Fact, Fiction and Conspiracy Theories.

Most people who read my blog posts know that I like to inject  little humour into people’s lives. Others of course make sure I never get my hands on a hypodeemic nurdle or anything else sharp. Given that the most exercise my brain ever gets is jumping to conclusions I decided today I’d try and stay serious and discuss some of those problems the world seems to face though some of them are things that people imagine and never let the truth stand in the way of a good story. Some of course are ( as far as I know) completely true and very worrying.

Let’s start with an obvious one and mention Roswell , New Mexico where in July 1947 an object crash landed. The Air Force claimed it was an experimental Balloon of some sort while others claimed ( and still claim) it was an extraterrestrial craft with alien lifeforms aboard that were captured and held for examination. I have some problems with this since I feel sure that by now someone would have leaked the truth if aliens really were involved. Also I feel that there’s no reason the U.S. Government need keep the fact that aliens exist a secret since it would be in their interest to have people be vigilant in case an invasion from Mars ever takes place. We need to know how strong they are so we know who’s bootheel will be on our necks in the future, alien ones or Governmental ones.

Less funny was information I gleaned today from the blog of a friend and very nice lady Lori Pinkley ( http://repressedexpressions.wordpress.com  ). Her blog today is about something that happened in the early 1940’s when the U.S Government decided to do some experimentation with plutonium to get ahead in the Arms race. Unlike the Urban Myths that grow around incidents like Roswell I have the horrible feeling that this story is the truth. It seems that as part of the experimentation the Government acquired some land in what it considered a remote area ( displacing two townships and an Indian tribe) in South East Washington, and released plutonium isotopes into the atmosphere. Over a number of years this continued to happen and the radiation was many times that of the Three Mile Island disaster in 1979. There are many instances of cancer, there is ground, air and water contamination. It was 40 years before the confirmation of this was released and came into the public domain yet the Government refused to admit there was any danger and have not compensated the victims of this foul action. I accept that the current incumbents were not the ones who originally created this problem but Government still has a duty to it’s population.

Another friend in Australia lives in a rural community that suffers any number of bush fires. She lives with a sense of pending disaster during the summer months, yet her Local Government refuse to do anything about creating good fire breaks in the area. I don’t understand how people who have a responsibility towards the voters, towards other human beings, can sit on their hands and do nothing while people’s lives and homes are at risk.During one such fire this year the only exit from the area was cut off by fire. Yes, I know my friend could have made toast but she couldn’t even reach the shops for bread.

In the UK my Government is a coalition between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats. The Conservatives ( Tories) won the vote but not with enough votes to form a Government. In order to place themselves in a position of power for the first time the Lib. Dems agreed to join the Tories but at a price. That price ( amongst other things ) has been to deny the people of the UK a vote on whether to stay in the European Union or not. This was a broken promise I was very unhappy with as I’m definitely a Euro sceptic. Since the coalition was formed things have gone from bad to worse here. The disabled, including those with mental health problems have been told that the Disability Living Allowance they receive is to be stopped. They will all be interviewed and awarded a new ‘personal’ allowance IF they warrant it. People were told not to worry as in some instances it could mean they actually receive more. What wasn’t said was that many would receive nothing. Those with mental health problems who have difficulty with forms are at risk of losing out. The assessments for these new allowances will be done by a private contractor who was previously responsible for assessing DLA claims where most were turned down out of hand in the first instance. Our ‘Conspiracy’ theorist say they have been employed to save the Government money. Again I have no reason to suppose that this is untrue and we have another instance of our masters not taking care of the most vulnerable amongst us. And yet……..they have for years allowed non domestic companies to get away with paying no tax. Companies like Starbucks earn big bucks selling their coffee here but pay no tax. Their contribution alone would be more than enough to offset the money the Government will recoup from DLA savings. There are plenty of other firms who are guilty of hiding profits offshore to avoid tax too. Not illegal but certainly immoral. What reason would the Government have for only now trying to stop this travesty when the public have raised the questions?

