……..And They Sneak in Behind You….

No sooner had I finished yesterday’s blog about an award than beggar me, I turned my back and it happened again.  Barbara is a poet(ess) from My Un-Puzzled Heart


nominated me for yet another award. I’m proud, pleased, honoured that people like my little mental gambols enough to go to this trouble. I’m also frustrated enough to wonder if my ‘Brother of Another Mother’ Michael aka Baron Fraenkel is laughing his socks off having paid someone to draw facts about me out into the open like a dentist draws teeth. Here is the wonderful award………..








And here with many sighs of frustration I obey the rules to the best of my ability. Firstly and most sincerely I thank Barbara for her kindness, especially as she’s a newbie to my blog……though actually that may have been the reason I got away with this since she doesn’t know me well yet. Secondly I supply you with 7 facts about myself.

1. I’m a Capricorn. Born in the depths of midwinter I’m a miserable git who avoids the sun, oh no, that’s cos’ I’m a vampire isn’t it?

2. Last night I threw a tantrum and ate 2 pork pies because my brother beat me 3 – 0 at Scrabble. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

3. I grew up playing card games and boxed games.( caves were boring with no TV invented then). My favourite game is Balderdash.

4. I prefer savoury to sweet though I’ll cave in for wimberry pie ( http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071129150134AAsjEss ) or rhubarb crumble.

5. In between meals I love cheddars, quavers and ( Sponsorships accepted) Borders Dark Chocolate covered Gingers or Cadbury’s Dark chocolate Fingers.

6. As a Type II diabetic I never eat things that are bad for me. (Except maybe the odd-3 box of- Del Monte Pineapple ice lollies….Mmmmmm)

7. I believe in eating my Three a Day of fruit ( see above) and vegetables ( three peas or three carrots) no hardship. I can’t understand why some find it hard unless of course they’ve been faced with that ‘ABOMINATION’ Sprouts ! Yes, you know who I’m talking about you little horrors masquerading as mini cabbages and tasting like a disease on a plate. Even a good gravy can’t mask the taste.

It appears I don’t have to answer questions for this award but I do have to nominate 15 more worthy bloggers. So here goes.

1. http://theothersideofugly.com/2013/06/27/once-upon-a-time/

2. http://propelsteps.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/powerful-quote-6-fool/


4. Writing in The Water.  http://mapelba.wordpress.com/2013/06/26/wheres-my-cancer-patient-action-figure/

5. Alex Laybourne http://alexlaybourne.com/2013/06/24/interview-with-horrors-hottest-talent-me/

6. Madison Woods  http://madisonwoods.wordpress.com/2013/06/26/rss-reader-vs-email-vs-actual-surfing-for-keeping-up-with-blogs/

7. Catherine Johnson  http://catherinemjohnson.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/learning-to-paint/

8. Jorge Oyola Seeking One Small Miracle  http://jorgeoyola716.wordpress.com/  (A real cry for help.)

9. Karen S Elliott. The Word Shark  http://karenselliott.wordpress.com/

10. Valerie Davies. http://valeriedavies.com/2013/06/26/serendipity-and-the-private-life-of-rabbits/

11. MKG-Memories http://babyjill7.wordpress.com/2013/06/26/you-can-always-ask-grandma/

12. Sherry Gorman The Write MD.  http://thewritemd.net/2013/06/26/roxyred/

13. http://foodstoriesblog.com/

14. Patinspire  http://patinspire.org/2013/06/26/acknowledging-and-appreciating-time/

15. The Wonderful Niamh Clune of PlumTree Books  http://ontheplumtree.wordpress.com/2013/06/26/the-wednesday-poetry-corner-featuring-alan-patrick-traynor/

