Open Apology to the UK.

I have always thought it a mistake to talk about Politics or Religion when having a haircut. Those are usually subjects to be kept to oneself. Tonight I not only find myself needing to talk about one of them but also needing to issue an apology to the British public for the cruel deception played upon them by the people I gave my allegiance to many years ago.

Just at the moment I feel as though I should be attending the political equivalent of a TT meeting (AA for my US friends). I voted Conservative and I need help. When the last election was over I was elated that my side had won after so many disastrous overspending years by the Labour party. It soon became obvious that they hadn’t won a majority which meant either another election or as a matter of expediency taking on a political partner with enough seats to make up the majority needed. I almost cheered when the dithering ( or is that blackmailing?) Liberal Democrats came on board. I soon had to force a gag to my mouth when I found that a PROMISE made to hold a referendum on the European Union Membership had been dropped. That was hugely disappointing to me as I hoped we would see a reversal of so many of the ridiculous laws pushed on us by Brussels Bureaucrats would soon be gone. The human rights act which decided that convicted prisoners should be allowed to vote would be history.

That Cherie Blair played such a big part in getting the human right act ratified over here and then made a further fortune using it to defend undesirables or on cases where a girl flouted school rules about wearing a head covering yet the school need it to identify puplis, makes me sick. That her husband wanted to be President of the EU because he wasn’t able to dismantle my country enough to become President here was bad enough. The European Members of Parliament are on a gravy train and I firmly believe we are still there because MP’s hope to take jobs there if they lose elections here.

What has sickened me most though is the crushing of my belief that the Conservatives are the party that try to lower taxes and put money back in workers pockets while the Labour party take it like thieves in the night for their profligate spending. Today George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer confirmed that from April 2013 he would be hitting the most sick, disadvantaged and vulnerable in our society, the Disabled. It’s long been the case that the disabled have been assessed for extra help either with care or mobility or both. That Disability Living Allowance is to end. On top of that the disabled will be assessed by a firm called ASOS for future disability benefits. This firm are disgusting. It’s their job to make sure benefits are cut and they obviously either use the most incompetent doctors they can find or they tell them what they expect an outcome to be. I speak from experience here since I’ve been assessed by doctors who’ve asked me to walk 8 feet and then decided I can walk 8 yards or who have seen me cower before a stranger and stutter badly when asked a question but decided I can communicate. They have added answers to a form that were not asked at the interview so often that people know they will be turned down automatically at the first try unless on their death bed and usually the first appeal is also rejected in the hope a claimant will give up. It took me three appeals to get what my doctors has claimed I was ill enough to need. That’s like saying all my doctors were fools but not theirs who spent perhaps half an hour with you. I am not in the least racist and my comment might equally apply to someone from Scotland or Ireland with strong accents but two doctors who came to me I was practically unable to understand since their accents were so bad, I doubted they’d been in this country for long.

So, I apologise unreservedly to citizens of the UK for my votes. It won’t happen again. If you see an appeal from causes to sign a petition to ask the Government to overturn this cruel act, please sign it. I promise I’ll appreciate it along with many others.


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16 responses to “Open Apology to the UK.

  1. Good Evening Lord David,
    Thank you for sharing your very enlightening message. From my take on your message, it sounds disappointingly like the United Kingdoms’ Parliment has dropped into the lowest possible state as the Congress of the Uniited States.

    My wishes are the Julia is continuing to improve. your pet menagerie are healthy and allowing you some reasonable sleep,

    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

    Best regards,
    Michael Phelps
    Miami Shores, Florida USA

    • Hello Michael, how lovely to hear from you. Yes, Parliament has plumbed the depths now and are going their own way with no regard to the wishes of the voters. I’d say we’re both well and truly screwed these days.
      Julia is steady at the moment thanks to the morphine. We return to the oncologist on Monday where I fully expect him to say “Just carry on as you are for as long as you can.”
      The menagerie is healthy except poor Oscar who passed away of course. The rats are great but the degus have taken on his mantle of running my life. As they roll around in their balls, they’ve found a few hard ankle taps usually served to get my attention and a treat.

      I wish you and yours Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

  2. Janet A.

    Yes, David, many of the hard hearted, soulless creatures in power (they’re not human, in my opinion) are on a steady course to eliminate as many of us real human beings as possible, and their plan to do so is through such cold, calculating moves as eliminating disability payments, social security over here in the US for those of us in the younger baby boom generation (and younger), and on and on. I think they really believe they can wipe out whole swaths of the human population by taking a survival of the fittest mentality, and to their minds, the fittest are themselves–the privileged few who have no problem attaining all that they have, even if it means stomping on others’ heads as they climb their ladders of ascension.

