Books for Charity

Recently ( and most unlike me) I won a book. It’s a most interesting book by Jinx Schwartz called Just add water and is about a woman with a boat who solves crime. Hetta Coffey is the Miss Marple of the Waterways. She has a boat and she’s not afraid to use it !

The problem was I won the book in an American draw and I know how much the postage is. When they messaged me to say I’d won it my conscience was pricked ( who says I don’t have one) and I suggested they have the author sign it and put it in a blind bid competition to raise money for charity. I met an amazing woman called Lita who suggested they do it to raise funds for the people left devastated by Hurricane Sandy in New York where the publication I won the book in is based. It seems a brilliant idea and so I posted a notice on ASMSG which is a site for Authors asking other Authors in the US to consider donating a signed book too. There were a couple of responses but as yet I don’t know how many will actually do so.

Borrowing from Lita’s brilliant idea I thought maybe we in the UK could do something similar in view of the floods we’re currently suffering which so far has left a trail of devastation and the death of an elderly lady, in St.Asaph and Ruthin. I need someone who has contacts with a newspaper or magazine to arrange for them to agree to host the sale and send out the books. Each donated book can either be sold under the authors name or simply given a number that people will bid on for pot luck. I will then start asking my Author friends in the UK to donate.

Signed books make an excellent gift and can even be a great investment if the Author takes off. Everyone wins since the Newspaper gets a good name for charitable works, the donating Authors benefit from a mention and the people who suffered in the floods get much needed help.

If you know of anyone who will donate a signed book for the US side her is the address to send it to before the 8th December

Lita Smith-Mines
Editor- in-Chief
Boating Times Long Island
1 Village Plaza
Kings Park, NY  11754
Tel: 631-269-3119
Fax: 631 544-1016

If you know of anyone who could help co-ordinate help for a UK appeal please let me know and I’ll be glad to make the first donation and will ask others to follow suit. Maybe we can improve someone’s Christmas.


Many thanks



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9 responses to “Books for Charity

  1. not sure I would get my book ready for publishing in time but will spread the word

  2. I think I understand the concept.. great idea. 🙂 I’d luv to help, but I don’t have copies of my book lying around to donate, I wish I did! That would be great! I have to pay for copies too. It would take about 3 weeks for printing. Could I buy a copy of someone else’s book? I need more details please GL.
    luv and hugs!

    • Sorry Sweetie, the books need to be signed by their authors so only yours would do. Don’t worry though I’m sure there will be other opportunities. I have books ready but no paper or mag to take it up in the UK. I refuse to say what I think of them, especially at this time of year !!!!!!
      You could perhaps send $5 or something and some of your bookmarks and if you signed those they could go into donated books? Big Hugs xxxx

  3. Thank you for spreading a charitable cause. I will do my part as best I can.

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