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New Year Starter.

It’s January 1st 2013 and as usual I’m sitting at my desk dealing with the gazillions of emails I get a day. Some times I open one and get surprised. This is one of those. 

one-lovely-blog-award      The very kind Belle DiMonte ( apologies but I have no idea how to get an accent over the final E ) has nominated me for an award. I know I normally post these under their own little section but as the day itself is special as is the award I thought for a change I’d share it. In all honesty I have no idea why my Blog has been awarded this award since it’s not a regular contributor to the blog world and when it is there may be a touch of the self pity’s about it, all in all probably not the best blog to raise a smile. However I was only thinking this morning that maybe I should increase my output and maybe I can learn some positivity to pass round.

So, my undying thanks to Belle since the rules say I must thank my nominator and as part of the rules I must share 7 things with my readers as well as passing the award on to 7 other unfortunates who then have to find 7 things to share. Let’s start……….

1. I died from an asthma attack aged about 5  but was brought back.

2. I used to have a very high IQ but never enough common sense.

3. I was once offered a place at an art college but was too young to be allowed to go.

4. My first name is David but some family members still call me Michael so as not to confuse me with my father.

5. I was born on an RAF base outside the UK.

6. Though I have no problem writing blogs I couldn’t have a conversation with a stranger.

7. I like the milk to be inside my cup before the tea is poured.

And Now, the 7 Blogs I nominate

1. Like a bump on a Blog             http://amberrisme.com/?wref=bif

2.Emma Woodcock                      http://emmawoodcock.wordpress.com/

3. L Leander                                    http://lleander11.wordpress.com/

4. Colinology                                  http://colinon.wordpress.com/

5. Roxie’s Blog                               http://roxieh.wordpress.com/

6. I kissed my date Goodnight  http://ruthrutherford.wordpress.com/

7. Circles in the sky.                     http://circlesinthesky.wordpress.com/

Now all that remains for me to do is notify them

To all those of you who’ve shown so much kindness and not just a little patience over the last year let me say HAPPY NEW YEAR, may 2013 be the year that gives you Health, Wealth and Happiness in abundance.




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