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At my age you don’t really expect to have to re-evaluate yourself to see if you’re not the person you think you are after so many years. Today I’m having to do just that. I was of the opinion that I may write with passion sometimes but always with compassion.  That was turned on it’s head this morning when an American who may or may not be a Pastor ( calls himself Pastor Z)  accused me of being vitriolic.

Like many other people across the world I’m full of sorrow at the loss of life this weekend when a ‘madman’ shot and killed so many children in America. I saw a post by Pastor Z who suggested this was all down to prayers being taken out of schools. I begged to differ in that it may not be the main reason, but that the growth in the availability of weapons might have aided it and since the NRA are against any bill to regulate arms nothing would change. He suggested in another post that I am vitriolic and that the NRA are mainly born again Christians. ( Which actually suggests to me that they weren’t very Christian originally) and that is why I attacked them. In actual fact I have no problem with whatever their religion is, just that they promote weapons in an already crowded market place.

I agree with him that children are growing up now without learning morality. He feels I am anti Christ in rejecting the idea that not having prayers in School may be the only answer.As a matter of fact I believe that Jesus existed and certainly wish people would live according to some of his teachings. In my mind the main problem children have been facing and face today is a breakdown in the family because both parents are having to work. I think children learned more and better when there was at least one parent in their home at mealtimes and at the end of the school day. Children left to their own devices are being taught different lessons through the use of video games which are often violent and movies the same.

To revisit my vitriol as regards guns though, I maintain they are too readily available. The boy/man who shot his mother and then all these heroic teachers and the children stole his mother’s guns. But why did she have so many and who needs automatic weapons at home? How many times have we heard of a child accidentaly shooting a friend, a brother or sister because they used a real gun to play with? My suggestions that obviously upset the Pastor so much are…

1. No gun is released to a permit holder until the police have checked there is a gun safe in the property.

2. Restrict guns to One per household or One per adult in the household.

3. NO automatic weapons in private hands.

4. Gun club weapons to be kept at the gun club.

5. Hunter’s weapons to be kept safely until the season starts..except for farmers etc.

I’m sure other people could improve on this . Personally I know that even though I’d like to see no guns in private hands it won’t happen. The same needs that applied when the constitution was written no longer exist and I’m sure the Founding Fathers would agree it’s a different world altogether now.

Mental illness is also a problem . Many of those who commit these atrocities have a mental illness. There doesn’t seem to be enough help available for them but in some instances they’re not known which raises a question of ethics for me. Should the priests who know of a killer or someone with the urge to kill be allowed to break the confessional? Should the psychiatrist who knows a patient to be capable of killing be reporting it to the authorities? I think yes. For me, other people’s safety comes first. I wonder how many lives would be saved if the authorities had known about a potential killer and could have removed the guns from the house first.

Lastly I’m going to confess that The good Pastor and I have had a run in before. He believes homosexuals are abominations. That people like Hitler can be forgiven their sins but that homosexuals cannot. I’m not even going to dignify this with a response here but I’m sure you can all imagine what I said. I ask you to believe me though when I say it was not vitriolic. I’m a much more reasonable , even tempered person. Mind you, I could get vitriolic I suppose with a person who didn’t apply reason, was intransigent and certainly was Un-Christian…………….





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