Right, apart from notifications I’ve fulfilled my duty for the morning. Time for a coffee I think. Today is my MuJo visit and I have a little surprise for them which I need to hide before they arrive. That should be simple since it’s only 12 feet long. I nearly herniated myself yesterday when the delivery man propped it up by the door and disappeared into the sunset when I’d signed for it. ( B*stard). I have a hallway that turns at right angles to the door, so hefting the giant rug onto my shoulder ( and leaning heavily onto the wall to keep me upright) I forged ahead only to come a cropper at the first hurdle, the wall ahead that faced me. I angled right, having to move away from my support to do so, and twisting the rug to the left moved more slowly ahead. I was making good progress until I reached the front door. Since the rug no occupie the whole space with the angle it was at there was no space for me to enter. Who’s idea was it to stick inflexible cardboard tubes down the middle of things to keep them rigid when you need them to be floppy? Persistence paid off in the end. I rammed the rug through so that I was carried in it’s wake having swept the telephone off the console table . I made a mad dash ( actually I was falling but it doesn’t sound as good) to catch the hands from falling too which was perhaps not my brightest idea since they were falling on my right which was the shoulder bearing the rug. I ended up on my back in the ( then) uncartpeted hall with the hands safe in my hands and a roll of carpet on top of me.

Just to finish my daily whinge, some of you kind people asked to see the carpet I bought at the door. I know you only want proof really that I actually do part with money sometimes so here it is. As an added bonus I’m including a shot of my stick stand and collection. For the ‘technically’ minded amongst you, mu front door is just to the right of the black cabinet you can see in the first picture.














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31 responses to “……..And They Sneak in Behind You….

  1. Congrats and thank you very much for the nomination. I am truly appreciative of it.

  2. David, congratulations on your award, and also your splendid new runner – antique, or just weathered, or brand new? Hard to tell in the picture !
    And thank you so much for thinking of me as one of your nominees – what an honour, I’ve investigated some of your other blogging friends, and they look fascinating… more irresistible blogs to read !!!
    Thank you for it all !!!

    • Hello Valerie, I’ve met some fascinating people doing my blog and I’ve read some amazing posts from them which obviously includes yours. The piece about the bombing so many years ago and the fear of Hitler invading rang so true. The world needs peace. For that piece alone you deserve the nomination but because I’m cruel I actually made the award in the hopes you’d join our merry little throng. xxx Hugs xxx

  3. Thank you David, for your lovely words. and for the welcome to your merry little throng !!!
    Blogging is such fun, isn’t it ! XXX

  4. Please don’t buy anything else from a door to door salesman – at least head down to the pub, have a beer and see where the ‘goods’ have actually appeared from. Your rants make me smile – you are a male version of me 🙂

  5. Oh, what a fun blog post! I say as I munch on my Brussel sprout (left over from dinner last night). Well, seriously, I make the best steamed Brussel sprouts. If you tried mine, you’d decide you liked them, really.

    And your hallway rug is just the kind of thing I’m looking for. Dang, but we live many miles (and ocean) away from each other.

    Congrats on your award!

    • Just sit by the door long enough and someone will call with a rug under each arm. However spb44 says not to buy one then, but to go down the pub and buy from the source ( or words to that effect).
      Don’t threaten me with those things or I’ll have to buy a cross to hold out in front of me,and some garlic of course. School dinners in the 1950’s have got a lot to answer for !
      xxx Hugs galore. xxx

  6. Catherine Johnson

    I can tell you hate to suffer alone lol. I took all my awards offy blog because the posts were so long to write. I like the same stuff you do and I’m a capricorn. Will that do ha ha! My parents are visiting from Uk and kids are off school for the summer tomorrow crazy times!. Love that photo btw!

    • I can’t understand why I didn’t do something as clever as that Catherine. I have found out just how much fun they can be though.Not sure which foto you meran, but if it’s the second one I only realised half an hour ago when I was showing it to my B-I-L that I was actually taking a photo of myself in pyjamas. I hope you have a great time with your folks. Don’t forget to introduce them to the books of their fellow Brit please.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  7. Thank you for thinking of me! I really enjoyed reading your facts 🙂 I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to hold up my end of the duties, but I’ll try this weekend. Lovely rug 🙂

    • I do wish people would be kinder about the hairpiece, Oh, you mean the carpet. Thanks so much Madison, sometimes taking part can be fun when you let your imagination run away with you. I wonder where yours will go ? Sending you Hugs xxxxxxxx

  8. Okay, David, we have yet another thing in common, since I avoid the sun like the plague. In my defense, it started it, burning me several times during my childhood… Okay, my lack of melamine might have something to do with it! ;P
    But I can’t believe you’re one of them!! People who don’t like sprouts! I don’t get it, I LOVE the darn little ‘cabbages’. Delicious! But I do admit I may be the only one…

    The carpet looks lovely, as the stick stand collection. And I simply love you let us see you in the second pic, felt like being there, having a cuppa with you! 🙂

    Immense hugs as usual (Maria’s sending mini-hugs too, since she’s so tiny!)