In all these cases it seems that the people in power are ready to deny the rights of the population for reasons that are only clear to themselves. Whether it be a Conspiracy Theory, and urban myth or the truth we seem determined to accept that the powers that be are not on our side. Some say big business owns them, some say the illuminati, the new Templars  and even the Masons. But whatever the truth, their every day actions with regards to their responsibilities towards the people feeds the myths. What do you believe of your Governments?


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39 responses to “Fact, Fiction and Conspiracy Theories.

  1. My dad worked at Area area 51 in the early 60’s. He had a very high clearance–the same clearance as CIA agent. He was all over the site and said that there was amazing technology decades ahead of what was commercialized but he never saw anything remotely alien. Of course, that is just one person’s account. My family is Masonic, which I dont hold to, and I can tell you that they have an AGENDA. Secret societies are always worrisome to me in that one never knows what they are up to.

    • Supposedly the body is at Wright Patterson. My son in law was stationed there briefly but, ironically or not, with mental health issues.

    • During WWII Germany was way ahead of the world technologically with the rockets they were firing from Peenemunde. After the war that advantage went to the US as Werner Von Braun and his associates popped up over there. I believe that advantage stayed with them for a long time so Area 51’s fantastic technology wouldn’t surprise me. Had there really been aliens I’m sure someone with your Dad’s clearance and others would have found out and the information would have got out.
      I think by their very nature, ALL Secret Societies have an agenda. I’m not sure that all are bent on world domination though. It wouldn’t surprise me to find that some Conspiracy Theories about a group of ultra wealthy people plotting to take over the US Government are true.since such people often think their money should do the talking and set the rules for everyone else. We see that every day with groups that pay vast amounts of money to get Politicians to vote their way.Groups like the NRA pay a fortune for Political Lobbying to swing opinion and legislation their way every year.
      xxx Hugs xxx

      • Agree, agree! Although our power of one seems so small and anemic stacked against such odds. Hugs to you!

      • But that power of one is vastly multiplied at the polls. Starting at the local level, people who stand for the right to offer compensation to those hurt by Government mis-management, who want to change the education system to help teachers manage their classes, who expect big companies to pay their share of taxes, should stand for election. As they move up from local to National politics they end up forming a Government of people with a conscience who know that with one X in a box can be voted out of office if they slip up. Many of those currently in the higher levels have money aplenty which is why I don’t like the idea of self-funded election campaigns, usually the richest win. Sums should be set aside by the Government to allow for the cost of a campaign, the same level for everyone but varying from place to place so there’s some form of level playing field for all candidates.The people can concentrate on the message then rather than the show.
        Thank you for my Hugs. I send them back many fold.

      • You have a trust of your polling system that I don’t have, other then at the city/state level. That is the only place where I feel that 1) the polling system is not completely corrupt and 2) My vote in a smaller pot both impacts the issue and I see an immediate return. Call me a cynic. The national polling system needs thumbprint security and direct totaling other then a machine that eats your paper (as it did mine, then broke down twice–I spent 30 minutes waiting twice). I mean, come on, we are lightyears beyond the technology (or non-technology) at the polls. Although perhaps that is the point.
        Your comments on the campaign funding are what I have been yelling about for years. The very nature of self funding leads to corruptions and deals. The candidate is so deep into “promises” and entitlements that they have already lost any effectiveness. Unfortunately, the message is either lost to the “show” or is made up to placate the masses as I rarely see promises take fruition.
        Stagnation is also my other frustration. I think that a person either votes for one party or another. Bye-bye stagnation and partisionship. And yes one may have to endure a party one doesn’t like, but at least something will get DONE
        Last point: my view of politicians are that they are the servants of the people. An antiquated philosophy, but one that leads to the greatest good for the masses. My state rep is one of the few who embraces this, and emails the progress and laws and budgeting with why the decisions were made. If more politicians make the effort to connect to their voters, with encouragement to respond back, then a better, clearer communication structure inevitably results. While he is not of my party, I vote for him again and again as he shows me reasons I would not have thought of for why he voted.
        It seems that no matter what political structure in one’s country, the basic issues are the same, at least from this small conversation! Air fives and hugs!

