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Pride but no fall.

Today I’m as proud as punch. No, not because I’ve been in my first ever jacuzzi with my wife, the bride to be and her matron of honour but because when Julia and I got home the proof copy of her book had arrived. You might think I’d be blase  about proofs by now but the truth is I’m not. Also this is the first time I’d seen or read the book as I didn’t want to seem interfering. I had to let Julia handle the writing of this as she wanted even if it was badly written as it would at least be badly written from the heart. I was in no position to tell her how she actually felt at  the news of her cancer nor how she felt when told it was inoperable. Though I’ve tried to be with her every step of the was and be as supportive as possible ( no more so than Yvonne and our nieces Karen and Joanne) at no time could I put myself in her shoes. Probably I’ve had times where I’ve been selfish and looked at things from the viewpoint of how I’ll cope without her.

Ju has been keeping a journal of sorts at all the major stumbling blocks and had made them into an ongoing blog. My sole involvement was to suggest perhaps she made a book that we could always refer to. When the idea of promoting a new Riding school for the disabled in our area was mooted I thought maybe she could sell a few copies to help raise funds. She jumped at the idea and with the help of a friend in the U.S. who is herself a writer, the book was put on Lulu. Having agreed the proof copy it has now gone on sale. The book is called Hello, My name is Cancer. This title was chosen because Ju felt that after the diagnosis people looked at her as the illness and not the person. Since we’re currently beating the prognosis by quite a way we’ve proved the person is still there, As strong and as brave as ever. Currently Ju is back in some breakthrough pain again and we’ll have to arrange to have her medication reviewed. The MST ( morphine) is now inadequate.But tomorrow with the wedding of ouur daughter Ju has achieved her most important bucket list wish.

The link to the book is  http://www.lulu.com/shop/julia-prosser/hellomy-name-is-cancer/paperback/product-20380013.html and it’s available now at £5.98 per copy with all profits going to the Pennant Park Wishes fund.

The author (Ilil Arbel) who helped Julia edit the book and put it on Lulu wrote this for the back cover…

Hello My Name is Cancer is a most unusual book. It was written to encourage cancer patients on their difficult road, but it is much, much more. The book tells about the author’s relationship to her beloved horses, to family, to friends; it shows how life should be lived no matter how much time we think we have or not have. It is a story of pain, courage, loyalty, and the way to self knowledge. This book must be read by anyone who is undergoing difficult times – which happens to almost everyone – because no matter what the trouble is, the story would help the reader regain balance and perspective.

If you buy it I hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you as the author does me.


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