    • *Of course I meant ‘melanin’, spell checker! 😀

    • In fairness Sweetie the sun hasn’t attacked me in the way it does you without your ( brittle, plastic surface???) ha ha ( I hate spell predictive text) melanin. The heat is just suffocating. I quite like some sunshine as long as the heat stays down. I’m happy to wear short sleeves but hate to sweat.
      Yes honey, I’m afraid I’m one of THEM. Julia was the other person in the whole world who liked the ‘orrible little things, so now I know two of you.
      Thank you, I’m quite pleased with the carpet though I daren’t say otherwise really can I as that would be admitting I’m an idiot buying at the door. If you didn’t see the second pic ( lucky you) just scroll down in the main story as it’s there but for some reason WordPress added a big gap.
      You’d have been very welcome to join me in a cuppa, tell you what set off now as my new coffee machine has arrived and I’ll be buying some pods this morning.Maria can have a hot chocolate if she likes them.
      Sending you both Hugs galore. xxxx

  9. As a reward for your awards, and candidness, I found a brussell sprout poem, whch I didn’t write and whose sentinments I don’t share, as I love tiny fresh brussel sprouts just cooked witrh a little butter, but for you…

    O, Brussels sprout sae green and round,
    Ye sit upon ma plate,
    So innocently mystifying,
    The cause o’ much debate.

    Some say ye taste like camel droppings,
    While others think you great,
    I’m sure your sitting there a wonderin’,
    Whit’s goin’ tae be your fate.

    So let me tell you o’ so quick,
    As nervously you wait,
    That I find you e’er so loathsome,
    So you definitely won’t be ate.


  10. Love the rug David! It looks great. Just such a pity getting it inside was so fraught. Oh and congratulations on the award! -hugs-

  11. CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you for nominating me for this wonderful award. I am very honored.


  12. Food Stories

    Hey David ~ Congrats on your award and thanks for tossing one my way ~ By the way, brussel sprouts are amazing, if you cook them right but I won’t force the issue … especially since you’re eating three carrots or three peas 🙂

    • Thank you for the congrats on the award. I sent on to you to show you I can still toss a pancake with the best of ’em. ( actually because you deserve it but we don’t want you getting swell headed). Yes, I’m doing amazingly well sticking to this veg and fruit routine though sometimes I even manage 4 fruit ice lollies now. As for cooking brussel sprouts, I know there’s a right way but when I do cremate them the smoke alarm keeps going off. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  13. Pork pie tantrum? Take that, arteries! 😉

    I love your walking stick collection, (especially the frog) and am pleased you managed to extricate yourself from the carpet before your visitors arrived. Imagine the amount of pies needed to get over that embarrassment.. 😉

    Congrats on yet another award too, much deserved! Hugs to you. 😀

    • Heck. my arteries cheer when they see a pie coming now otherwise they just get bored.
      Yes, I love the frog too though I currently like the one the maker described as a dragon and I can only see as a rhino sore arse.. It doesn’t matter as the painting is brilliant. My real favourites though are two bamboo canes carved with figures which were made between about 1860-1900 during the Meiji period. Real skill.
      Luckily for me the rug came the day before the visitors or yes I’d have been mortified and I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of pies needed to deal with that horror.
      Thanks for the congrats. I was just lucky again.
      Sending you Huge Hugs. xxxx

  14. This rug is awesome. Amazing you acquired it from a door-to-door guy. I really love the colors. Love the canes too…am I seeing a frog, a duck and a parrot on the handles?

    • Thanks Lori. It’s wonderful underfoot and much less noisy than walking on laminate.You could definitely see the frog and the parrot but what you may have seen ( if on the right) is a poodle head or if on the left it may be the cross between a dragon and rhinocerous. There re two more dogs, a couple of horses and a spectacular wolf head one from Poland, that one is new though rather than vintage or antique.
      xxxx Sending you Hugs xxx

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