    The have forgotten one very important thing, however–NOTHING can crush the human spirit, nor the collective human will to live. Nothing!

    So, carry on my wayward son! There’ll be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest…don’t you cry no more!

    (I’m sure you recognise this song from the group Kansas)


    Janet A. of IndieGo

    • I’d like to do a little crushing of my own Janet. If I can get enough people to threaten to change their votes to the UKIP party unless they change their evil minds then maybe a little bit of humanity will be regained. You’re probably right though that some of us are expendable to them and it’s always the weakest they pick on. Well, the weakest have votes and opinions too so they should beware. I shall not go gentle into that good night,
      Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
      Because their words had forked no lightning they
      Do not go gentle into that good night..

      Huge Hugs xx

  3. To me a huge problem with poliicians is that they are never held accountable to their promises. They tell us (whichever country we are in) whatever they think we want to hear in order to get into power and then just go their own way.

    Taking benefits away from the most needy or vulnerable in society is always easy for the politicians and just makes life even harder for those who genuinely need the help.

    Good luck with your petition, my thoughts are with you.

    • Thanks so much Metan. You’re right, they’re never held accountable.The Tories blame the Lib/Dems for having to renege on their promise to hold a referendum yet they say they want to stay in Europe too. It’s easy to ignore the wishes of the people.
      Your support mean a lot. x Hugs

  4. Ugh. 😦 I have no issue with paying taxes so long as I, and everyone else, gets something /back/ for those taxes, and that includes people with disabilities. I’m sure there are other areas that could be cut to balance the budget. Do they think we don’t care??

  5. They think we’re not strong enough to do anything about it. Hugs

  6. Great Post – the truth is they never hid their intentions – the bureacratic slights of hand that govern these things just hit you when you come into contact with the system – any welfare these days is seen as helping “scroungers” “layabouts” “the feckless” – the Tory media has done a wonderful job in splitting the country apart so we blame the poor for the mess we are in and not look at politicians who had their heads so far up bankers arses that the greed that Thatcher created has now vaporised many parts of the country. We live togetherand we die together and all points in between we must recognise the ability to help others is what is in effect a socierty is. These Tory Boys are carrying out a revolution in front of our eyes and nobody is going to stop them!

    • If they’d kept their promise of a referendum we might now be out of Europe and saving billions on the benefit bill ( as well as funding the gravy train for MEP’s) so this particular measure might not have been taken. We might even have been paying back some of the debt Labour left us with. Trouble is the lines between the parties are now blurring and it’s becoming hard to tell them apart.I know I won’t trust any of them now except maybe UKIP who haven’t had the chance to let me down yet. But do I agree with all their policies and have they the balls to carry them out if they get voted in?

      • No! – UKIP is a mindset not a political party. Look towards the banks and corporate business as the real enemy – there is a massive shift in power from Govenrment to corporations taking place in the name of “market” forces – and this is what is screwing every body over.

      • It’s possible UKIP could change from a mindset to a viable political force and they would be a strong opposition to the banks and corporate business as their views on Europe are totally opposed. Maybe the current incumbents are allowing the banks/corporations too much control but this is a mistake since people hopefully have long memories of what the banks have done and what the government are doing. The problem will be whether people rely on voting Labour next time ” Since that’s what my family have always done” and that’s a cry I hear too often living in a Labour ward as I do.I think some people have given up thinking for themselves and that has to change if the culture and country is to regain it’s strength.At the moment we’re haemmorhaging money but the way to get some back is not to hit the vulnerable.

  7. Oh, it sounds like your politics are just as screwed up as ours in US. I’ll be having a glass of wine for both of us this evening.

    • I know politicians aren’t renowned for keeping their word Amberr but it’s beyond the pale to start taking money from the disabled and calling it ‘Savings’. Their salaries shoud be capped first and expense account dispensed with. That would solve half the problem at a stroke. Hugs. xx

  8. Hi David,
    Just a point. The prisoner voting rights (and I agree they shouldn’t have them) has nothing to do with the EU. Us leaving wouldn’t make any difference since this is a European Court of Human Rights decision which has nothing to do with the EU decisions. I think there are 47 European members who subscribe to it and it would be political suicide to opt out of this.
    Looking at the quality of modern politicians I wish we could opt out of having to use them.
    All the best, despite them,

    • Many thanks Mike, the voting rights for prisoners was probably a very poor example to use, though I think that the arbitrary decisions made by the court of Human rights are wrong and this was one. We should hold the right of veto over decisions made there that affect us in this way.You’re dead right bout the quality of modern politicians though it breaks my heart to say it. They all seem to be delivered in the same bag with the same ideas and just plonked down in any party at all. Some of them and certainly their policies are indistinguishable. It also seems that as a group they’ve decided they work for their own ends and not the people of the UK.

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