And the Winner is…….

I suspect that  many people thought like me that the Olympics was over for 2012 with the closing ceremony of the Paralympics. Well it seems we were wrong from my observations today.
As many of you know I have a routine in the morning when I get up.
I collect Oscar’s dishes and take them through to the kitchen.
I give the girls a chocolate drop each, except the degu’s who because of diabetes risks get yoghurt drops
I feed the fish, fill the kettle, grab a handful of cornflakes to feed the girls before going back to scald Oscar’s dishes and refill them with fresh food and water. Then I go on to take my meds and make drinks for myself and Ju.
This morning I didn’t get as far as the girls treats before panic set in. Amy came for hers, Penny was there and so was Priya but why wasn’t Bernie coming for hers? I could see she wasn’t in their favourite tube at the top of the cage. They’ve eaten so much of it there’s no place to hide. I couldn’t see her on the mid-level anywhere which only left the ground floor. There are two long flexi- tubes there which they occasionally nap in. Calling her name constantly I prodded the tubes through the bars to try and wake her. I confess that Bernie is my favourite ( though Priya is a very close second) and I was scared by now that something was wrong with her. That is until I turned round. There on the settee, looking up at me as though saying “I’m here daddy, you called me”? I was overjoyed though a little puzzled and worried when she didn’t seem to want her chocolate drop, I can see why now however.

Bernie had found a flaw in the catch at the top of the cage and after applying a little pressure had forced her way out. None of the others had managed this. The 1st Rat Olympiad was to have just one competitor. so…
Manipulation through a small space goes to…..Bernie
Rappelling down two stories to a convenient surface goes to…..Bernie.
The Long Jump to the coffee Table goes to……Bernie
The Marathon from coffee table via floor to settee goes to…..Bernie.
Then came the event I didn’t ever expect to see become an Olympic event because of health issues. Number One because it could make you fat and Number 2 because My wife could chop off your tail when she finds out.
Bernie had found Julia’s stash. She’d obviously enjoyed the mint chocolate aero since she’d made quite a dent in it. The coffee biscuit wrapper didn’t stand in her way for long and that was left a pile of crumbs but the most dangerous of all…… the lollipops….ah what an error, 4 of those she bit into and one of the sticks was chewed through, not even I could cover that one up. So, I did the only thing I could, made Julia a cup of tea and got her up telling her all about Bernie as I did so. When she came through she was almost forgiving.
The girls are got out two at a time in the mornings to play for half an hour so as Bernie was already out Priya was allowed out to join her. I noticed a strange reluctance on Julia’s part to allow Bernie into her robe or to kiss her, and she didn’t seem to regret putting the Olympic Star back in the cage after half an hour. Personally I don’t bear grudges ( well, they weren’t my sweets) so I’ll quietly celebrate her achievements. Penny and Amy have had their break now and it’s the turn of the degus, mother and daughters rolling around in three separate balls. I wonder if that will be part of the competition in four years time.

Bernie and the crumbs in evidence


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19 responses to “And the Winner is…….

  1. Catherine Johnson

    Brilliant story and I love the part about not bearing grudges well they weren’t my treats. Too funny! Gold medal.

  2. lmao – clever girl! Bernie definitely deserves gold for her efforts 😀 One thing though, -hums a well known song- how’re you gonna keep her back in the cage, now that she’s found ae-ro?

    Yes, yes I know I need more coffee. 😀

  3. Sneaky little bugger! I am not sure that any amount of cuteness would make up for eating the sacred chocolate though. Lady J is far more forgiving than I!

    • She is a sneaky little bugger, she made me replace it for her. Oh, I see, you meant Bernie !!

      • 😀 I can’t fault Lady J’s taste though, peppermint Aero… yummy! At least Bernie didn’t chew her way into the garden and go for a wander. Has she been sentenced to solitary confinement with bread and water yet?

      • No, I think Bernie knows her bread is best buttered indoors. She’s back on full rations in case she gets peckish when my finger is handy. I can’t tell you the relief in mme when I sqw her looking up at me after I called her. Knowing she responded to her name like that even if she wasn’t responding from where expected.

      • I can imagine how relieved you were, I hate that ‘missing pet’ feeling in the pit of your stomach. Make sure you save them all some wedding cake or you might end up with a full scale rebellion on your hands!

      • I was just scared she might have found my stash of ( diabetic friendly) mars bars, aeros and cadbury’s flakes. We got back from the wedding at almost midnight and Ju crept in to avoid the stares but I’m made of sterner stuff and turned on the light. All four girls were clinging to the font of the cage like those Garfield cats you see spreadeagled on car windows. Mummy degu was on her favourite shelf glaring at me so I gave them all a chocolate ( or yoghurt drop) and beat a hasty retreat. My excuse for rushing is the 180 messages in my inbox even though I cleared it this morning between 3 am and 6.30am.

      • What the????? Diabetic friendly Flakes??? Soon you will be telling me that there are health food versions of that, my favourite chocolate, and I will be able to eat what I prefer, rather than what I must, for healths sake.
        I am pleased to hear you made it back from the wedding on your own two feet. That means there were no heavy applied kicks applied to your shins under the table 😉
        180 emails in such a short time just means you are a very popular person! With advertisers that is….. 😉

      • Oh yes. health food Flakes ae all the rage with the diabetics in my home, or to put it another way, ME !! As we were on one long table I avoided kicks on the shins, and anyway I’d borrowed a pair of greaves from a suit of armour just in case.I was in trouble for runny mascara though.
        YES The advertises love me. My fist book tells of Madame Mystic Meg who knw the date I would become rich and she’d tell me in exchange for……. I said I’d write her an IOU for when it happened. I still seem to get a lot of that. Hugs- Hope the holiday is going well.

      • We haven’t left as yet, still packing and organizing, but we are definitely in holiday mode!
        I have read your books so I immediately thought of Mystic Meg when you mentioned the emails. I wondered why she bothered sending them now, surely she would know you were too busy with the wedding to bother with her. 😉
        If only Flakes were good for you I would be able to justify eating so many of them. yum yum yum…

      • Good luck when you do. Don’t use a Pushtu or Uzbhekistani Sat-Nav ! There seem to be a variety of mystics predicting a fine future for me so I’m just sitting waiting for it to arrive. In some ways it already has since Yvonne’s grip on my wallet ha now slipped away. LOL. I didn’t realise you’d read my books- thank you by the way- at least I know who the other one is now.If you didn’t enjoy then I’m happy to accept criticisms that will make me try harder. xxxx

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