I’ve found myself being rather quiet recently. Conversation isn’t coming easily as I don’t much feel like being flippant. But in life, things have a way of catching you out don’t they? After the shock of last week I’d placed an advert on a degu site asking for a home for the three degu girls. I realised that it would be impossible for Julia to cope when I brought her home. As I’m quite allergic to them ( and the rats) there’s not much I could do either when it came to cleaning. But lets face it, I’m a man and never realise when things need cleaning anyway. I’d also added to the advert that I had the rats too and if anyone was interested………. All I’d specified was that I wanted someone fairly local so that we could keep an eye if needed and they didn’t have far to travel.

Unexpectedly I got an immediate answer and had messaged the young man who replied. Julia had been home a few hours when I mentioned the degus would have to go, I was pleased when she agreed (reluctantly) which was just as well because he arrived. Within half an hour the degus had gone and  I was sure it was to a good home. While he was here he saw the girls and said ” About your mention of the rats in the advert. I’d like them too.” I saw Ju’s face change and begin to crumple. As I went through to my room to get something she followed and tearfully asked that the girls not go just yet. What could I do? But, as luck would have it, he’d come in a car and the girl’s cage is quite a good size and would not slide into the car upright. I couldn’t let him take the cage on it’s back as the girls would be standing on wire rather than their solid base. After explaining that Ju was reluctant to say goodbye to them just yet I pointed out that they’d be safe and still here for him later. He left with that promise.

Since then, Ju has risen every morning without fuss to play with them before they go to bed. As she’s usually the one to open the cage while I make her a cuppa, the routine goes like this.

Priya will run straight for Ju’s dressing gown sleeve.

Bernie will go straight for the opening at the neck and wander down to her waist. Sometimes Ju sits down on the settee then until they emerge again. Then it’s up to the cage.

Penny will climb out onto the top of the cage and then onto Ju’s shoulder while Amy will tuck herself into one of the tubes they sleep in and wait to be lifted out. I will deliver Ju’s cuppa and then go back to take my meds. That done I have to pour myself a bowl of cereal because of the diabetes ( at least that’s the excuse) and go sit on the settee. Bernie will have been sitting on the arm in anticipation of my arrival. I have to give them each a shreddie on my spoon and they run off to hide and eat them. I daren’t take a mouthful yet as it’s not long before they return. Bernie first for her second one which suffices followed by Amy, Priya and Penny in quick succession and only after they’ve taken their third one can I carry on.

Ju uses this interval to take her tablets and a drop of her tea. My part in the performance is usually over in five minutes and it’s play time for a while with them raiding pockets for tissues to play tug of war with or running in and out of dressing gowns. There’s a blanket over the back of the settee and they love crawling under it. Eventually I’m off duty and Ju takes over again as the drinks lady.

Here’s Priya with a cup of tea.

photo (1) Priya enjoying tea

For the not too squeamish, here’s Penny getting her breakfast the cheeky way.

Me fighting for food with Penny.

Me fighting for food with Penny.

  There are some very distinctive styles of drinking. Penny will always cup the liquid in her hand and bring it to her mouth like a gentile lady. Bernie’s quite happy just to stick her nose straight in. Priya on the other hand tries both as if she’s unsure what she should do. Amy is always on guard so she’ll pass it from hand to mouth too. Then usually she’s straight up on her back legs to check for danger in the air. maybe she expects the Red Baron to appear.

Half an hour is about as much as Ju can take of playtime now but I’m so pleased she still shows the same interest. The biggest surprise for me is her determination to maintain the riding. So, on Wednesday afternoon we’re off to see if she can actually cope. We can only attend the RDA stables as they’ve got a mechanical hoist to get riders to horse level. Great news on the charity front though as our friends at a local cafe have a giant teddy bear they’re going to raffle off for Pennant Park Wishes and we’ve just heard that planning permission has been granted and building is about to start. All those that have donated to the Riding for the Disabled Charity at Pennant Park have my     undying thanks. I’ll let you all know how Wednesday goes.


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23 responses to “Quietness.

