was so bad. The shopping trolley was more there to support me than bear the packets of yoghurts, bacon and the bread and milk. We got home about 9.30 and unpacked. I did a little more mail then lay down and slept for a while until Julia woke me to tel me she was worried about my breathing. I suggested lack of breathing is more the thing to worry about. Anyway, she went horse riding at about i.pm and returned by 3.pm to find me asleep again and had a problem waking me. We had to go to hospital to have some bloodwork taken for next Tuesday and the time out of the house was actually beneficial. We’re back and I decided to come through to deal with messages at 6.pm so this will be the first time I’ve not been to give the girls a treat and to talk to them all.

Time to try opening a window I think and see whether that will help me breathe a little better tonight. I want to be OK tomorrow as our nieces are coming and If I’m not well it will be lecture time. We’re looking forward to seeing them since they’re both very entertaining and could tell tall tales as an Olympic event.

I’m delighted we have the date for Julia’s operation and look forward to a clear run now up to the wedding.


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33 responses to “A date for the op.

  1. YAY!!! Will be sending tons of heartfelt thoughts and prayers your way on Tues for confirmation of a bed, and a successful surgery!!! xx

  2. Yay re: surgery!

    My handsome man has sleep apnea (despite being fit and trim, which seems terribly unfair to him) and so I get to sleep beside Darth Vader when he sleeps with a reverse pressure air machine. It is noisy, but he does continue to breathe throughout the night, which I think is a positive thing. His lonnnnnnnnnng pauses punctuated by great snorting gasps add a bit of exuberance to our nights otherwise!

    • Yes, my wife always complained about the long pauses saying I spoiled things by breaking them. LOL I hope you keep a light sabre handy in case he starts talking like Darth Vader too Shawn. I hope you stay clear of th Dark Side. x Hugs

  3. Yvonne

    DOCTORS please daddy!!! I don’t want you both in hospital on tuesday!!! Apart from the fact that I love you and would worry….I would have to look after the rats!! YEAUCH!!! x

    • Sorry. They’re shut for the weekend baby. What, you’d begrudge looking after little Priya and beautiful Bernie? I notice you didn’t mention it would be a problem with Saffy and the baby degus.xxx Massive Hugs.

  4. That is wonderful news David! I’m sure that once the stent is in Julia will start to get her normal colour back quite quickly. As for you, the breathing does not sound good. Have you tried the old fashioned remedy [for symptoms at least] of putting boiling water into a basin with some Vicks and then getting up close and personal with the steam? A towel over your head and the basin helps. May ease the symptoms enough so you can sleep.

    -big hugs-

  5. Good news about Lady J, hopefully the stent will work fairly quickly and she will revert back to her normal self for the big day.

    Now I am going to go all Mum on you and say GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!! RIGHT NOW!* I have spent many a night stressing over the smallest son and his bad asthma and know that bad breathing rarely gets better on its own. If the meds aren’t working properly you are best getting real help to feel better. After all breathing is the one thing we can’t really do without.

    *OR ELSE!

    • Yes the news is fantastic and I hope we’ve time to revert from cartoon to normal.
      Sorry can’t oblige boss but breathing is a little easier today so maybe no need. I have COPD so there re good and bad days. Having my window open last night helped a bit, and I need to keep away from the girls for a few days so no kissy kissy with Bernie and Priya.

      • I’m sure Yvonne will be pleased to know that you are weaning the rodents off the kissing just in case she has to take over babysitting duties at any time.
        Are you sure the bad night wasn’t just Oscar holding a brick and sitting on your chest. Just for fun of course…..

      • Just when I thought we stood a chance of her liking them too. She has fancy for little Priya but has to overcome her tail aversion first.If Priya kissed her we might be OK.

  6. I’ve added it to my calendar, David. And will mention it specifically in my nightly prayers for you both.

  7. Dear Lord David and Julia,

    I will keep you both in my Prayers for tomorrow, 04 Sep 2012! I know God will be there with you, guiding your Doctors to ensre all will go well and you will be on your way to a rapid and full recovery!

    GOD BLESS you both.

    Michael Phelps

    • Thank you Michael.Your faith no doubt tells you all will be well. Mine says all will be well too or I’d be having words with someone and no-one wants that. I think the biggest problem will be persuading her that horse-riding straight away is not a great idea.The jer jer Jiggling might just dislodge the stent.
      Have a Great Week.

  8. I hope you are feeling better my friend! You have to take care of yourself you have reasons too and always will…never forget that David…

    Aaron 🙂

    • Thank you Aaron. I think the infection is still there undefeated in 3 bouts of anti-biotics now. I’m probably feeling as good as it gets with this condition but no complaints.
      Take care of yourself and your lovely family.

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