Inspiring, Me????

Yet again I’ve been caught on the hop this week by the kindness of one of my fellow Bloggers. Barbara of My Un-Puzzled Heart ( ) saw fit to honour me with the  Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I can only say thanks so much Barbara- you must have been desperate.



The award ( above ) comes with the usual rules and regs some of which I’m afraid I have to bend if not break in the interests of not boring you poor readers to death.#

I’ve fulfilled the first condition which is to thank my sponsor and link back to their blog. This I have done gladly. Secondly I must  post the award to my blog- Done. Following that I must write a post about the award, tell you 7 things about myself and finally nominate 15 other blogs deserving of this award. The post is a here and now hing and t a rough guess you’re about half way through unless I choose to write a lot quicker to speed things up for you.

1. Yesterday I had two meals out despite forgetting to take my diabetic medication with me. I had to pretend to take it or face ridicule ( again) about my memory.

2. I bore no resemblance to either parent and would have been accused of being a changeling ( amongst other things) had I not all the characteristics of my maternal grandmother’s, father’s line. ( go on, see how long it takes you to work that out- it took me long enough).

3. I was the middle child of three and hereby claim the right to say that’s why I’m twisted and warped.  My sister being the first child was spoiled and when I came along didn’t like me ( such good taste). My brother being the youngest was spoiled, even by my sister who had by then adjusted to not being an only child. Sob’

4. I’ve decided that should I kill myself I’m going to do so by eating smoked haddock which is the only fish dish I think smells amazing but I’m no less allergic to.

5. I never learned to add up ‘pence to pounds’ in columns as a child and preferred ‘pounds to pence’ which I still often do.

6. My wife said I made the best sweet short pastry she’s ever had. I think it was just an excuse to force me to make the mince pies at Christmas.

7. It’s 10.05 am and my ‘bro’ Mike is still in bed 5 hours after I got up. I think a cup of water is levitating in his direction and I don’t know where it’s come from. Oops !

Now for the part I like but find most difficult, choosing nominations. I’m only going to choose 5 instead of the 15 I should but please don’t take it that there aren’t many more deserving ones out there. There are, but laziness and time constraints win out today.

1. Rarasaur

2. Shawn Bird, poet and writer.

3. Marylin Warner of ‘Things I want to tell my Mother’

4. Jennifer Scoullar

5. Mark Moore- for the budding artists among you

I hope they’ll each accept their nomination and join in but Please folks don’t feel obliged, I know how time consuming it can be.


A nice weekend to you all.



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26 responses to “Inspiring, Me????

  1. David, I’d be honoured 🙂

  2. LOVE the personal facts M’Lud, (making note NEVER to oversleep when visiting the Manor) 😀

  3. Your blogs are what make me smile on a rainy day, it is sunny today which means my smile is even bigger. How is the coffee machine going?

    • That was such a nice remark I sat down for a drink.Yesterday I managed to get some macchiato latte (?) so I tried one of those. A pleasant sort of taste a little like the sterilised milk taste from when I was young. The machine is great and I have two firm favourites, Petit Dejeuner and Medaille D’or.
      The sun is shining here too ( bet you never thought you’d hear ME say that) so this afternoon I’m drinking Vimto instead of hot drinks.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  4. Congratulations on your award! You definitely deserve it!

  5. Kourtney Heintz

    Congrats on your award! The things you shared gave me a chuckle. Here’s to breaking the rules. 😉

  6. I’m of the belief that those truly deserving of such awards are also deserving of the license to operate within pirate code of guidelines rather than rules…
    Maternal grandmother’s, father’s lines sounds like a merry chase into the realms of family history 🙂

    • I’ll go with your belief any time Ella.
      It was the politest way I could think of to say I’m a throwback, though I’m sure many would say I’d have been better as a throw away ! Thinking about it now I suppose I could have said Maternal Great Grandfather (one of).
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx.

  7. And you deserve the award in spades.

  8. Thank you for the lovely honor. If it is allowed, may I take a few weeks to accept and post a response? I’m in Kansas helping make decisions about my mother–not a good time to take on a new project–but I will be glad for this award when I return to Colorado. Thank you.

    • Please take as long as you need. These are completely optional anyway. You could just say you’ve been nominated if you haven’t time to actually do it, but whatever you decide, do it in your own sweet time. I hope things go well in Kansas and you’re soon back posting.
      xx Hugs xxx

  9. I love it when you get nominated! You have so many quirky, fun items in the queue! (Psst: It’s queenlorene, I changed my name and look for anonymity. Oops I just spilled the beans….)

    • I sometimes think I’m more quirk than anything else Lori. I confess I knew it was you from going to Like one of your latest posts on your own fabulous site, but thank you for telling me. Your anonimity is safe with me, but I can’t guarantee it with all those who just read your response.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  10. Pounds to pence? That’s madness, though I enjoy knowing something like that about you. 😀 Thank you for the kind nomination!! *hugs*

    • Did I claim sanity? No, as someone just pointed out I’m quirky so I suppose pounds to pence seem about right now. xx You’re welcome to the nomination and I’m grateful for the hugs.
      xxx Huge Hugs back xxx

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  12. Your answers made me smile, David. 🙂

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