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Infamy, Infamy, They’ve all got it Infamy.

Tuesday. Today was about timings. The District Nurse (Think Amanda Hart)  was due at 9.00 but didn’t make it until quarter past. Ju was supposed to ask about a wheelchair to use but in the time it took I wanted to offer to give her piggy-backs. I was sure she (The Nurse, not Ju ) was staying for supper but after a very elastic three quarters of an hour she left. Because I’m not in sight when visitors come, ooh you are nasty, no she’s not ashamed for me to be seen. as I tend to be in the bedroom answering mail I can usually have my shoes and coat on ready to go out. As the front door shut I pounced on ju and put her boots on ( not on me) then her coat and asked urbanely “Ready to go?”  “Perhaps if you’d helped me put my jeans on before the boots I might have been” came the sarcastic rejoinder.”                                                                             We were ready to go .

Some bread, a paper, some ciga  forget that, some milk and we were done in the supermarket. Round to my favourite shop ‘Homies’ for a few goodies to which she added unnecessary cleaning items and we were done there. We both know what comes next. Latte in Temptations or ‘Let Me Tempt You’ for the person who bought my books. That’s always a real treat because the staff are just WONDERFUL. They look after Ju so well. The Manager, Daniel,has even offered to raffle of a Giant Teddy Bear to raise funds towards Pennant Park Wishes which is fantastic because building has now started and soon we’ll be needing a hoist or scissor lift to get the disabled riders to the height for mounting.

Finishing there we know we have to get a shunt on as the doctor is coming to see her and we need to get lunch out of the way. After all that dashing about all I fancied was beans on toast and Ju looked relieved, I’m hoping it’s not because of my cooking prowess or lack thereof. Anyway, lunch over I make us a drink and disappear to my room again. It may look odd if you come to our door but my room faces the open door and because of sunlight on the computer screen the curtains are shut and the light is on.  The doctor as is her wont knocks politely on the door and then lets herself in. She heads straight off towards Ju. I can  breathe a sigh of relief and have a ciggie, making sure I liberally spray the Febreeze about. I’d no sooner put it out and popped a sweet in my mush than Ju came along to say the doctor would like to listen to my chest. She was smirking. Betrayed. Infamy, Infamy, they’ve all got it Infamy. So the little wheeze appears to be a big wheeze that drowns the telly and I’m now back on anti-biotics and more steroids. I’m going to have cast iron boobs soon without a bra to fit them.

Wednesday again. It’s still chilly-willy out there but at least the sun was shining today. It was for me anyway. Ju had a lazy start to the day but suddenly decided enough was enough and I should go with her ( why me? I was fine with lazy) to Pennant Park to deliver some more cash that had been donated by Kassidy’s in Holywell when we saw them last week. ( If that same purchaser of my books still has them, It’s Cass E Dees). We left the money at Pennant Park and suddenly decided to get a cuppa at Kassidy’s. By chance I’d put a dog figure I’d bought yesterday with a thank you plaque in the car along with a box of chocs for the great staff. Not that I was expecting to go there when I suggested it you understand. We had a drink and a chat with the owners who are lovely people then made our way home for lunch. It was a bit of a timetable as we have to be out to go horse riding by 1.15 pm.

A good friend in America had suggested (read NAGGED) I take some pictures to put on the site. Knowing that Ju rode alone last week ( B.O.) I thought it would be a good change to take my camera bag along. When we arrived we thought the day had been cancelled as there was a coffee and cake sale on ( what’s wrong with tea drinkers?) but everything was OK. Ju was riding indoors this week though so I had to ask permission to take pictures. That’s because it’s for all kinds of disabilities and I sympathise. They were fine, as long as I took Ju on her own. My first and best camera showed a fault. My second one showed a problem, so I had to wrestle batteries out of that one into the third which is a cheap video cam with not many mega-pixels. I finally stood up to try but she was moving too fast for me. I tried a few and sat down. Then they all changed their routine and started doing a competition pattern of circles, crosses and turns so I couldn’t try again. Someone asked if we had CD’s in the car and I went to bring some back . They work the routines to music. I brought a load and someone picked TALK TALK. Absolutely brilliant, but they chose It’s my Life instead of the MUCH better  Life’s What You Make It. We almost had the Stereophonics with Handbags and Gladrags. Anyway, Ju glowed the whole time and I was so pleased to see it. At one point they stopped and I heard Di (the Instructor)say, “Julia’s husband but she hasn’t asked him yet.” We were on the way home before she explained that Di was hoping I’d video the competition for them. At home I took the card out of the camera and nearly had hysterics.I’d not only managed to film it in black and white ( for mood you know) but either I have St.Vitus dance or the horse was on some kind of happy juice . It looked like she was hopping round the ring. I’ve had to suggest lending my camera to someone on the day and letting them have a new card so they can keep the results there. Though come to think of it, isn’t it strange I can’t take pics with others in them when I’m doing it normally but can when I’m filming the same people in competition?

It’s currently 8.30 pm and Ju’s just got out of bed saying she’s hungry. I’ve waited months to hear that. I love horses.


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