The Whole Truth and Nothing Like the Truth.

This evening my brother came to visit me and brought my nieces Karen and Joanne with him. The point- to cheer me up, the actuality- to traumatise me for life.

My brother and I get on very well but like many brothers we rarely see each other. He works and has a family. Me, well I just skive. My nieces I see quite often but until tonight I didn’t realise just how little I know them. This experience has shaken the bedrock of my Universe and made me see my family in a whole new light.


Dil, ( my brother) had suggested last week that maybe we could enjoy an evening of cards and company. Why I didn’t listen I have no idea but foolishly I suggested a game of Balderdash of which I used tio be very fond. Maybe one of the reasons for that fondness was getting used to the way the other players used to couch their answers so you knew who’d written what. For instance it was well known that if the answer contained animals it was likely written by Ju, I was always accused of writing medical or historical ones and various friends might do mechanical or ones that involved Viking Township names. Tonight I played blind and it was scary.


For those of you who have not heard of Balderdash let me explain. It’s very similar to the TV panel game of Call my Bluff. One person reads out a word and everyone else writes an explanation ridiculous enough to be believable to try and fool the other players. That done, the reader then reads out all the answers including the real one and asks the players to choose the one they think is true. Points are scored for getting the right answer and also if your answer is chosen by someone else. In other words it’s a game for poker faced liars.


Tonight I found out just what liars my family are. We had words where the explanations given by each player were more convincing than the real answer and everyone kept a completely straight face while there’s was read out making it very difficult, nay impossible, to guess which they’d written until the time for scoring came. What an eye opener when my niece Karen can give as a definition of the word Jejunator- a Spanish Politician or Jo for the word Craquelure- a Precipitation of hailstones or my brother for Titubation- To make a mockery of. I was horrified to see just how easily they lied.


We had time for three games before they left. Three games in which I was shocked to think they may go back home now and lie just as easily and convincingly there. I confess the only saving feature of the night was that I won two of the games so saved them from themselves. A noble sacrifice but one I was willing to make.

Jejunator. A person who goes on a fast.

Craquelure. The crazed marks in the glaze of a painting.

Titubation. Staggering or reeling.


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29 responses to “The Whole Truth and Nothing Like the Truth.

  1. Hi, David,

    I wouldn’t have had a chance in hat game, although I’ve been known to tell a lie or two. πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoyed the time with your brother and nieces.

  2. Now I have to get the game. Jejunator would have stopped me. I thought jejune meant naive or trying to seem naive. The other two? Yikes. Glad you had fun. I love messing with words.

  3. So happy you have a fun time with family…even if they are a bunch of liars. LOL

  4. What a fun time it sounds like you had! I would love to play that game. . . then again, maybe not. I’m not certain I want to know just how well my family and friends really can lie! LOL!!! Glad to see you smiling – sending tons of huggers and chocolate and flowers. Love your Florida fans, or by now, really, aren’t we more like family? πŸ˜‰ xoxo Janet, Don, and Wiseguy

    • It’s a perfect way of seeing who can tell you a fib with a straight face so you know which of their excuses to believe in the future. OR, it’s a great way of seeing who is naive enough to fall for your tall stories for future reference…”BABYSIT, OH NOT TONIGHT DEAR, I HAVE A BONE IN MY LEG.” Certainly we’re more like family Janet, but of course we might be playing Balderdash? Flowers. chocs and Huge Hugs to you all.

  5. I’ve never heard of this game before, but it’s my new favorite one! I have to play it, sounds so fun.

    Great to hear you had a good night like that, David! And I’m pretty sure your family save all the poker faces and excellent lies just for games! πŸ˜‰

    Hugs from Brazil

    • I’m pretty sure you’re wrong Renata as I’m sure I’ve fallen for some of the things mentioned last night before. My niece Karen is a talented tale teller who can make me believe anything she says and I swear I agreed when she told me the moon is made of cheese.
      It was still a great night though…..
      Massive Hugs

  6. Catherine Johnson

    That sounds great fun! I bet Matthew would like a kids version of that. He loves facts. Nice to hear you meeting up with family :0)

    • I’m sure they do a kids version Catherine and I know they do a few others as well including one called Absolute Balderdash. I’ll have to start going to car-boot sales and keeping my eyes open.
      xxxx Hugs xxxx

  7. -sigh- no poker face here but… if /you/ won two of those games….??? mwahahaha!

  8. I would just say they are creative! Though if they tell you they have seen Bigfoot, I wouldn’t take them at their word!

  9. It sounds like you had a fun night πŸ™‚ I would be terrible at that game, absolutely no poker face here!

  10. Balderdash is one of those games I’ve never played. Does sound like fun and I used to enjoy watching Call my Bluff. πŸ™‚

    • I promise it’s worth playing Pete if you can find suitable opposition. Born liars ( and after all that’s the other name for authors isn’t it?) are perfect but anyone with a frozen face, lockjaw or anything that prevents you from smiling is good.Pick one up from a car boot sale then you don’t spend a fortune for practise but you’ll play so often be ready to photocopy sheets of the answer sheets.

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