Officially Low.

My view was shades of grey with occasional sunlight
but now the clouds close in.
How many more blows can the world land
before it’s time to give in.

6 months have passed since the last loss
a sweet girl whose children mourn,
whose husband still suffers and yearns,
from whose arms she was torn.

My life, my love has pain and feels the weight
of this thing inside that preys.
that causes problems, and hurts all kin
who fear the shortening of days.

And now I hear of sweet child, dear friend
who must undergo a scan,
now I see the sunlight fading,
and I am revealed The Grey Man.

Bereft of hope I’m smiling my rictus smile
for the sake of others fears,
yet day by day I’m losing,
friends I’ve known for years.

Oh trickster world you promise much.
yet love to cheat , and so you lack
the honesty to warn me
you’re painting my world black.


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34 responses to “Officially Low.

  1. Oh, David, my friend, I feel your pain. And I’m praying for you daily.

    • I’m so sorry Normandie. This last little piece of news seems to have got to me. It seems to be one blow after another at the moment. I realise other go through this too and I don’t want to belittle it, no doubt the self pity will disappear to make room for practicalities again. Hugs. xx

  2. yellehughes

    Very heartbreaking, Lord Prosser. I can feel your pain.

  3. David, your sad words are beautifully written. My prayers are always with you and your family. “The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.” ~Henry David Thoreau

  4. I am sorry to hear you so down, I know you try so very hard to stay positive, all you can do is push the grey clouds away and do not let them cloud the precious time you have left together, this last week has taught me life is not fair, that this terrible monster Cancer does not respect age, character, bravery or goodness but not matter what is does it cannot destroy the most important thing – love.

    • New day, new thoughts Paula. You’re right, love will be left standing no matter what, so cancer can’t win.over that. I’m sorry this last week has taught you some terrible things. Be strong, friends care, and thank you. Hugs.

  5. What can I say. LIfe is not fair. And sometimes, it downright sucks.

  6. Oh David,I join the prayer chorus here. How I wanted to have the power to do more,but no one has… This must be the most beautiful and yet heartbreaking poem I’ve ever read the honor to read.

    God bless you there.

    • I’m so sorry Renata. My friends do so much for me and believe me it’s enough and it’s welcomed. Sometimes I just have to write things down when I can’t scream out loud to clear my system. I promise you, bad poetry isn’t my usual way though. Many hugs to you. xxxx

  7. My heart breaks for you. Please know you remain in our thoughts and prayers as always. WiseGuy sends tons of kisses for all of you!!! Me and family send tons of digital hugs and flowers across the pond – imagine how many hugs and flowers it would take to bring back that wonderful smile of yours, even if only for a moment, and triple it – as that’s how many we are sending ❤ xoxo

    • My smile is back Janet. I’m just grateful you didn’t sent chocolate to or I’d have gorged on that as well. My thanks to you, Don and Wiseguy and the Hugest of Hugs for you all with flowers of your choice for you. xx

  8. Catherine Johnson

    What a beautiful sad poem, David but my heart is saddened to hear you so down.
    God will comfort those who are taken from us. while we have to be like sunflowers and try to face the sun *hugs*

  9. Bittersweet poem David. Nicely done. I wish the inspiration had been something happier. You are in our prayers.

  10. Beautiful, but so sad.

  11. This is beautiful David. -huge hugs-

  12. Powerful words. The last line in particular.
    Presuming this reflects life, not poetic persona, I’m sending you an international cyber-hug.

  13. Thanks so much Shawn. International cyber-hugs always welcome. I never realised I could have a poetic persona or I might have tried poetry sooner- though a little brighter maybe. Maybe today’s scan will restore the positive outlook.
    Sending Hugs for you. xx

  14. Food Stories

    Potent verbiage and so full of emotion … so bittersweet …. hugs!

  15. I’m trying so hard to stay positive, and words like these, as beautiful as they are, wrench that hope away until its almost out of reach. I’ll struggle, grabbing for it, until it’s safe and warm within my arms again, as I pray it will someday, somehow be within yours as well.

    Be at peace, my friend.

  16. Your words touch the heart. You are well loved by all.

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