      • I agree with all your points Lori and I’m glad you agree that self funded elections are a bad idea. Your last point is the one that strikes me as most important. Politicians are servants of the electorate and not decision making machines in place to please themselves or big business. A case in point is the European Union. Many people over here are disaffected and voted for the Conservative party last time because they promised a referendum.It hasn’t happened. The leaders of the two major and one minor party all want to stay in the Union, no doubt because it may offer them a job at some stage, so there has been no backlash against the breaking of a promise. We’re told it’s not in our best interests to withdraw at this time as though we’re ignorant and unable to judge these things for ourselves. Unless things change quite drastically I’d venture that these three parties may have a shock at the next elections when a fourth party waiting in the wings may see a surge in votes.
        It’s the G8 Summit this week and I understand that closing the tax loopholes is on the menu. If that goes through properly and the relevant firms are made to pay their share then maybe our Government will stop their persecution of the disabled and mentally ill. This would be step in the right direction but I have an idea that the money would be put to other purposes.
        We would as usual be what Leonard described to Sheldon Attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis? In other words, Screwed.
        Sending Massive Hugs xxxx

      • Love the description of screwed! I certainly wish that common sense reigns in your elections.
        Hugs and best wishes….

      • Description compliments of The Big Bang Theory, in my opinion one of the best comedies ever made. xxxx

  2. After you finish with Anna Lee Waldo read the Hiram Key. The Masons and Knights Templar are in cahoots. I have seen strange things when not on drugs or intoxicated so I remain open minded about aliens. I also remain on drugs. This presidency of ours, not to name names, is our downfall. We have lost credibility. I genuinely fear for my grandchildren, especially the youngest. I about choked on “nurdle”. Auto correct does not want to leave that one alone. I just finished cooking six pounds of pasta, 3 red sauce and meatballs and three Alfredo with chicken. Stop by.

    • It’s quite easy to believe the Templars and the Masons are in cahoots ( I like that word) since it’s believed the Masons were formed by some of the remnants of the Templars after some Countries had tried to eradicate them in the hopes of getting their wealth.. Most Templar groups these days are nothing to do with the original group though and are just created by those who want to appear to have noble ideals.
      I see and hear strange things everyday without drugs and booze and am sure that alien races exist but I find it difficult to believe that we’ve been visited by them for thousands of years without a single driving accident or mid-air crash having left a record for us. These days everyone has a mobile phone with camera capabilities and yet not one picture of an alien?
      For me at least, credibility was lost by your last President and many people over here wondered how on earth he ever got in.
      I fear for my grandchildren too since I think we have people in power ignoring the damage we do to the planet that will affect future generations. We have people who perpetuate or create new wars so that the world may never know peace. I always wonder whether we elect liars into office or whether being in office creates liars but it often seems that our politicians have forgotten who they’re supposed to be working for.
      Mmmm, clear a space, the man with the hypodeemic nurdle thinks the meatballs sound great.
      Huge Hugs. xxx

  3. I agree with you on so many points! The taxation of the poor and middle-class at exorbitant amounts, while corporations make billions and don’t pay a dime, hiding their profits in offshore accounts, is disgusting. Ugh!!! It just makes my blood boil! I believe, that is why Mitt Romney did not win the election-(THANK YOU, GOD!), because the people could see that he is a corrupt elitist with a sense of entitlement. His many comments with regards to the poor are proof that he is out of touch with humanity. Period. He has no interest in me, or-this country.

    I am very sorry to hear that the UK is denying benefits to it’s mentally ill constituents, and others. It just goes to show, that-the US is not alone, in its failure to take care of its poor and infirm. But-I’m a firm believer, that the meek shall inherit the earth…

    I am so tired of the partisan grandstanding and the outright lies that are a common theme in todays politics. What scares me more, is that people believe the heinous claims and, VOTE-based on these absurd falsehoods. And-I’m blaming ALL parties, in ALL countries. When are we going to have a worlwide revolution and take back what rightfully belongs to ALL of the people?

