Happy Birthday.

Well, the big day was yesterday. The 60 something birthday and the day the snow was predicted to arrive. Isn’t that typical, you sit here Christmas day hoping for a blanket of white and it arrives in mid January when you don’t want it.

Ju had tried the sign of the cross to ward off the evil of an early start but as I was expecting a flood of visitors laden down with gifts I wanted to get back from the shopping. The reason for shopping on a Friday, blame Ju since she decided to start horse riding on a Saturday at one stage. OK, I admit that’s changed now but the shopping expedition seems to have stuck.

I woke her at 7 am with a cuppa, a warning that we had half an hour before leaving and that there was a smidgeon of snow on the ground. I backed out of the bedroom to ensure I could see any missiles heading in my direction. My coffee was in the lounge where I’d given all the girls a yoghurt drop as a treat. Ju cowered in her bedroom afraid to venture out in case she had a fit of conscience at not giving the girls their early morning outing on the settee. In fairness, I’ve told her if she wants to do it I’ll get her up at 6.am

I gathered the shopping bags, my list and the all important lottery pouch., brought Ju’s handbag through to the hall and said goodbye to the girls. Off we set. The winds of Siberia were howling around the front door and the smidgeon had become a couple of inches and it was still coming down. After what felt like a three mile trek to the car which is 50 feet away we hauled ourselves in and set a’shivering while waiting for the heater to kick in. The wipers took the worst off the screen and away we went.

Living by the coast has it’s benefits one of which is that snow rarely sticks here. I guess no-one was listening as I shouted a reminder to the gods. The coast road was still fairly clear and it had obviously been salted. We made good time to the supermarket arriving just before they opened at 8.am. The heater hadn’t done a fantastic job as some fool had opened the window to smoke. ahem. moving rapidly on……. I got out and walked stiff-legged to where the shopping trolleys were parked. I put in my £ coin and tried to pull mine away from the rest. After a few minutes trying I went to borrow an ice axe to separate them then shot into the warmth of the store.

Our routine is that Ju goes off to buy the lottery tickets and her paper then while I go round the store to shop, she sits and has a coffee till I’m in the queue at the till when she comes to help me pack.(If she sees me. I have pointed out that she stands a better chance if she actually faces the tills). Three quarters of an hour later I’m done and ready for a coffee and a diet conscious, diabetic, toasted sausage sandwich with brown sauce. Mmmmmm. As I’m sitting there Ju tells me Yvonne has phoned and won’t be able to get through because of the white stuff and her sister has phoned and said the same. Heavens above, what’s the matter with these people. Mu and John only live 40 miles away at the bottom of a valley with about 4 mountains between us. No-one makes an effort anymore. Looking out the window convinces me that maybe the gods are making an effort because the car is fast disappearing.

We’re on our way home when I remember that I promised to visit ‘our’ cafe Let me Tempt You, to take a pair of earring to one of the girls. When I mention it to Ju her lip seems to curl. I think it must be the cold contracting her muscles. We arrive home safely and the snow is sticking . We unpack and I say ” would you like a coffee sweetie”?     “Yes please babe” is the response. “Grab your coat then and let’s take these earrings to K….”. I hear a growl and almost think there’s a dog handy but my beloved knows it’s my birthday and is humouring me. Borrowed tennis racquets on our feet we struggle back to the car. I try breathing on the lock to getthe key in but my nose sticks to the side of the car. Afraid Ju will drive off with me in this position I tug and take the skin off the tip off my nose. Oooh, that stings.

The Coast Road is still accessible and we make it safely to the cafe. K… looks up in surprise and said she didn’t expect to see us in view of the weather. I just say a promise is a promise. I’m renowned for my wisdom. Ju makes a comment about buying me my birthday drink and she head off to order while K… selects the earrings she wants. Leaving K… smiling happily I go to join Ju who has found us a table…….ha, 40 tables, 3 customers, how hard that must have been, and sit. I am no sooner ready to take my gloves off than the tray arrives with two of the staff who start to serenade me “Penblwydd Hapus i chwi. penblwydd hapus…..Dear David……..” I’m cringing and trying to crawl into my boots as everyone is looking and of course the next four customers in sat just behind me. I’m given a lovely card and a sweet little gift as well as a free coffee. Ah, and Ju must be warming up since the mouth seems to be grinning.

We came home about 11.30 and spent the rest of the day wrapped up warmly indoors. It carried on snowing.

