Daily Archives: February 11, 2013

Officially Low.

My view was shades of grey with occasional sunlight
but now the clouds close in.
How many more blows can the world land
before it’s time to give in.

6 months have passed since the last loss
a sweet girl whose children mourn,
whose husband still suffers and yearns,
from whose arms she was torn.

My life, my love has pain and feels the weight
of this thing inside that preys.
that causes problems, and hurts all kin
who fear the shortening of days.

And now I hear of sweet child, dear friend
who must undergo a scan,
now I see the sunlight fading,
and I am revealed The Grey Man.

Bereft of hope I’m smiling my rictus smile
for the sake of others fears,
yet day by day I’m losing,
friends I’ve known for years.

Oh trickster world you promise much.
yet love to cheat , and so you lack
the honesty to warn me
you’re painting my world black.


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