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Patience and Patients.

I was up at 3,ooam today. There’ll be  flood of sympathy if I say it was because of Julia and ‘The Day’ but in fairness it was more due to my cat’s senility and his ever empty stomach. Anyway I was up so it was a good time to clear my emails and to do Oscar’s Blog nice and early in time to tweet it. Oscar’s had his own blog since May 2011 and I swear he knows his fan club is bigger than mine.

Anyway, with the op being due at 2.00pm I wanted to get Ju up a little early to have breakfast.She was not allowed to eat for 6 hours before the op. I doubt anyone will believe me when I say I’m good at maths and renowned for it in the family. Having said that, I told her she was OK to eat up till 10.00am. Duh !  I woke her with a cup of tea at 7.30 knowing she wanted a shower but would want to get the menagerie out to play for a while first. Amy and Penny for half an hour followed by Bernie and Priya for half an hour. Saffy gets a twenty minute roll in the ball between the two, or thirty minutes as it was today when we saw the size of the hole she’s chewed in it.The reason we saw the size of the hole is because Saffy walked across the floor in front of the settee where we were playing with Bernie and Priya. The hole was so big she’s squeezed herself out. I had to follow her to the kitchen and bribe her with a yoghurt sweet to climb back into the ball for long enough for me to transport her back to the cage.I felt sorry for her, the babies are at her all the time and she’s reached a time where escape is necessary.

At about 8.30 Julia phoned the hospital to see if there were any beds available and was told ” Not yet” but they were going to an allocation meeting and they’d call her back later. At 9.00 she had her shower and decided it wasn’t meant to be today after all. She was bitterly disappointed. Then she checked her emails and found more disappointments in that her book would have to lose all the photographs she wanted in order to make it affordable to people. With the pictures it would cost about £25.00 and who can afford that. So, ‘Hello, my name is Cancer’ might have to wait a while to be re-done without the pictures. To take her mind of it we nipped to the shops which didn’t take long. Once home again we checked but no phone messages. I suggested she check once more just to make sure she’d be OK to have lunch. They confirmed they’d allocated a bed on a different ward and could she verify she’d had nothing to eat OR drink since 8.00am which is when we found my maths is faulty. Fair play though she hadn’t had anything to eat but she had as usual been drinking constantly and hadn’t mentioned that prohibition to me. Again the nurse said she’s have to check and phone us back. She did…..and as Ju hadn’t drunk much since 10.30 they’d put the op back if she booked herself in by midday. That gave her half an hour to get there and it’s not close.

When we got there tonight to visit she was sleeping peacefully. I should have brought the cat as he’s have sorted that out no problem. Anyway, a discreet cough in her ear did the trick and while we all said out hellos she managed to dry the ear out and stop her head ringing. She was in rare good humour and complained only of a pain in her shoulder. She said she felt fine. Our two nieces turned up as well and so we had quite a gathering, myself, Yvonne and her husband to be ( Ugo), Karen and Jo.Somehow the subject came round to conjoined twins and Yvonne told us of one pair where one sister sang but the other didn’t take part. Curious. I mentioned the originals Chang and Eng having got married which led to some strange thoughts until Karen joked, I wonder if one ever answered the phone and it was creditors for his brother, could he say “Sorry but he’s not in ” and get away with it.

We left at 8.00pm and Ju was going to settle down. Sleep won’t be difficult since she could win if they made it an Olympic event. I’ve got high hopes that she’ll be home tomorrow  lunchtime and will already be starting to regain her colour a bit.Once this is over and the wedding is out of the way we can get back to battling the tumour again.


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