The Last Poem

During this time you can imagine the number of bright spots have been few. Perhaps things will improve after the funeral tomorrow. One thing that did happen though is that Julia had left a poem with my niece which was to be given to Yvonne and myself when she was no longer with us. I’d like to share that with you if I may.

I’d also like to share a photograph taken which shows Ju’s hand holding Yvonne’s which I find very moving. I placed the poem on the picture to produce something to accompany the Order of Service tomorrow.

It’s strange that I can’t find anything since Ju passed away almost like she’s hidphoto (1)ing things. Her laptop bag complete with Joanna Sheen craft DVD’s and her tablet. Most strange.

Ju poem_001


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66 responses to “The Last Poem

  1. Catherine Johnson

    That was such a lovely thing to do and lovely poem. Thinking about you tomorrow, David. *hugs*

  2. This poem brought a lump to my throat David. “Remember you’re not going, you’re just coming here to me”. She truly will be with you, always. -hugs-

  3. Hugs to you and Yvonne David. Tomorrow will be hard but you will have lots of support from family and firends and yes, those too in the blogosphere.

  4. This poem bought a tear to my eye, what lovely thoughts she left for you. I will be thinking about you all tomorrow, as I am sure will many other of your online friends.

    • Everyone has been so kind and supportive Metan. It’s given me a real boost and I take comfort that the place will be bursting at the seams tomorrow with virtual friends. I’ll be happy to buy you a drink afterwards.
      Huge Huge to you. xxxx

      • There will be a lot of virtual people with you tomorrow so I think it is lucky for your wallet that the drinks will be virtual too!
        Hugs to you too. 🙂

  5. Hugs coming from here. Love the poem and the picture–what treasures for you both.

  6. What a beautiful poem, written by one of the most beautiful ladies I’ve had the opportunity of having in my life.Thank you so much for sharing. Ju was (and still is) an amazing woman. I’m honored to have her looking down over all of us who know her. I know these times are so very difficult, but am certain for you that each and every day the emptiness will begin to dwindle and give way to all of the amazing memories that bring a smile and warmth to the heart. I still find those “little things” that grandma left behind (I love surprises) – they always make me feel happy – and it’s been almost 13 years. People as special as Ju never leave our hearts, or our presence – by faith and miracles they are always with us. ❤ (((hugs))) chocolate and flowers from all of us over here across the pond: Janet, Don, WiseGuy, mommy, and daddy 😉 xoxox

    • Thank you Janet, you’re right.She was an amazing woman and the poor girl had me to contend with day after day for years.There are memories wherever I look so Ju could never be forgotten but time will lessen the hurt feeling I get when I see them so I can just smile.
      I’m grateful for the flowers , chocs and Hugs you sent.
      Massive Hugs to you both and to Wiseguy of course.

  7. Beautiful, simple beautiful!

  8. Yael

    So very touching. A shining beauty in sadness. Hugs. Yael

  9. So wonderful and such a beautiful gift to all of us… feel my arms wrapped around you tomorrow, and the next day… and the next day and always.

  10. David, I am so saddened to think of Julia’s passing. My heartfelt condolences to you and yours. I never know Julia, but I have been aware of her and of her struggle with cancer. The pome and the picture of her beautiful hand holding her beloved daughter’s is so touching. I hope you will not be too lonely without her. Just to say, she is a thought away. Much love to you.

  11. What a generous and peaceful gift for her to leave you all. Blessing to you at this difficult time. May you feel her love around you.

  12. Julia will always be with you, and may her parting gift be forever etched in your hearts. I love the photo. It is indeed very moving. (((hugs)))

    • Thanks a lot Jolyse, She will remain in my heart and in Yvonne’s and we’ll try to pass her niceness around us to others. The poem was very moving to me and sucha surprise. xxx Hugs xxxx

  13. So beautiful. What a woman! Ju–a beautiful wife and mother who loved you all so much. I’ll be thinking of you and your daughter tomorrow, David. Accept a big hug right now, too.

  14. David, I somehow missed your earlier posts and just read this tonight—and then went back to read the previous post. My heart breaks for your at your great loss. You will be in my prayers in particular tomorrow, and in the days ahead with the many adjustments. I love the poem your dear wife wrote. Obviously you were not the only talented writer in the family. I wish both our journeys had ended differently, though I’m sure you are, as I am, thankful for the many years we did have with our respective spouses. We both we blessed.

    • Dear Rosie, thank you for taking the time to remind me how lucky I am to have had Ju. You’re right of course, I must try to focus on the positive. We shared many good years together giving me a lifetime of great memories.
      I send you Massive Hugs xxxx.

      • Hugs back to you, David. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers today in particular. We all mourn, but may our mourning also be a celebration of the life she lived, the impact you she had on those around her, and the legacy she left behind. And tears are okay. At least I sure hope so. I’m typing through the mist right now, knowing all too well what you and your family are facing. I’m thankful you have such great supportive family and friends.