    • The problem with the revolution is who gets put in charge afterwards and do they start the whole process again ? Does power really corrupt so badly? I don’t know the answer but these days I’m pretty sure politicians come forward not to serve but with an eye for the main chance. Thy seem to be able to convince people they’re sincere but ever the lies drip from their lips.We need to have a proper system of accountability.Politicians are voted in by their constituents, it should therefore be mandatory that they vote according to their constituents wishes and they must be given time limits to set in motion promises made to their electorate. Their votes on certain subjects should not be for sale.
      I know that the UK is following a similar form of denying benefits to it’s disabled as the US does so I have a large amount of sympathy for you over there too.
      If the bankers get into the same mess as thy have done recently then the banks should be made responsible for it’s actions and if propped up by the Government NO bonuses should be paid to the directors and the profits must go to paying the Government back. It should not be allowed to happen as happened here that the Governments stake in the banks is sold for LESS than was granted to hold the bank together.It’s public money the Government is playing with and they have no right to throw it away like that.
      I agree with you that we need some form of change. Elections where the amount spent on advertising is limited to a set amount so the wealthy don’t have an advantage. A greater limit set on political donations so that the politician’s vote can’t be bought by big business, perhaps donations banned altogether maybe?

      • I agree whole-heartedly with you, Sir! I actually closed my bank account after the ’08 crash and went to a credit union. It was the best move I’ve ever made. The banks should be shining my shoes after what they’ve put us through. As to donations, the US Supreme Court has ruled that corporations can contribute huge amounts of money into the campaigns. Look at the billions used during our last election cycle; it’s staggering. What’s more, these donors don’t have to disclose their contributions for several months, so-no one is certain where the cash is coming from, until it’s too late.

        We had a longtime bakery company go bankrupt here recently. The CEO took a $3 million bonus, yet-close to 20,000 ppl lost their jobs! Now-how is that right? We are rewarding mismanagement and incompetence, while the true backbone of the company, (the workers) got the shaft. Now-the US/state government gets the shaft, as those poor souls are FORCED to degrade themselves, by seeking assistance to support their families. Just one-example, out of millions, as to why our economies are crumbling. The greed has got to stop!

        But-it’s going to be a beautiful day, here, today; I’m going to just enjoy the sun and mountains and try to make the best of what I have… God is good. He sustains me.

        Hope your day is pleasant and peaceful…

        Eric G1

      • Yes Eric I agree with you. My ghast is flabbered at how often those who lead companies into loss can be given Golden Handshakes when they leave. Over here it seems that Politicians have their pension based on their salaries no matter how short a time they serve. I find that most worrying especially in the case of short served Prime Ministers who have contributed nothing to the good of the Country. Most here seem to have an eye on jobs they can get after being voted out of office.Many seem to think jobs in the European Parliament will be good for them with gravy train expense accounts and high salaries. If these people are voted out then it’s because they are not doing their jobs sufficiently well and they shouldn’t be rewarded for that.
        Our education systems are in disarray with huge classes and unmanageable pupils so heaven knows what the next crop of Politicians will be like. Barely able to read and write probably.

        I’m glad the weather is good there and that you’ll be able to enjoy the mountains. The sun is shining here too and is at least putting smiles on people’s faces. I always find that makes me smile too.

  4. A very thought provoking post David, and the bit that resonated most with me was – “it often seems that our politicians have forgotten who they’re supposed to be working for.”

    I’ve heard all the arguments for treating corporations like china dolls – wealth creation, employment blah blah. But the truth is the ordinary tax payer /pays/ the corporations for the privilege of having them in their country, but then most of the wealth generated leaves the country. As for employment, yes a large corporation might employ thousands of people, but the lions share of employment is still provided by small to medium companies who receive next to nothing to entice them to provide those jobs.

