Colour returns to my life.

OK. If you want to be pedantic, yes, yellow is a colour. But it’s not the colour I prefer and anyway Julia always says yellow makes me look ill which must be why all my yellow shirts disappeared when they went down for the wash. Anyhoo, as usual I procrastinate to fill as much space as possible. It’s a miracle. Had I not see it with my own eyes I’d have had trouble believing someone could change colour in the way Julia has. On Friday we went shopping and as we sat down for a coffee in the supermarket  ( one day they should open a cafe ) Yvonne said “You’ve got some lovely colour back to your cheeks Mum”. She was right too, Julia’s cheeks were back to normal and this time she couldn’t say it was because I’d slapped her either.( though I’m not sure where her either actually is).

My chest has been terrible recently and I’m afraid to let Ju know that it’s partly her rats, partly her degus and partly her cat Oscar who has taken up residence in my room and is actually sitting staring at me now as if to say “Get on with it Longlegs”. OK. OK. I have COPD and the brain of an idiot since I still smoke so I can’t blame the animals totally but the condition has steadily worsened since they came to live here. I only mention this because Yvonne with wedding plans up the yazoo still found time to tell Ju she should reconsider the animals. Bless her. On Thursday after scrabbling on the floor for runaways (my fault-again) we finally got the degu babies to the pet shop for sexing. Not that they needed much help since they seem to have been trying it out for themselves before I threw  a towel over the cage in case the vicar came. They were days over 4 weeks old. My prediction was two girls and three boys. I blanched when the girl came out and announced four girls and one boy. From the activity in the cage I’d say there were some confused females in there. Any way we arranged to leave the boy behind to be adopted. The girl then asked what we wanted to do about the girls and I panicked as I’d told Ju she could keep any females t keep Saffy company. In the end she chose to pass two girls to be adopted too, though we’re pretty sure a member of staff who was also looking for a female ( female degu that is) will take them. So now Saffy has just two babies left and she seems less harrassed. I can’t say the same for me though since Saffy rolls around in her big ball tapping  slamming into ankles and now there are two smaller balls rolling round at the same time. If I ever get bored I can go bowling. This is Saffy’s third ball. Number one she ate a small hole in and broke the joints where it holds together. Number two she ate a hole in big enough to escape through and this one which was only bought on Saturday she’s managed to chew through the majority of the pieces that the ends clip on to. Another day or so and the end won’t fasten and ball number four will be needed. I wish they made them from see-through steel.

Yesterday (Sunday) we took our wedding outfits to Yvonne’s ready for the big day. If she forgets to take them to the hotel they’re staying in Friday night  we’re in trouble. On Thursday we have the rehearsal, on Friday we’re booked at a spa where I’ll sit in the hot tub all day while the girls have terrible things done to them by the staff.

On Saturday, THE BIG DAY, Ju will drop me at the hotel as they go off for hairdo’s so I can change at leisure and practise my speech. Then I get to ride in a Soft top Rolls Royce to escort my beautiful daughter to get married.

But that’s a tale for another time.


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22 responses to “Colour returns to my life.

  1. I am relieved to hear that the merriment is going well. I am sorry to hear you have more degu coming home with you (just don’t tell Julia I said that please) I am so glad her color is back and she is happy right now.

    Have you prepared yourself for the wedding jitters of the speech? I am sure you have added your bit and brand of humor for the “future” post. I know when my son gets married many years from now I plan on bringing this blog to light and showing his bride all the wonderful things he did as a child! I want her going into the marriage fully aware that my son will be under the father’s curse and he will be getting back 10 fold everything he gives me. I do love that boy!

    Just to let you know David I think it will be later today but I will make a post about the blog award you gave me. I am actually doing 3 at one time. Not what I like doing but the A to Z month and Melissa having her gallbladder out slowed me way down.


    • Hi Aaron, worry not. Five degu went out but only two returned so things are improving. We couldn’t keep the male as they’re very precocious about 6-7 weeks old and I think that’s how we ended up with babies in the first place.Someone wasn’t quick enough ! Two girls were enough to keep their mother company.

      I’ll probably get the jitters again on he day but for now they’re OK. The nerves will probably be because I don’t know whether I can run faster on crutches than Yvonne in a wedding dress after I’ve spoken. They say revenge is a dish best tasted cold so things should be nicely chilled for you by the time Xander gets married unless you scare him so much with possible revelations he doesn’t bother and stays single.
      I’ll look forward to seeing your piece about awards. Having been given three must give you a boost as to your blog quality. Well done.
      I hope Melissa is recovering well. That’s quite an operation. Please give her my best wishes. As for you and Xander, they can be taken as read.
      All the best

  2. So glad to hear that Lady J has been returned to her normal colour just in time for the wedding. Enjoy the pre-wedding hot tub and I am sure you will have a completely wonderful time. No crying! Ok, just a bit then…. 😉
    Good luck to all, very much looking forward to hearing all the tales of merriment 😀

    • I have my tissues ready Metan though I suspect tears of joy will flow freely from me and my wallet, cheque book and credit card.I’m counting on the hot tub to relax me to run straight after the speeches. Tales of merriment will follow after I’ve got my breath back.

  3. Rats, Metan got all the good lines! -waves at Metan- I second everything that Metan said with one addition – PICTURES! Pretty please with sprinkles on top. 😀

  4. Joyful news, David! I second and third all those other commenters. Hugs and blessings.

    • Hugs and Blessings right back Normandie. I hope you’re both well. The photographs you sent on Saturday were fantastic, the envy started after the first couple,With luck the alterations are now well under way and you should be able to sail again soon.

  5. Glad that color has returned to both your life and her cheeks! Sorry to hear about your missing shirts, though. And all the girlie pups. I am SO jealous about riding in the Rolls Royce! I expect details about that. 🙂

    • I bet you just want to know if my top hat blows off.
      Yes the colour’s back in her cheeks. You’d expect her to go pale when I mention my yellow shirts but she just goes quiet and gives that “I know what’s best” grin. I’m so glad we didn’t keep all the girl degus since they now roll about in balls and three’s quite enough to avoid as it is.
      Hugs to you Kimberly.

  6. I’m glad to hear some colour (beyond yellow) has returned. Good luck finding her either. Sounds like an adventure that might be entertaining for both of you!

  7. How wonderful…about the color returning and the Rolls that is! Bummer on those yellow shirts…Don most likely feels your pain 😉 Looking forward to pics from the big day! Have a stellar week… ❤ (((hugs))) and chocolate ~Janet, Don, and Wiseguy~ xx

    • Well, maybe she was right about the shirts as I do have sallow skin, but don’t tell her I admitted it.I did love them hough.
      Will try fr as many pics as possible. Thanks for the good wishes.
      Huge Hugs to all
      David and a meouw to Wisguy from Oscar.( He’s gone from being an alley cat to a dool-ally cat.)

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