The Diagnosis.

In order not to disappoint my antipodean friends and those of the ‘I told you so persuasion” I admit to seeing the doctor today. Unfortunately as the pins in the voodoo doll must have worked I woke with a gyppy tummy today. I suppose it’s just conceivable that it had something to do with the liquorice allsorts of yesterday but after all, why take the chance of spreading any new illness in the surgery. Even more unfortunately that excuse didn’t hold water with my doctor who decided to do a home visit instead.

With waiting for the back and forth telephone calls to make arrangements either to visit or leave a prescription my chances of going out to enjoy a morning coffee dwindled before my eyes, even afternoon tea was out the window when the last call came to confirm “I’m just around the corner and will be there in minutes” at half past three. By twenty five to four there he was gone. The look, the questions and the bloody cold stethoscope all led to the same conclusion. I have a cough. Mind you, the deafening proportions of the cough might have given it away. Well, he should have warmed the stethoscope up first.

I have a deep seated infection. Of the dire rear there was no mention and I’d already hidden the box of allsorts when I hid the ashtrays and cigarettes. I reminded the doc via my interpreter Lady J ( I don’t talk to doctors well) that amoxycillin are like Smarties and just about as effective. He chose to leave me a prescription for Doxycycline 100mg which I’m sure I had last year as the last of the four I took. The rules with these are to take two straight away with a meal and then one daily with a meal. No way am I having a meal mid afternoon like that so after Julia had been to the chemist ( drugstore) I had two (OK 4 ) dark chocolate digestives and the tablets. He also left me a bottle of some kind of suspension to take 10mls three times daily so I took a swig there and then. Not bad, but nt as tasty as my own choice.

What amazed me when I come to check out the medicines is that I note the Doxycycline are given for acne, syphilis, tick bites and malaria. I hadn’t realised just how sophisticated the stethoscope has become to pick up on all those as well as the bronchitic infection. Medicine moves on apace doesn’t it.

By the way, no chance at all I’m not going out for morning coffee tomorrow or I’ll be stir crazy but I promise to wrap up warm mum.


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19 responses to “The Diagnosis.

  1. Pauline

    Oh my goodness David you do make me smile :O) Though I am concerned that you are not looking after yourself …again, and not listening… again ! I hope your wonderfully talented medication, so obviously designed to cure all evils, takes effect and does the trick ASAP. Thinking of you both, as always. Take care my dear friends xxxxxx

    • So it isn’t just my antipodean friends that nag me. I’m sure the cure all will do it’s job and I’ll be fine. I do try to look after myself but you know what happens when you reach a certain age- absolutely nothing.
      We’re both thinking of you and hoping maybe you’ll come for that cuppa one day, though it’s gone cold now and I’ll have to make fresh. I miss the fun writing these days.
      Sending you Huge Hugs. xx

  2. You rang?…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m so glad the doctor finally saw you [I had to re-write that three times to get the who did what to whom right]. Now just be a good lad and keep your nose clean until the meds start to work. Oh and no more licorice. -rolls eyes-

  3. Glad to hear you went to the doctor, even though you’re not quite following his orders… The mother in me wants to pull your ears! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hope you’re getting better really fast, to write more and make me laugh, David!

    Hugs to you and your family from Brazil.

    • I’m wearing great big earmuffs now Renata so you can’t pull my ears.
      I’m sure I’ll be on the mend soon and finding something else to write about. I’m sending you Huge Hugs from a very chilly Wales. xxxxxx

  4. David,

    I am glad that you got to see the doctor! As I read that (yes I had to read it more than once to make sure it was truth) I couldn’t help but think about the post I just wrote in the last week “A Child’s Career Opportunity” It was about Olivia and Xander acting out different careers and doctor happened to be one of them.

    Xander was fortunate enough to get to play doctor (if you call that fortunate and Olivia was his “victim.” She was a patient after your own heart and as he tried to use the stethoscope she grabbed hold of it and pulled him towards her so he could hear her better. She informed him that he that he wasn’t doing it right and she knew best!!! I have a feeling that you and me nice would get along absolutely fine!!!! God love you David…….GET BETTER!!!

    Your friend,

    Aaron ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ah. your niece has the right idea. Be in control, It’s better to appear a little dotty or eccentric so you can get away with it, but that comes with age. Now Xander just has to learn the Doctor’s maxim- stay out of range of loud and piercing voices.
      I don’t remember that far back but maybe I was a career patient?
      Hugs Aaron to all the family.

  5. Glad to hear you finally saw the quack. I am very impressed with his thoroughness too. Syphilis, eh? Maybe you shouldn’t have answered the door wearing lingerie…. He really is covering every eventuality, isn’t he…..

    I hope you get over your galloping consumption soon, you never know what you might end up treated for if he has to come back another time. Enjoy your cuppa tomorrow, there is no way we would be so cruel as to tell you to miss out on that ritual!

    • Blessings be upon you kind Lady. Someone who agrees I should get my cuppa. Huzza !! I’d have patted the doctor’s back only while he was checking for consumption he forgot the gout.
      Hugs to you all Metan. xx

  6. Catherine Johnson

    Awh! I hope you take all your medicine, David. Don’t leave it in the coffee shop either ๐Ÿ˜‰ Take care!

  7. Never read a medicine’s spec sheet, David, or you’ll toss those pills in the trash bin. Or, always read the spec sheet so you can quit taking the pills as soon as you come down with the side effects they warn about. (I confess to having some experience with the latter method.)

  8. Hi Normandie, I usually read to see what a drug is supposed to do so I can laugh when it doesn’t work. I check for silly side effects like turning green but nothing interesting like that ever happens. I’m sorry if you’ve got to the stage of a side effect hampering you.
    Sending Huge Hugs to you both.

  9. I hope the tablets work and you stay inside out of any more snow that falls. Feel better soon.

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