    The sole purpose of government, any government, is to make it possible for huge numbers of individuals to live together. Somewhere along the way that fundamental purpose was lost.

    However the reason I despise large corporations more than governments is because they cannot be held to account. With government we have one inalienable right – to vote the bastards out. With corporations we have no power to hold them accountable. That is supposed to be the job of government. Sadly those individuals /in/ the government [all over the Western world] are too easily bought, or fooled into believing the world will collapse if corporations are reined in.

    Apologies for the rant. 😦

    • No apologies necessary. It wasn’t a rant as much as a tossing of facts into the public arena. There’s not a word you say I don’t agree with. Maybe it’s time the monopolies commission started to look at the size of some of these companies again since some of them now deal with funds greater than the GDP of some countries and on those grounds alone seem to think they own them. Yet none of them would survive without the very people they screw given half a chance-the workers. We really need to get back to the fundamentals of business which is to be paid for providing a service to the public, not to have them in servitude.
      Sending you Huge Hugs

      • Bravo David! We are in servitude. We are encouraged to consume ever more and yet, the things we buy fall apart very quickly, and even in the supermarket we are forced to buy the tasteless muck the big chains decide to stock. We don’t have too much choice, we just have too much of the same things to choose from.

    • Here, here! Well said. These ‘too large to fail’ conglomerates and greedy, corrupt, unaccountable corporations are slowly killing everything we hold dear. They have got to be made to pay their fair share and suffer the consequences for their shoddy business practices. It just gauls me to see these CEO’s getting massive bonus checks, while they snub their noses at the people whom they have cheated. Your rant is justified and I share it with you, along with millions of others…

      • The worst of it is, we award huge payouts to the CEO’s whether they perform or now and it’s usually lesser mortals who actually do the legwork.And while these corporations swallow up lesser firms the quality of the product often changes for the worse.Competition gets smaller and smaller each time. Change is not always a good thing.

      • Thank you. Maybe it’s time we, the silent masses, spoke up more. In time, someone in the halls of power might actually start to listen!

      • I hope we do speak up more by blogging and commenting. With petitions going round for signatures the end result is often 10,000 signatures which then has to be responded to and 100,000 signatures it has to be discussed in Parliament. If it’s the latter case they can’t be in doubt as to the depth of feeling. Fortunately we can vote them out next time if we don’t like the response and the opposition will see it happen and may pay more attention themselves.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Yes, this is how a democracy is supposed to work. How ridiculous that the only way voters can truly have a say is via social media. -hugs-

  5. Catherine Johnson

    I think UK should definitely pull out of the EU. I am shocked that Starbucks doesn’t pay tax they could easily afford it. Funny how that’s the most shocking point you made not aliens or radiation 😉

    • It’s astonishing how many large firms have avoided paying taxes.One of the largest Energy firms ( based in France) also doesn’t yet they’d squeal if people didn’t pay them. The law has to be tightened to close down this loophole. It’s time that Governments really started concentrating on the jobs they’re paid to do, looking after the best interest of the people, rather than looking for the best job they can get in the future.
      Massive Hugs Catherine xxxx

  6. The list is endless when it comes to tax-evading companies and let’s face it the governement in the UK as we know are never, ever going to do anything about it. It would mean they actually cared.

    Us Scots will be going through the turmoil that could lead to Independance as its referendum hits our shores next year. I am very, very patriotic but for the moment, I am sitting on the fence. I may be possibly swayed but would prefer it if Salmond wasn’t the one in charge. I don’t believe anything anyone in government tells me anymore so where does that leave me? And don;t get me started on the school class sizes – 46 in one class this year – Cameron/Clegg you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

    On a more positive note – I was at the City Chambers last week speaking on behalf of my school in a depute regarding a horrific pedestrain crossing. We won! But only because they have surplus traffic lights that won’t be needed after the Trams That We Don’t Speak Off are finished…so, maybe it will be implemented by 2045 then? 🙂

    • The mere fact that so many Scots are prepared to consider Independence now speaks volumes about the competence of the Whitehall brigade. Had we not got such an English component here in Wales I’m tempted to think we might vote for Independence if it ever came up again. With the income from oil Scotland might survive and fair play, the Government there are more enlightened towards things like University education that their Southern counterparts.Maybe the Country is small enough that the Ministers actually care for the people.
      I want out of the EU and their greed, legislation suited to our people ( no votes for convicts), smaller class sizes with better terms for teachers, and every tax dodging loophole closing. If you don’t pay tax we don’t drink your coffee , use your power or whatever else.
      I’m delighted to hear you won your case and hope the traffic lights are soon installed.

