Have I been taken over by Aliens?

A couple of years ago I sat on the settee at home and offered to show Yvonne something on my laptop. I can’t remember what it was, but it may have been an email that needed answering. Apparently she thinks I must have fallen asleep whilst showing her, but carried on moving the cursor as though awake. I can’t believe I’d fall asleep like that and the only plausible explanation is that I was taken by aliens as they observed our planet, or at least our house.

I’m guessing that I must have a weakness that allows me to be taken over at whim since yesterday something very strange happened. I must point out here that since Julia’s death I’ve averaged between two and a half or three and a half hours sleep a night ( yes I know, the average between those two is three hours but each week is different). I’m therefore a little tired sometimes and that must make me vulnerable to our alien visitors.

I have a friend in Australia with whom I share daily emails . I’m very lucky since this is a talented lady and she shares her time with me. Our messages are usually one line added to a continuous message, commenting on the line before. So, she may suggest I go boil my head and I’ll remark that I need a shilling for the meter. The conversation we’d been having recently was about the sharpness of her wit due to eating razor blades, at last I’d managed a witty answer in return and been rewarded by the following.

Andrea to me……… Trust you to make it a doozy. I can tell you saved up for this one. 😀

Me to Andrea………. That’s so everyone. Hey he should reward mine for a bucker of uniforms/, > mainly it’s because he was my grabbing my lists.

Andrea to me……….Erm… huh??

That conversation alone should make you understand how I came to the conclusion that Aliens had been interfering with my synaptic pathways. How else could I have been made to send something either so unintelligible or possibly in code? We’re they reaching out to see if one of their lost race  ( from a spaceship which crashed many years before) was alive, well and living in Oz? I’m afraid I wasn’t able to answer the question of “Erm, Huh”?? to her satisfaction and of course she denies that she’s one of the missing Aliens. That’s not something I’d dare  care to comment on except to point out that she’s written a book based on an alien culture and it’s all too believable. Coincidence did I hear you say? Well of course you’re no doubt right. Maybe you’d like to look at her blog http://acflory.wordpress.com/  and pay close attention not just to her writings but also to VOKHTAH, the novel(?) in question. Please bear in mind all the time the likelihood for any other explanation of my writing such gobbledegook when I is a Wordsmith of great repute. I dismiss out of hand those who suggest I may have been suffering the evils of alcohol or maybe writing in my sleep. Please take this post as a warning of the Alien presence and he possibility that they may at some time intrude in your mind. For your own safety I suggest a pocketful of drawing pins/tacks which you can place beneath you on the seat the moment you feel your eyes glaze over. That should be enough to ensure your safety.


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25 responses to “Have I been taken over by Aliens?

  1. Yeah. You need a good night’s sleep. Be careful about that, really. Plus, DNA tests have proven I am of alien descent when an errant ship crashed in Scotland that was not Viking and I cannot translate your message. Did you ever figure out what you meant to say? Anyway, I laughed aloud and I so needed that. Thank you.

    • Amazing Virginia, you really can’t tell. Now I don’t know whether I’ll have trouble with your messages because they’re alien or because they’re delivered in a Scottish brogue.
      No, I couldn’t work out what I meant so I had to fudge it. I’m delighted to have given you a laugh. It’s Yvonne’s fault as she was in hysterics yesterday and said I had to share it.
      Huge Hugs xxxx

  2. I deny those allegations emphatically! I may have channeled an alien or three but I assure everyone I am perfectly normal…. although perhaps a little stupid for giving David such an opening. 😦

  3. Word salad… have you seem Boston Legal?

  4. Hang on, maybe all those nonsensical spam comments we get on our blogs are really alien messages! Are you their leader?!

  5. You are obviously managing on little or no sleep and therefore are open to alien invasions. Turn the radio on to a loudly played current music channel when you go to sleep.. The loud noise will in all probability scare the little darlings away. Although unless like me you can sleep through anything, the loud noise might cause even more sleeplessness. But it’s your choice. Hugs from this side of the world. XX

    • I could certainly try that but have been saying for ages that modern music is alien so it might just give them a chance to party in my head. Of course that may just be my ‘Old Fart’ speak since anything after Beethoven is counted as modern and loud.
      Huge Hugs back over the water. xxxx

  6. No aliens. Your wires are getting crossed. A husband of a friend had a massive seizure from sleep deprivation. So it certainly makes sense that you sound like a demented loony in your email. Of a reassuring note, you seem pretty sane in this post, so I am not too concerned. But still, look into some short term sleep aids. There is an all natural sleep aid with melatonin/L tryptophan/valerian which is very effective. I have used it when needed.

    • That melatonin combo can knock you out then not work next time. I like Lunesta but puts me the doldrums if you take it two days. Ambien knocks you out fast but you are stupid the next day and run over people. Hot oveltine. And wrote your next storie while you lay there. Starring a naughty redhead who steals your non existent son.

      • Sounds like there are side effects to all of them Virginia. I wouldn’t want something to put me in the doldrums as I’m struggling to get out of there. I don’t want something that makes me run over people next day as I don’t drive and would get arrested knowing my luck ( do you speak from experience ha ha). Dislike ovaltine I’m afraid. However, I’m trying to figure out whether the redhead wants a ransom for my non-existent son, or whether I should go out and rescue him- if I can find him- and since he doesn’t exist, what I’ll do with him if I do..
        Massive Hugs xxxx

    • Aw Heck, no aliens? That means I’d better cancel all those talk shows I had in mind. I’ll take a look at a sleep aid if things don’t improve but I’m lucky that I don’t seem to need as much sleep as some.
      Huge Hugs to you. xxxx

  7. Catherine Johnson

    You should try getting an afternoon nap. Funny!

    • I would Catherine but the visitors might think I’m not paying attention. I don’t seem to get a lot of time to myself anymore, they panic in case I trip over a shoelace- and I wear slip-ons.
      Huge Hugs xxxx

  8. A good night’s sleep is one thing, but if that doesn’t work call for Mulder and Sculley. They’ll re-open their X-Files for you I’m sure. 🙂

  9. I was sure I had already commented on this post… See, I bet it was the Aliens, erasing my comments again… They do that too, sometimes! 😛


    • They’re very sneaky in not wanting the world to know about them. I’m sure they visited me again this afternoon when I settled to watch a film. At least an hour of my memory was erased. Of course I had eaten a lunch.
      XX Huge Hugs to you XX

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