Nothing is best.

Today was our monthly visit to see Dr. McHottie. Julia and myself went along with his fan club of my daughter Yvonne and my two nieces Karen and Joanne (though Jo proclaims her innocence at having really drooled when she saw him. I know for a fact we were an age  getting her jaw off the floor when she heard the accent that first day.)

I took along a box of sweets for the staff ( yes I know, very healthy, but it is Christmas) and a copy of Ju’ s book he’d asked to see. Ju was weighed and she’s gained a kilo since August which though progress wasn’t the news I was hoping to hear. She was wearing two of everything ( no, not bra’s) because of the biting cold in today’s sub-zero temperatures. I reckon that lot must have weighed in at a kilo on their own.

Anyhoo, he checked the bloods that were taken yesterday and said they were OK, no sign of anaemia. He asked about the digestion problems she suffers but the last change of medication seems to have increased the appetite slightly and helped with digestion and lastly he asked about pain. Ju explained that the worst pain is now covered by some extra morphine prescribed by the MacMillan Nurse. He was happy at that and suggested since we know the tumour is still growing but that there’s no immediate discomfort we don’t make a new appointment for next month but leave it until Ju decides she needs to see him. Ju took this quite bravely but asked whether it would be possible for our nieces to see him next month regardless of her. He looked puzzled until I added, “It’s only you the fan club come to see anyway.” I told him there are all manner of nicknames bandied about on my blog for him because of the girls. The was a matching glow in the room despite the chill outside, his cheeks and Karen’s a perfect match. He laughed out loud.

We left on a high note knowing he’s pleased to see Ju doing so well despite not being able to offer treatment or hope. I dare say after the afternoon’s revelations he’s booked a seat back to his home Country for Christmas and will be relieved he got away unscathed. As we exited the Hospital the girls were laughing together, “Perhaps if we……………she’ll need to see him soon” I heard. If I were Julia I’d start to worry.


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  1. Where is your doctor from? I want to imagine the accent along with my version of what I think he looks like. 🙂 Must be a lady thing. Glad to hear that your wife has gained a little weight and is doing okay with pain medication. Always happy to see your reports.

  2. I’m so glad Lady J is holding her own. Plucky is such an old fashioned word yet it seems to describe her to a ‘T’. Hugs to you both!

    • Thanks Andrea. It’s a wonderful choice of word.She’s faced everything thrown at her with great dignity , I’d like to think I could show her courage. Of course I might need a lady doctor to drool over and distract me from everything that’s being said. Hugs. xx

  3. Here in the States I’m praying for your Lady J to have a Christmas miracle. Love to you and yours!

  4. Absolutely lovely, funny and compelling post. The way you and your family can keep your sense of humor even during difficult times makes you all so special, and put you in the hearts and prayers of so many people around the world.
    Great to hear about how Lady J is doing. I guess Christmas is going to be really celebrated at your home this year!

    • Hello Renata, Christmas will be celebrated as soon as I find someone to do my gift wrapping for me. Shopping I love and can cope with easily since I love buying people gifts, but I hate th wrapping part and that’s what’s currently facing me and giving me a face like a wet weekend.
      Your comment is wonderful and very generous. I hope I can entertain the friends who drop in to read our news and this is the only way I can handle it.
      Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda. Cwtch. xxxx

  5. Catherine Johnson

    At least the they aren’t tagging their friends along too, imagine that! I hope you all have a lovely peaceful Christmas xxx

  6. I would be worried if I was Lady J too! Glad to hear that she is doing well and hopefully the abundance of christmas fare soon will ensure she puts on even more weight. I won’t make comment about you though as I am sure you will be setting a good example for her 😉

    Hugs and a merry xmas to all of you 😀

    • Hummmph, I’m not sure how to take that. I’ll be setting a good example for her by gaining weight ( again) or by pigging out over the Christmas fayre? I think I’ll settle for I’ll be a good example and leave it at that. We both hope you and yours have a Wonderful Christmas, not forgetting little Jack. xx

      • I am sure the good example you will be setting is to encourage Lady J to sample every bit of christmas fayre she can, purely for her health. So kind of you to sacrifice yourself for the good of your family. As an act of solidarity I will endeavour to do the same. 🙂

        Jack is one of those canines who will eat, and thoroughly enjoy, every morsel that falls her way. She doesn’t know what she is in for at this time of year and will be gaining more weight that the rest of us combined I’m sure!

      • Of course I shall endeavour to make a noble sacrifice in order to encourage her to eat anything and everything. I might have to eat a chocolate or two even.
        Lucky Jack to not be food fussy at the time when there’s so much around. If you’re anything like us, she probably gets her own presents to unwrap as well.
        Nadolig Llawen. xxxxxxxxx

  7. Glad to hear weight was gained for Ju. I must admit, I smiled several times reading your story – you are an amazing gentleman with your wonderful sense of humor along with your compassion, love, and sincerity you display for your family. Here’s wishing you the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Years. ❤ (((hugs))) and chocolate and flowers and cupcakes! Love to all from all ~Janet, Don, & Wise Guy~

    • Thank you Janet. I was a little disappointed at a kilo over 4 months but as Ju pointed out, she has cancer and losing it is the norm so maybe I should be delighted really. I won’t admit to it though as I have to encourage her to keep eating. Thank you for smiling at my writing, people usually smile at the errors they find instead of the humour.
      Well Janet, we wish you, Don and Wise Guy Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda which believe me sounds a lot nicer than it looks. It’s Welsh of course and not something dreamed up by the Spanish Inquisition to trip up Witches. Cwtch.xxxx

  8. Food Stories

    Sorry, I’m a little behind in reading your updates but I am very happy to read about how well Julia is doing … Happy Holidays to all 🙂

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