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Shopping and the little bleeder.

Friday was a strange day. Invariably it’s the day we do our weekly shopping, that’;s 20 tins of Sprite for Julia and a bag of crisps for me. Because of my aversion to crowds or actually anyone who would speak to me, we usually go very early.( Like 7.30 am so we”re coming out as others are going in.) Unfortunately this Friday morning Lady J showed no interest in getting out of bed. I put her tea down on the bedside table, wafted the steam towards her and pleaded, threatened and cajoled before finally she just turned over and started gently snoring again. There were one or two groans there too.

At 8.30 I tried again and offered to make her a fresh cuppa.  Since it was too late for shopping before I had to go for a blood test Ju realised she could give the girls half an hour out of the cage. I went to give them a treat as she got out of bed. She was tired and was suffering breakthrough pain, like that’s an excuse to make me miss my shopping. She gave the girls their time and I gave them some Shreddies for breakfast. 3 each for Amy and Priya and 2 each for Penny and Bernie. Yet Bernie is built like a brick outhouse while Amy is fairly petite. Funny isn’t it? No, oh well.

My blood test was booked for 9.50 am so after getting the girls back in their cage Lady J got dressed and ran me up there. I wish she’d got the car out first. Boom Boom. The clinic was running 20 minutes late which was a problem as we had to be home by a quarter past again. At quarter past I was called. It didn’t take long as I’m often called a little bleeder. Back home we flew ready for a wheelchair to be delivered and a visit from the district nurse to see about the medications. There was no sign of either so it was a case of waiting. The wheelchair arrived at 11.30 just as the district nurse turned up. I did my usual fade into the wallpaper and left them to talk. To be fair I listen in since Ju’s memory is atrocious.

12.15 and the district nurse left. Ju asked about lunch and I suggested we ate at the supermarket so I could leave her with a coffee after eating while I shopped. That worked pretty well and I enjoyed bangers and mash. Then as Ju had a coffee I took my courage in both hands and hit the shop floor. Someone helped me up and I nodded at them and pushed the trolley along the aisles playing dodgems with all the shoppers. Ju was supposed to meet me at the checkouts to help me pack and to do my talking but she was well away reading her newspaper when I passed jut out of earshot. Lacking a megaphone to rouse her I had to trust to luck. My luck was in. I had a lovely checkout lady who chatted away to me without expecting me to answer at ll other than to shake my head vigorously when she asked if I needed bags. Ju woke up just before we finished and arrived in time to lift the last bag into the trolley. Revenge was due. I paid with a smile but the woman said she preferred cash please so I coughed up and she said that was no better. Cash or card only. I paid cash and as we were walking out I told Ju I needed a wee and I’d catch her up. I did, but not until she’s loaded the car and returned the trolley. We went home, unpacked and the rest of the day was fine.

Saturday morning I decided Ju could have a lie in. I was going to make it ten minutes but didn’t want to spoil her so I made it five. Yet again she didn’t want to get up. She grimaced a lot when I woke her so I hid behind the bedroom door out of sight and I’m sure it made things better. But, she did have to go to sleep again. Yes, it’s the breakthrough pain and it’s going to mean an increase in the morphine next week unless it gets too bad before then.

When she did get up she asked for help in cleaning the base of the girls cage where they’ve torn newspaper up to make beds. We lifted the whole cage to the floor and then I enticed them to the top with a peanut. As they were up there grovelling we lifted the cage off the base and placed it on the floor. The girls had a play on the settee and helped me eat my Shreddies and watched me take the first of my two lots of diabetic tabs while Ju cleaned the base. That done, we put them back in the cage, transferred it onto the base and put the whole thing back on it;s little table again. We both got dressed and headed out to pick up some fresh bread and also meet Yvonne who was visiting us but breaking her journey to meet us at the local shops. She gave Ju her first outing in the wheelchair which meant I could slip things in the basket without being seen. Then it was over to the cafe for a Latte following which it was a quick dash home to drop the bags and straight out to collect Ju’s brother who was coming to see us.  We went and had lunch which in my case included sausages again and I took the second lot of my twice a day- with meals- diabetic tablets.

At a slightly more relaxed pace we headed home after lunch. Ju talked to her brother while Yvonne and I had a look at travel systems for babies and cot bumpers on the net. I’m a big fan of net prices compared to shops for things like that. £250.00 for German engineered compared to £500.00 from a shop and knocked up last night from some spare aluminium  they had lying around. She was impressed. She left at about 3.30 and I set to on my emails. There were so many, I had to leave some in sacks at the door.

Terry ( Ju’s brother) left just before 5.00 and Ju walked him to the bus-stop. I’d had enough by now and needed a break so I decided to make myself some toast for tea.  I made Ju a cuppa ready for her return and sat down with my toast to see the Wales-England game on TV.  I was so excited I had the third lot of diabetic tabs out of the two lots I take a day. Oops ! Julia arrived back and I turned the game over at 9-3 to Wales. Not a good idea to carry on watching in case I jinx them. It was only later that evening a Welshman living in Thailand told me the final score. I’m heartbroken for the losers of course but 30- 3 WOW !! Well done Cymru.

Sunday. This morning I’m tired. I slept fitfully on the bed last night after having a late finish with my messages. I start again at 5.30 and work till 8.00 when I go and wake Ju. Cup of tea taken care of and some cereal in a bowl for the girls we get them out to play and I return to my emails. Damn, I keep nodding off while I’m writing and I doubt my friends will want the gobbledegook I’m capable of sending when I’m like this. Just a few more perhaps. Zzzzzzzzz Damnation.  ” Sweetie, are you getting dressed before we go” a voice crept into my mind. “Uhuh” was about the best I could manage as I headed for my clothes.

Ju had an excellent hours ride at the stables and I had an excellent hours sleep in the car. She’s come out, talking about going in for endurance riding and is  fairly bouncing with joy though some pain it as to be said. I’m very happy for her. It’s a quick meal out on the way home as our nephew and his delightful fiance are visiting sometime this afternoon. With luck I’ll be able to do some mail before they get here.


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