  7. A very thought provoking post!

    Personally, I enjoy a “good” preposterous conspiracy theory, but the real life cover-ups across the globe make me nervous. It’s astonishing, but sometimes reality is simply scarier than anything we can make up in fiction.

    • It’s usually nastier too Candy. Conspiracy Theories usually centre around who’s intending to do what in the future whereas the reality is who’s doing what to whom now……. In the case of those I mentioned it’s all the more shocking because these things are done by those we vote for to look after our interests. To deny free medical help to a community where there is so much illness because of Government experimentation is a Horror Story . At least in a film about a real life situation (Erin Brockovich )you see the lawyers win over a big company, but it looks like no-one beats Big Brother…
      Erm, unless you’re a multi National Company who doesn’t want to pay tax on your income.
      xxx Huge Hugs to you xxx

      • Thanks for the link, below-DONE! I just signed, joined, liked, followed, twittered, posted… LOL! I’ll keep spreading this, too. This has been a compelling discussion; refreshing to speak with like-minded people.

        We’re all in the same boat, no-matter what side of the ocean we’re on…

      • I’d be much more comforted by that last remark if the people who rented us those boats weren’t the same ones in power now. Every time I point out the hole in the bottom they turn to me with an ear trumpet and say “Eh”? If it’s sink or swim we’d better all get our trunks on.

  8. Avaaz has just posted that the amount lost in taxes is 1 Trillion dollars a year which is more than all Countries combined pay on their military. It could solve the World food crisis by feeding the hungry.
    The G8 summit is this week and leaders are to discuss closing off the tax loopholes for tax avoidance. For some strange reason the US and Canada are sitting on the fence for this one but if you believe it’s wrong, you can help stop it. http://www.avaaz.org/en/g8_tax_havens_r/?bbrfAbb&v=25651
    Once you’ve signed please Tweet it to your followers.
    Thank you.

  9. I have very little faith in governments changing a system and it actually being solely for the benefit of the masses. It is ALWAYS to save or make more money.
    We are suffering from an election campaign here, something that is having the reverse effect that I am sure they desire, we trust BOTH of them less and less with every new accusation of incompetence.

    • Having a Government save or make more money is OK providing they remember who they’re saving it or making it for. Prior to an election it’s always for us and after it seems it’s always for them. Here they could make money by taxing big companies and save having to deprive the disabled, but Oops, that slipped their mind. Since the uproar about it, they seem to have remembered to add it to the G8 so Starbucks and others may well have to pay yet.
      I can understand how you feel with yours but I imagine it will be a ‘shoo in’ now that insults have been offered to the figure of your leading lady.Having the flat boobs and big thighs suggested will have done her the biggest favour possible amongst a lot of the electorate.
      XXX Hugs XXX

      • You’re right, that insulting menu has not made the Coalition look too good but the more suspicious among us wonder why an insulting item from March is only surfacing now… Could it be connected to the speech Gillard gave yesterday to a group of women supporters pretty much saying if you don’t vote for me then bad men will be in charge and stomp all over your rights as females!!!
        Aspects of that speech have gone down quite badly with pretty much everyone and now suddenly this menu turns up. I think someone realized that her speech just greased their already slippery slope to disaster and raced for the file they were keeping it in for emergency popularity recovery!
        I don’t think anything will save the Gillard government now, some of the ministers have already theatrically packed up their offices!