Poor Ju was unwell and had to go to bed about 4.pm but it was not snow or shopping trip related. This morning she seemed a little better and the snow has stopped. They say we’ll have another little flurry than it should clear over the next few days but it’s going to be cold, verrrry cold with icy blasts in the minus. Maybe we can hibernate for a while. Oh, a phone call to say my next birthday is tomorrow when Yvonne and Ugo are going to come then another early next week when Mu and John come. Then the following Sunday when my nieces turn up. I quite like the idea of Official Birthdays and unofficial ones to follow.


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32 responses to “Happy Birthday.

  1. Catherine Johnson

    Belated Happy Birthday, Lord David! You never fail to crack me up. I’ve laughed so much today at your coffin scene. Was that a true event? Have fun!

    • Thanks so much Catherine, you made me feel so good. I’m afraid it was slightly exaggerated but not that much. Real names were changed to protect the innocent and save me from a lawsuit.
      Huge Hugs. xx

  2. Happy Birthday, young man. Don’t complain about your winter. We’re on week 7 of this! http://shawnbird.com/2013/01/19/still-winter/ Only -3C today, but still.. 😉

    • Thanks a lot Shawn, especially for the ‘Young Man’ bit. I can go on fooling myself a while longer. I promise not to complain. I don’t envy you at all, we come to a standstill at anything over an inch.
      Keep warm,

  3. Many Happy Returns for yesterday! Like you said, the snow was a few weeks too late. Hopefully, it’ll be gone soon and we’ll warm up a bit.

    • Thanks Pete. Yes, I know the East Coast has a bit more to come but maybe Sheffield and here will miss the next falls. In fairness it is pretty if you want to start crafting your own Christmas cards for next year, otherwise it’s just a bit of a nuisance to British Rail if it goes on the tracks.
      Keep well.

  4. Happy Birthday Daud! And yes, those extended birthdays are great fun. Enjoy. 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday from your Florida family: Janet, Don, and of course WiseGuy 😉 I sooooooo feel your pain with the cold – the skin ripping from your stuck nose, and the list goes on. For those very reasons we packed it up and moved to Florida, and boy are we glad we did!!! For instance – today the sun came out, it warmed up, and we spent the afternoon in the kayak wearing shorts and T-shirts. If you ever need to escape the frozen tundra you know our door will always be open for you and Ju! 😉 ❤ (((huggers))), chocolates, HOT chocolate, a fire in the fireplace, spring flowers to brighten your day, and the snuggiest blankets you can find! xx

    • Ah that’s much nicer. Thanks a million Janet. We send massive hugs to You, Don and Wiseguy even if we are jealous of your weather.

  6. “Happy Birthday dear David, Happy Birthday to yoooooooou”
    (Just as well you are too far away to hear the real singing).

    I hope you have a great extra-birthday celebration and that the tip of your nose grows back quickly 😉

    • Aw, thanks Metan, you’re a star.The day was great and thanks to the weather it seems the celebrations go on and on. I’m putting a new coat of varnish on my nose like Gepetto said I should. Sending you Big Hugs

  7. Happy Belated birthday. Great post!

  8. I love it! Great post. And happy belated birthday to you. 🙂

  9. Belated congrats, David!! I’m not feeling that guilty for being late here, since you started enjoying the unofficial birthdays following the official one!! 🙂
    This must be the funniest thing I’ve read in a while! It took me a while to finish it, ’cause I was laughing so hard! Thanks.
    Many Hugs.

    • Thank you Renata. You’re a real boost to my feeling low and my self esteem with your comments. Now if only I could get back to finishing my book.It’s a real thrill to know I’ve made someone laugh and it’s always nice when it’s a friend.
      Huge Hugs. xxxx

  10. Happy Belated Birthday! Thanks for the humor. Especially about the cold and snow. We did get snow here before Christmas, but now the temps have dropped and I’m to that point of dreading to go out. But, work goes on. I’ll be bundled up this morning as I head out the door!

  11. David,

    Happy “belated” birthday my friend (by just a few days anyway)!!! I am being honest here but I have NEVER really liked snow! Even as child, I didn’t look forward to it. My son has at least made me appreciate the beauty of it but that’s about as far as it goes…..lol


    • I have to say I probably appreciated it’s appearance more as a child ( YAY, No school) than I do today ( Shuck’s I’ll be sliding everywhere) but I can still appreciate the beauty of seeing the snow resting on the stark branches of all the naked trees. I just think, There’s next year’s Christmas Cards if I had a camera. One of my birthday gifts was a set of grips to attach to my shoes so maybe we should have a bit more so I can try them out.
      I hope your wonderful son teaches you to appreciate snow a little more because of the fun of snowball fights and building snowmen, not to mention sledging. Have fun !!

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