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Have I been taken over by Aliens?

A couple of years ago I sat on the settee at home and offered to show Yvonne something on my laptop. I can’t remember what it was, but it may have been an email that needed answering. Apparently she thinks I must have fallen asleep whilst showing her, but carried on moving the cursor as though awake. I can’t believe I’d fall asleep like that and the only plausible explanation is that I was taken by aliens as they observed our planet, or at least our house.

I’m guessing that I must have a weakness that allows me to be taken over at whim since yesterday something very strange happened. I must point out here that since Julia’s death I’ve averaged between two and a half or three and a half hours sleep a night ( yes I know, the average between those two is three hours but each week is different). I’m therefore a little tired sometimes and that must make me vulnerable to our alien visitors.

I have a friend in Australia with whom I share daily emails . I’m very lucky since this is a talented lady and she shares her time with me. Our messages are usually one line added to a continuous message, commenting on the line before. So, she may suggest I go boil my head and I’ll remark that I need a shilling for the meter. The conversation we’d been having recently was about the sharpness of her wit due to eating razor blades, at last I’d managed a witty answer in return and been rewarded by the following.

Andrea to me……… Trust you to make it a doozy. I can tell you saved up for this one. 😀

Me to Andrea………. That’s so everyone. Hey he should reward mine for a bucker of uniforms/, > mainly it’s because he was my grabbing my lists.

Andrea to me……….Erm… huh??

That conversation alone should make you understand how I came to the conclusion that Aliens had been interfering with my synaptic pathways. How else could I have been made to send something either so unintelligible or possibly in code? We’re they reaching out to see if one of their lost race  ( from a spaceship which crashed many years before) was alive, well and living in Oz? I’m afraid I wasn’t able to answer the question of “Erm, Huh”?? to her satisfaction and of course she denies that she’s one of the missing Aliens. That’s not something I’d dare  care to comment on except to point out that she’s written a book based on an alien culture and it’s all too believable. Coincidence did I hear you say? Well of course you’re no doubt right. Maybe you’d like to look at her blog http://acflory.wordpress.com/  and pay close attention not just to her writings but also to VOKHTAH, the novel(?) in question. Please bear in mind all the time the likelihood for any other explanation of my writing such gobbledegook when I is a Wordsmith of great repute. I dismiss out of hand those who suggest I may have been suffering the evils of alcohol or maybe writing in my sleep. Please take this post as a warning of the Alien presence and he possibility that they may at some time intrude in your mind. For your own safety I suggest a pocketful of drawing pins/tacks which you can place beneath you on the seat the moment you feel your eyes glaze over. That should be enough to ensure your safety.


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