        As for the saving the money part of government, I like that they try to save money and not splash it about to the lazy, not the needy, but they really don’t go about it too well do they? If you are disabled you should be entitled to a good life without having to beg for it. Maybe they shouldn’t get Starbucks to pay tax, they could just foot the bill for the disability funding!

  10. It’s said timing is everything in Politics. Since I already know women who will vote for Gillard because of that insult I’m not sure you can write off her Government yet. The fact that the insult is an old one isn’t getting in the way of a good story.
    I agree Starbucks ‘Contribution’ alone would over the cost of the money being ‘SAVED’ by the Governments new policy against the disabled and mentally ill. Given that money and doing a U Turn on this policy might just show the Government has a more human side. Just imagine what could be accomplished by them if the rest were made to pay up too, better hospitals, better schools, a better tax rate for the lower paid…………. I can’t imagine why the U.S. and Canada are sitting on the fence regarding making Tax Dodgers pay.
    xx Hugs xx

  11. It’s been a great morning for extraordinary posts, yours is the second I read but equal to the other http://cloudsmovingin.wordpress.com/2013/06/07/you-are-what-you-eat-gmo/ where RoughSeas states “AgroBucks are closely related to PharmaBucks. PestiBucks. GreedyGlobalConglomerateBucks. They are all the same.” sums up what I believe of all GovernmentBucks.
    I used to love a good conspiracy theory but now I don’t because I no longer believe they are only theories.
    There’s no smoke without fire. As Andrea well knows. In that case there is no personal accountability from the government and its agencies. People died because of the inadequacies of the “systems” and “arrangements”. The same state, different agencies faciltated another tragedy – http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-06-11/violent-past-of-jill-meagher-killer-adrian-bayley-revealed/4745406.
    Monsanto and companies of its ilk buy into politics but also I was enlightened by Roughseas about “…Mr Gates. Apparently vegetarian, or vegan or something. With 500,000 shares in Monsanto. Worth some 23 mill bucks. Or whatever depending on the rate on the day. It comes as no surprise that he considers GMO foods to be the saviour of the world.”
    This sort of thing, and as you say “In all these cases it seems that the people in power are ready to deny the rights of the population for reasons that are only clear to themselves” scares the beejeezus out of me.
    We can’t even vote the unsatisfactory GovernmentBucks out. Politicians are like cockroaches, they evolve and perpetuate… when you wipe some out, you just get more and worse… We can however make a dent in unsatisfactory BigBucks Corporations by not contributing to their holy grail of shareholder dividends.
    It seems your post ignited something we all needed to express, and a evidences high levels of frustration and low levels of confidence in the doings and motivations of the people who have been entrusted by the common person. I just hope the Inter-web, social media and bloggers can gain us a foothold the MediaBucks deny us.

    • Thanks Ella. I agree with all the things said about Monsanto and it’s policies. I’ve read about wells polluted in a South American country when Monsanto sprays it’s crops , grown there because very few others want them. I’ve read of farmers prosecuted for selling seeds which include some of Monsanto’s even though it’s unavoidable. I’ve also heard of the mega bucks they have invested in their puppets within the U.S. Government. Yet again the people decide they don’t want GM crops and the administration decide that we do. It may be that things are now turning at last as people raise their voices via the internet and in the ballot boxes. We just have to make sure more people are aware and become aware of the problems and let them know who are the ones who consistently show support for Monsanto in the face of growing evidence against their tactics.
      My Gates would be wise to sell his Monsanto shares rather than hang on and praise the company but it is his choice to believe in their hype if he chooses. I for one don’t want GM Crops and won’t easily forget the farmers threatened and bullied by the group. Nor will I forget the illness of the villagers where the well was poisoned and the denials and lack of concern shown by this company.

      I agree that Politicians are like cockroaches, not easy to get rid of.It’s a good analogy. But we do have a great weapon in the ballot box and hopefully new people with a conscience willing to stand against the megabuck. megacorp companies that seek to act without our consent. Hit them where it hurts by removing their supporters from power.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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