      • You are kindness itself Dear Rosie. In the service we did concentrate on a celebration of Julia’s life and the legacy of love she leaves us. All four speakers had similar things to say about Ju’s beauty in the things she did and said. Her poem was read out by the niece who helped her write it and there were some leaky eyes. There was wonderful support and Ju would not believe how many people turned out to wish her good bye.
        The amazing support I’ve had over the long months on here has kept me going and I’m so grateful.
        Many Hugs to you

  15. Your loss is painful, but you were so fortunate to have her for as long as you did. How lovely. I think of you lots, David.

    • You’re quite right Virginia. I was lucky to have shared her love for so long and I’m blessed in the daughter she left me. Thank you for thinking of me. Great Big Hugs for you. xxxx

  16. Thinking of you today, David. Much love xxx

    • Thanks so much. We got through it and I don’t suppose I’m the only one feeling drained now. But there were smiles at the happy songs as well as tears at the words people spoke. Julia would have enjoyed it.
      Sending Huge Hugs xxxx

  17. David, I’m so glad your wife left this gift for you and Yvonne, and that Yvonne is going to have a child! And that Ju knew the child was coming. The picture of their hands is quite beautiful. God bless you!

  18. Oh my God, what a beautiful, touching poem, what a blessed woman! David, I say it again: a new Angel is in Heaven right now.

    • She’s going to light up the sky for me Renata. I know she’s never far away. All you amazing people have helped me get through this and I can’t thank you enough. Your kindness is fantastic.
      I send you massive Hugs xxxx

  19. Still holding your hand beyond the grave. What a loving, supportive, thoughtful gift. Choked me up a bit too. I am hoping that putting her at rest yesterday will allow you a little rest as well after all you both have suffered in the last couple of months.

    • Thanks so much Lorene. Many people at the chapel yesterday found the service moving because of Ju’s choice of songs , even the injection of humour. The four family members who said something about Ju or read a poem seemed to move many, especially the poem when read by the niece who helped Ju write it. I took her picture to the pub and many glasses
      ( and coffee cups) were raised to her. Ju would have been amazed at the turnout for her, I was not.
      Yes, time for a little rest now if I can achieve it.
      Huge Hugs to you xxxx

  20. What a beautiful thing to do. I thought about you yesterday and I hope things went as well as these things can do. All the best.

    • Thanks a lot Pete. Yes, things went well. I followed instruction to the letter so I’m not in trouble when I join her. A non-religious ceremony playing some of her favourite songs with four speaking. All four of us choked and had to stop to regain composure which made people’s eyes sweat then smiles when the songs were played. We walked in to ‘Hello Muddah Hello Faddah’ as Ju expected to meet them again. two modern songs in the mddle, The Lumineers and Fun then ‘Life’s what you make it’ by Talk Talk as we left. People came as brightly dressed as they wanted
      ( and as the weather would allow). I put her picture up in the pub afterwards so folk could raise a glass to her, I swear I only had coffee.

  21. Food Stories

    Just beautiful & what a thoughtful gift … Best Wishes.

    • Having the poem found and read out has made the whole a little more bearable that it could have been. I shouldn’t be surprised though at Ju putting others first. Thanks so much for the wishes. xx Hugs xx

  22. David,

    A beautiful and fitting poem to leave behind for you and Yvonne. I am sure she thought long and hard about something to help both of you in your time of sorrow. It made me weep ever so slightly as i read it. Take care of yourself my friend and stay strong. I am thinking of your family with good and kind thoughts.

    Your friend,

    Aaron Brinker aka DadBlunders

  23. So beautiful and very much something she put a lot of thought into. She wanted you and your daughter at ease, and I hope it helped bring a little light during these days of mourning.

    • Hello Amberr.. Yes it was beautiful and has been effective at giving us a little strength to go on with just the memories instead of with Ju herself. She thought of us even at the end. I send you Hugs xxxx

  24. I didn’t know your wife, and more’s the pity, I’d say. She sounds like she was an amazing woman. And this poem had me in absolute tears. What a beautiful way for her to pass on some comfort to you and to everyone that knew and loved her. Wherever she is, whatever it is called, I know that she is with you in your hearts and in your memories and that she is, indeed, pain free.

    • Thank you, that’s a lovely thing to say. Everyone liked Julia and she always had a hard time understanding it. It was easy because she was so nice. I’m sorry the poem had such an effect on you but glad you liked it.Wherever she is, a little bit of her will remain with me always to remind me to be more like her- but without the dresses. xx Hugs xx

  25. What a beautiful poem…
    Hugs from me, too xxxx

  26. The poem is very comforting.

  27. How lovely. What a beautiful thing to leave behind. I have my late Mum’s diaries, which contain lots of references to her love of cream cakes. I imagine she’s up there right now enjoying a couple of dozen 🙂

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