  1. Well done you for making a decision like that. I am sure it was hard but leaving it for later would have made a stressful situation even more stressful. I am sure they have a happy place now and it soulds like Lady J is appreciating the rats even more now. A win all round I think 🙂

    I am amazed that she still wants to go riding, good on her! I hope Wednesday is a wonderful day for her 😀 (and that the rats don’t get too brave and decide that nose might be preferable to shreddies 😉 )

    • lorddavidprosser

      I’m still a little shocked about the riding but know that wanting to go doesn’t mean she’ll make it since she can’t stand anything on her stomach and jodhpurs may cause a lot of discomfort. And, despite the hoist I still think spreading her legs to get on the horse will prove painful though I’d love to be wrong.
      Yes it’s a win for the rats, but not if they touch my nose other than to lick it Any nibbles might just affect their diet as I’ll stop feeding them, especially treats. xx Hugs.

      • Just having the positive attitude to going riding is better than giving up on it altogether. After reading her book I think that just having a visit and feeding the horse a carrot will do her a lot of good.

        Hopefully the rats remember which side their treat bread is buttered on and leave your snout out of it 😀

      • Yes, the positive mental attitude is a great thing and I want her to keep it. If she can’t manage the riding there’s still nothing to stop her visiting them carrots in hand. As far as my snout goes, I’ll trust three of them to remember which side their treats are buttered but Amy, wll she might just risk it anyway. xx

  2. Hope all goes well. I enjoyed the photos. 🙂

    • lorddavidprosser

      Thanks Kimberly. I’m glad you liked the girls. Priya is very affectionate as is Bernie, they love to kiss and lick you. Never been known to bite…whereas you don’t put a finger in the cage with AMY. Outside she’s fine but when she’s in there, watch out !. xxxx Hugs x

  3. Oh this is wonderful news! While there is joy there is life. Good luck for Wednesday. I hope it all goes well. And don’t forget to take carrots for the horses. 😀

  4. Catherine Johnson

    Great photos, great decision on the pets and I’m excited for Ju about the riding :0)

    • lorddavidprosser

      Thanks Catherine. My fingers are crossed that it all goes OK. I’m glad you agree with me about the girls. A hard decision. xx Hugs to you. xx

  5. Saying goodbye and letting go should be done in stages, if possible, so I’m glad the cage didn’t fit. The pictures are excellent.

    • I confess I was relieved too. Though they’re not really my pets I’ve developed a great fondness for Bernie and Priya ( what do you mean you’s guessed. Am I that transparent?). There will have to be a time where they go to a better home but just not yet. I like the idea of saying goodbye in stages though I’m only prepared to do it in the case of the girls. Hugs to you.xxxx

  6. Hey there – love reading your posts. The pics are simply the best! Saying a prayer all goes well with the decision. Always happy to hear about Ju and her riding. Sending tons of ❤ (((huggers))) chocolate and flowers from across the pond ~Janet, Don, and WiseGuy~

    • lorddavidprosser

      Thanks so much Janet. Glad you like the pics. I’m guessing Wiseguy might like to get to grips with the subjects. ha ha. Well it’s the big day and Ju tries to ride this afternoon. My fingers are crossed for her.
      Sending you all much love and Huge Hugs. xxxxx David

  7. David,

    I know how difficult it is letting go of pets. It delighted me when I read you didn’t have to give all of them away at once (the cage didn’t fit in the car). Stay close to Ju and try to keep her busy. The riding sounds like it might just be answer.

    Thinking of you both,
    Aaron Brinker aka DadBlunders

    • Thanks Aaron. Even I was glad the rats stayed as at least I get a kiss now and then from them. Ju loves the riding and now I know she can do it I’ll encourage more if she wants it.
      Hugs to you all

  8. Again late to comment, but always loving to read your posts, David. It seems like the rats found a great new house!

    • You’re never too late Renata and always welcome. It was the degus that found a new home Sweetie, the rats are still here as Ju couldn’t face giving them up yet. At least that’s the excuse I’m using lol xxxx Hugs galore xxxx

      • Ha! Typing faster than you think problem! I meant degus. Keep the rats as long as you can if they make you and Ju happy! 🙂

      • The Rats could be packing their bags this morning if they don’t stop eating my Shreddies. I’m hardly allowed a look-in these days and it’s no better when I change to Ricicles.

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