Birthday Gifts

Well I’m finally caught up. The weather has cleared enough to allow visitors and yesterday I had Birthday Number 4 . It came complete with cake but fortunately no candles because it would be a fire hazard at my age, and I certainly wouldn’t have enough puff to bow them out and continue to breathe.

Despite the initial disappointment at not being able to have my birthday on the actual day, I’ve found this round of smaller ongoing birthdays to be fun and it’s given me a great opportunity to see how some people perceive me. Julia was with me on my birthday and gave me things she knew I wanted which was great. My friend and proof reader Lis who lives close was able to get here in time and brought me a gist I’d never have thought of, but love, some shoe spikes for getting about in the snow and ice. How novel is that?

Next, for my second birthday was Yvonne with her new husband Ugo. Apart from a PC cd Rom I wanted, they showed great thought by bringing me a new keyboard for the computer with all the keys covered in a clear nail varnish to (hopefully) prevent me from chipping off the letters with my nails when I’m typing as I have done with the current one and the last million or so. I suppose one option would be to cut my nails but they grow so fast. It’s as well my fingers have an inbuilt memory of where things are as otherwise none of my letters would make sense or they’d all take about two hours to write while I found the appropriate key. I’m changing to the new one tomorrow.

Along came birthday number 3 this last Sunday in the form of my two nieces. They are pure entertainment and I could listen to their stories for hours. They bought me some lovely gifts including a sign to hang on my wall that reminds me families are forever ( That thwarts my plan to take them back for a partial refund then) and a lovely jumper which is part of the reason for this story which I hope will become clear in a minute or two.

Yesterday brought birthday number 4. My beloved sister in law Muriel and her husband John. As they came in the door a huge bag was thrust at me. It was like Christmas. Before I had chance to sit down she produced a birthday cake ( thank the Lord it didn’t carry my age) because she knew I’d bought cakes the day of my birthday when I was expecting them. Since I’m diabetic I risked just a small slice with a cup of coffee ( yes, I used sweeteners). Amongst the gifts they brought was a USB computer light which I won’t be able to use because my base unit is at floor level unless I can find a way to raise it up. There was a mousemat which is 3D with a picture of an eagle on it. If you lean forward too quickly it seems to attack. A fantastic belt buckle and some ties came next and then the main gift, a fantastic new dressing gown, which sort of brings me to the point of this story.

How people perceive me….. I have been the size I am for some time now. It’s not excessive by most standards but I have a stomach I’d love to get rid of but can’t. I’m a size XL. My brother and my nieces when buying me gifts of clothing tend to buy me size L , I think I’m flattered. Do they still see me as sylph like?( Oi you, less of the comments, I heard that).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 My S/I/L and B/I/L yesterday however bought me a size XXL. Should I feel devastated that they see me as that big? Mind you, they bought me a thermal vest too so perhaps I should imagine they see me as cold? It struck me that we do have certain perceptions of people we’re close to and I wondered how much is coloured by how we see them. Fathers are often Gods to kids so are they seen as  huge beings ( Look , I warned you once, lay off. I’m not huge). Younger or little brothers, do we see them as much smaller? I know my brother is 7 years my junior  yet is 3 inches taller. I imagined him to be a size L and yet it turns out he’s also XL. I’m wondering how many birthday and Christmas gifts don’t fit merely because we love people and see them as larger than life or younger-must be smaller than us.


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19 responses to “Birthday Gifts

  1. I love getting gifts that show the person actually knows what you like and I love Yvonne’s modified present!
    Your thoughts on sizing of gifts reflecting how the person thinks of you is really interesting and makes perfect sense. Hmmm… my family never buy me clothes, I wonder what that says! (maybe they are just scared 😉 )

  2. I’m rather taken with the idea that our physical perceptions of people are coloured by our affection for them. I’ve stopped buying the Daughter clothes as I know full well she prefers to choose her own. She, on the other hand still buys me stacks of lovely lotions and creams that I will by using for the next 10 years. Is she perhaps trying to tell me something? Hmmm. 🙂

    • Whatever you do-don’t ask ! I still buy clothes for Ju and Yvonne but I’d be scared to guess at my nieces sizes even if I could guess their tastes.The males aren’t a problem ( I think )but I’d have to ask sizes as I don’t know if the way I perceive them would colour my size choice. I think of my brother as my little brother despite he fact that he’s anything but little.

  3. If it makes you feel better, I do believe clothing sizes are getting smaller. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. It is very interesting about sizing gifts to the way you see a person. I never gave that much thought, but it is something to think about.

    • Ah, you mean my BI/I/L and S/I/L might not have been looking at me as HUGE but might have been expecting the clothes to be small. I hadn’t thought of that though it makes me love my nieces even more now. xx Hugs

  4. Food Stories

    This is one of the reasons why I never buy clothes for people ~ It’s just like age, I can never get it right ~ Happy B-Day 🙂

    • I suppose I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who know my size and can tell anyone who asks. Then when they buy a smaller size I can thank my wife and daughter fr lying and keeping my reputation as a sylph like author intact. xx Hugs

  5. Catherine Johnson

    I love the irony of the attacking mouse mat! Four birthdays, that’s awesome. I bet January is your favorite month for sure :0)

    • Not usually Catherine. I prefer to give and keep my days low key but this year was just so odd with the snow arriving and putting people off coming the further away they lived. As the snow melted here you could chart it’s progress by who was able to get here with my Sister in Law last of all as they live in the wilds It’s been so odd it’s become enjoyable but I don’t think I’d like to repeat it again.xx Hugs

  6. Oh boy, people are really spoiling you, aren’t David? 🙂 4 Birthdays? Well, you deserve it! I just hope you’ve aged just once, though! 😛

    We really don’t see how people too close of us change… Every time someone says how big my daughter is, I’m puzzled! All I can see is my little baby by my side! O.O

    But I completely agree with Mary above me – clothing size are getting smaller. I know I’ve been getting bigger, of course, but since being anorexic is considered fashion nowadays, a size L or XL now is no longer as big as it used to be…

    • Yes, I’ve been spoilt silly Renata. I’m not sure I do deserve it but I didn’t arrange the weather this way. And yes, unfortunately I had to age too, but just once.
      I agree that sometimes our perception of those we love is a bit ‘wonky’. It took me some time to realise my baby was getting married as I have a problem seeing her in her thirties instead of my little girl.
      If clothing sizes are getting smaller the worry is that I can’t say ” well I’m only an L really” when I’m worried that soon I might be fitting into an XXL and everyone will think it’s me getting bigger not clothes getting smaller.
      Sending you Hugs. xx

  7. all you need to use your light is one of these I picked amazon to show you but am sure argos and any electrical shop have them

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