It’s been a funny old day. First thing this morning a friend took me shopping and it went well. I got what I wanted, she spoke to the staff for me and I paid. We came home and she left after which I expected a very relaxing day. If I ever find out who jinxed me heaven help them.

A knock at the door this afternoon. Normally I’d be on the computer and able to hide away and ignore the sound. Today I was just passing the door which has a half glazed panel. I had to open the door to a 6’4″ skinny giant. Thankfully I didn’t have to speak as he introduced himself as the council electrician come to repair a pull light and an electrical socket. He was a nice man and after being pointed towards the bathroom went to get his tools and proceeded to fix a new string to the light. I spoke long enough to enquire if he needed a ladder only for him to laugh and just reach up. It was only moments before the job was done. On to the next job.

Passing through he saw the cages and asked how many rats I have. “Four” I answered “and three degus”. “Three what?” he asked but was such a helpful man I didn’t have to speak as he answered his own question “Oh, these delightful little chaps” he said. Please bear that in mind.

The second job was a socket in the kitchen. The story starts about two months ago when Ju asked me if our fridge had a light. I told her of course it did and she said in that case the fridge is defrosting. Such sarcasm and it beat me saying that we were due anyway. So, I checked out the plug and put in a new fuse and tried again. No joy.

With food defrosting and panic setting in I decided the fridge must be defunct. Off we went and spent a pleasant £83 on a new one. We get it home and know it has to stand in place for five hours so I manhandle the old one outside and Ju rings for it to be collected as rubbish. My old friend complete with midge fragnets looks quite forlorn outside the front door.

Five hours later Ju plugs in the new fridge and asks me if there’s meant to be a light. Aargh. I try it in a different socket and lo’ it comes on. Getting an extension cable I push the fridge into it’s new home. Now I have two working fridges one which is due to be scrapped and it’s cost me a fortune to find out I have a faulty socket. So, the nice man comes to mend it. ” You do know about the defrost switch we put in for fridges don’t you?” he asked. I shook my head dimly. Moving aside some trays he points to what I always thought was an immersion heater switch. He presses it and the socket becomes operational again. Just putting a tray back must have knocked it off. All the time he was here I heard about his two dogs, 5 cats, wife, children and their appetites which he’d swap for a cage of rats. I thanked him with some sweets for his children.

That’s it. I’m officially out to the world now while I finish my mail. That done I return to the kitchen and realise the fish tank is dark because I forgot to turn it on this morning,. A rush of apologies there and a little food and I’m forgiven.Going back through I realise I need to give the girls clean water and some food. Bernie and Priya are first for a treat but Amy and Peny aren’t far behind. With Amy I have to be quick as she snatches and doesn’t mind a bit of finger. Odd, as when she’s out she’s nervy but a perfect lady. There, everything OK in their world. Degu’s next.                                                           All three Saffy, Poppy and the one I can never remember, came flying towards the door as I brought food. They’re gregarious animals, very bright and like humans but very quick. I opened the door and inserted my hand to drop the food. As I did Saffy squeezed past and made a break for it. I dropped the food and shut the door again sharpish to keep the others in.

I sat down with a ball and a peanut and called Saffy. She’s so scared of me she strolled over and sat on my knee. Like a flash she had the peanut from my hands before I could drop it in the ball and make her go after it. I got some yoghurt drops and popped them inside the open ball while she watched me. Then, as calmly as you like she climbed down the side of the settee and disappeared into the kitchen. I spent almost an hour polishing the kitchen floor with my trouser knees but although she was happy to come to me when I called her name she was not going in the ball. Eventually I gave up and went back through to sit on the settee with another peanut in hand. I called her and like an angel she answered me. In the ball went the peanut and in the ball went Saffy. I picked the ball up and carried it to the cage. Dalmation ! I couldn’t open the door one handed. She thought I had it open and jumped ready to be a good girl and go in. Instead she hit the closed door and hopped it again.

I had to loosen the door enough to be able to open it one handed but not enough for her daughters to escape. Fifteen minutes later Saffy followed a yoghurt drop into the ball and I was able to get the cage open and her in. As I did, the one I can’t remember jumped straight into the ball expecting to be allowed to go for a roll round. I’m sure she was disappointed when she was manhandled straight back into the cage. I’d had enough degu chasing for one day and I’d missed my Big Bang Theory. So much for a peaceful day.



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17 responses to “Interlude

  1. I enjoy your humourous way of telling about your day. And I smiled when I read you watch Big Bang Theory, too. It’s a popular show with all my family.

  2. lol Nice to have our pet distractions! I had never heard of degus until reading your blog. Unfortunately, I’m very allergic to fur bearers, or I think I’d add one to the household. My poodle crew would probably try to eat him though.

    • I share your allergy Shawn and don’t get too close too often but while Julia is in the hospice I’ve little choice. They are lovely creatures though and great pets for kids since they like people and interaction with them.Their tails are like little bottle brushes but if anything gets hold of a tail off it comes and doesn’t grow back. Because they’re a prey animal in the Andes (I think) they have a long 90 day gestation period and come out perfectly formed, eyes open and ready to go like the roadrunner. Having said all that- they’re toast if it happens again. I expected Oscar the cat to try and eat them but he was scared once Saffy walked right up to him and stared him down. Rats and degus were definitely not on his menu except in cat dreams. xx Huge Hugs to you xx

  3. Oh David this made me laugh so much! Best laid plans of Men and Degu, huh? Sounds as if this is Degu 1, Man 0. 😀

    • Without a doubt Andrea. Saffy got the best of me and knows it. Have you ever seen that sideways tilt of an animals head like they don’t understand you or what you’re doing? Well that’s what I got as I neared the cage this morning. A quizzical look of “What, come back for more?” Needless to say she won’t be escaping again any time soon.She’s going to serve her full sentence now. xx Hugs xx

  4. Catherine Johnson

    Oh that fridge story is funny. You took that really well. I can only imagine what Phil would say hee hee. Sounds like a fun day!

  5. David,

    It sounds like a fun day! It’s always when everything is going just right that there’s a “kink” in our plans. Next time try explaining to the degu that you had plans to watching The Big Bang Theory…maybe that will speed up the process…. 🙂

    • I actually said to her “Saffy, I’m missing my favourite TV for you”.She came to my hand, pinched a sweet and did a runner. I think he’s the only big bang in the house. Theyhave a hamster wheel in the cage. She drags things towards it so that the turning wheel hits them to create a noise. Thinks it’s great fun.I swear she knows when to be at her loudest to so I have to turn the TV up and someone comes from the village to ask me to turn it down again.

  6. Did they start behaving just as the Big Bang credits would have started rolling? I sense a plot! Next time listen out for the titter of laughter as you stomp away 😉

  7. David, I find it an unforgivable thing to make someone miss an episode of The Big Bang Theory! 😀
    Don’t let them do it again!! 🙂

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